Small Home Updates That Make a Big Impact

It happens to everyone — you look around the house and realize that your home feels a bit stale. Styles and tastes change. Plus, renovations and even small decorating projects are fun to take on. Below we’ve highlighted our favorite ideas on how to update your home and make a big impact. Some of the projects are simple enough to DIY, but others may require some professional help. Read on to learn more.

Knock Out a Wall

A lot of 20th-century architects and home designers focused too much on the compartmentalization of the house. They added walls between rooms to really drive it home that this area is the kitchen and this area is the living room. Those walls end up blocking the flow of a house, making it feel smaller than it really is. Knocking one out helps create space and makes a house feel more modern.

Of course, if a wall is structural — that is, if it is load-bearing — it may not be a great idea to remove it yourself. In this case, you need an experienced and trustworthy contractor to oversee and complete the update. If the wall is not load-bearing, on the other hand, it’s safe to do it yourself. However, a contractor’s team can probably do it quicker, safer, and cleaner.

Add Ceiling Coffers

Coffered ceilings add an elegant touch to a room’s overall look. Coffers create a polished look while also adding dimension and character. While there are plenty of online tutorials outlining the process of building them yourself, only experienced carpenters or woodworkers probably should take this on. It’s a pretty detailed project that requires incredible precision and a few more tools than the average hammer and nails in the toolbox under the kitchen sink. It is most likely best for you to find and hire a contractor for this project.

Install Built-in Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves are one of those details home shoppers always bring up when they describe what they like about a place. The feature is functional, stylish, and it implies that the homeowners read books so people think you are smart. Of course, you don’t have to limit your shelves to books. These shelves are also a great way to add storage and accessibility in walk-in closets.

Whether or not you should DIY built-in bookshelves has a lot to do with the scope of the project. If you are looking to do floor-to-ceiling shelves in a two-story, it is definitely safer to hire someone with the experience and insurance to do the job. However, there are a ton of DIY tutorials online that show your average homeowner how to install them even if your carpentry skills are somewhat limited.

Update Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements to consider when updating how your bathroom looks. Adding light is a great way to up the ante in any room, but can you think of a part of the house that can use better lighting more than the space where you groom and primp? When picking out bathroom lighting designs, homeowners are spoiled with choices. There are a lot of options that you can install yourself, but if you feel wary about working with electricity, it may be safer to hire a handyman for help.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it’s the perfect time to head outdoors to enjoy some fresh air or host a dinner party. If you don’t already have one, consider setting up an outdoor space complete with comfy seating and soft lighting. Add a fire pit so that you can enjoy s’mores, hotdogs, or hot cocoa no matter what the temperature is like outside. If you have the budget for it, a deck or porch is a great addition to any home. Work with a designer to incorporate all your ideas into one and ensure it flows seamlessly with your home for an outdoor area that will leave the neighbors envious.

Add an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall may be the decor equivalent of cutting bangs. It’s a small change that makes a big impact. Sometimes it works, and for some people it ends up being a huge swing-and-a-miss. But in the end, it’s a simple project and you can always paint it back to the way it was before… just as your hair can always grow back. An accent wall is definitely easy enough to accomplish on your own, but don’t limit yourself to paint. Modern wallpaper designs are fresh and innovative — perfect for making a big impact.

If you are itching for a change around the house, you don’t have to do much to make a big impact. Simple things like knocking out a wall or adding light to the bathroom can help your home feel rejuvenated. Leave complex projects like building ceiling coffers to the professionals, but feel free to roll up your sleeves and take on smaller things like painting an accent wall yourself.

Guest Post By: Jim McKinley

10 Ways to Know You Need an Outdoor Kitchen, Yesterday.

Are you still wondering if you need an outdoor kitchen for your Salt Lake area home? Could this be one of those situations where you’re the last to know? Let’s take a look at some of the signs … Yes, there are signs! How many of these apply to you?

  1. Your grills, smokers and other outdoor cooking devices take up more space on the patio than your patio furniture.
  2. You’re tired of hauling a cooler of ice out to the patio every afternoon.
  3. Your house always smells like steak, ribs and shish kabob.
  4. You have more barbecue sauces in your refrigerator than all of your other marinades, sauces and condiments combined.
  5. Your children don’t recognize you without your “Barbecue THAT!” grill-master apron.
  6. Your air conditioning bill is sky high because you’re in and out so much you’ve given up closing the door from the deck to the house.
  7. Your grilling utensils are taking over the kitchen.
  8. You cook your family’s main course outside more often than in the kitchen.
  9. You don’t want to invite your friends over because they all have outdoor kitchens and you don’t.
  10. You’ve had the phone number for Archadeck of Salt Lake on speed dial ever since you heard us recommended as the area’s premier outdoor kitchen builder.

An Outdoor Kitchen Just For You: Why You Need a Custom Design by Archadeck

If you’ve seen outdoor kitchen designs online, in magazines or in the home improvement stores, you may be tempted to order whatever they are showing. Wait! Our best advice is don’t purchase anything for your outdoor kitchen until you meet with your Archadeck of Salt Lake outdoor living design consultant. We offer a free design consultation during which we can talk about all of the design possibilities and see which ones resonate with you.

If you want more appliances, cooking apparatus and counter space in your outdoor kitchen than your current patio or deck can handle, consider expanding your outdoor living space. We may need to enlarge your deck or patio to create the space for an outdoor kitchen. If you have a deck but no patio, you may want to add a patio as the location of your outdoor kitchen. If your deck isn’t large enough for the outdoor kitchen you want, you may decide to convert that deck into a 3-season room and add a larger adjoining deck. Any of these options indicate you will need a custom design for your outdoor kitchen. That’s okay, because Archadeck of Salt Lake creates every outdoor living project as a custom design. Every home is unique and every one of our outdoor kitchen designs is unique as well. We will work with you to create the custom outdoor kitchen design of your dreams.

When is the best time to call your outdoor kitchen builder?

First, we’re going to trust that you have selected Archadeck of Salt Lake as your outdoor kitchen builder. Be sure to look at the outdoor kitchen photo gallery on our website for additional inspiration. Then, call us now! Now is the best time to call your outdoor kitchen builder. If it’s after hours, that’s alright because our phone takes messages. The sooner you call us, the sooner you’ll have that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Until then, don’t even bother to turn on the air conditioner. As long as you keep running in and out to get something from the kitchen that you need on the patio, the A/C will never keep up.

If you’re ready to get excited about outdoor cooking and make it much more functional, we are your best choice of Salt Lake outdoor kitchen builders. We’ll create a custom design and build it with top-notch craftsmanship. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Questions to Ask Your Salt Lake Deck Contractor Before Signing a Contract

If you’re shopping for a Salt Lake deck contractor, we recommend you ask a lot of questions. Don’t just ask us questions, ask us and any other contractors you are considering, too. Specifically, make a list of questions, and ask each contractor the same questions so you can make a valid comparison. While personalities and assurances are great, this is not the time to hire a deck builder because they are nice and promise they do good work. Even knowing that a friend or acquaintance has used them is not enough unless you know that homeowner thoroughly vetted the contractor before hiring them.

It’s more important than ever to vet your contractor. Right now, the market for outdoor living structures is booming in the Salt Lake area. It’s a great time to be a deck builder. But how do you know which one to trust? If safe deck building is important to you—it’s your family’s home, right?—it’s best to be cautious.

Who will you hire, and how will you choose? Do you want the best price, or do you want the safest and most well-designed deck? I’m going to tell you, right now, you won’t get both at once. Do you want the soonest start time, or do you want the most well-constructed deck that also comes with a warranty?

Questions you can use to find a contractor invested in safe deck building:

1. Are you licensed and insured? What kind of license(s) do you have? What insurance do you have? Are your subcontractors licensed and insured? Please provide proof of the license(s) and insurance.

The license: You want to make sure the contractor is a licensed contractor and the electrician is a licensed electrician. If one person is performing both functions, he needs both licenses. This applies to plumbing, too.

The insurance: Your contractor needs to show you that he has general liability insurance and that his crew is covered by workers comp insurance. A reputable builder will never mind being asked for proof of insurance. If anyone gives you a hard time for asking, you should walk away.

2. Will you handle the permit process? This may include HOA approval, which is necessary before your contractor can get the required permits from your city or county building department. Archadeck of Salt Lake helps you with HOA approval and handles all permitting. If the contractor says permitting for your project isn’t necessary, make sure you understand why. Most projects require permitting with the exception of re-decking or addition to existing structures. If the contractor can’t explain why and prove that a permit is not required, walk away.

Why is permitting necessary? Besides avoiding fines, if you know the contractor is getting the required permits, you know the work will be inspected by qualified city or county building code inspectors. That’s part of the process. Without that step, you are putting your family’s safety in the wrong hands. If your project isn’t permitted, you may be fined and required to have the work torn down. It’s that serious.

3. Will you provide references, the names and phone numbers of prior clients? It’s up to you, the homeowner, to actually check those references. Ask the prior clients if the contractor seemed to have as much experience as he claimed. Ask if they would hire this contractor again. Ask what problems they ran into, if any.

4. When can you start? This is a trick question. You want to hear that the contractor has a waitlist. A reputable deck builder, this time of year, is booked for the next 2 or 3 months at least. If the contractor can start right away, that is not a good sign. Walk away.

5. Have you built a project like this one before? How many times? If you already know you want your deck built with composite decking products, make sure the contractor has a good bit of experience working with these materials. Working with composites is different than working with wood. You don’t want anyone learning on the job at your job.

Along those lines, if you want an outdoor fireplace on your deck, or a hot tub or an outdoor kitchen, ask about their experience with a project like yours. Specify that you want to speak with a prior client who had a project like yours.

Enjoy peace of mind with a reliable Salt Lake deck contractor

Your safety and that of your family and guests at your home is more important than saving money on a new deck or getting it built right away. If hiring a substandard or inexperienced contractor is the only way you can afford a deck right now, give us a call anyway to talk about that issue. We may have a solution you’re not aware of. For example, we offer a phased building program, usually applicable for combination projects, that allows you to budget for part of the work to be built now and part later. We also consider redecking if you have an older deck that you want to replace. If the deck’s substructure is sound, chances are good we can remove the surface materials and use the existing substructure. This saves you money while giving you a deck surfaced with all new materials. Finally, we can also give you access to apply for financing through our approved vendor.

Investing wisely in long-term safety and quality construction is more important than having your deck built sooner or at a lower cost. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we design and build each deck with longevity and safety in mind. We custom design each project because each house, each property and each homeowner’s needs are different. We commend you on carefully selecting an experienced deck contractor who specializes in designing and building outdoor living structures. That effort will pay off in ways you may never know. Who tells a story about the time their deck didn’t collapse?

If you’re looking for an experienced, licensed and insured, quality deck contractor that is breaking the mold with oodles of integrity, we are your best choice. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Read more about how Archadeck of Salt Lake is a great choice as your deck contractor.

Trust Archadeck Custom Outdoor Living Builders—and Trex—to Keep Up With Outdoor Living Trends

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we look forward to seeing Trex’s annual outdoor living forecast. You can see this year’s list on Pinterest, Top Outdoor Trends for 2018. Trex compiles insights from contractors, homeowners and industry experts to create their forecast each year. We’re inspired by their ideas for 2018 and hope you are, too.

Overall, for 2018 Trex notes the shift away from “seasonality” toward a year-round mindset when it comes to outdoor living spaces. That’s something we’re seeing here in the Salt Lake area, too.

Trex’s Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends

1. Comfy, cozy, hygge – Pronounced “hoo-gah,” hygge is Scandinavian for coziness and comfort. What’s cozier than plush cushions and throws, protective pergolas and cozy warming features? Included in this category are deck drainage systems that allow you to use the space under an elevated deck for adding a multi-seasonal living space.

How can Archadeck of Salt Lake help you get comfy, cozy and hygge? Take a look at this low-maintenance deck with an oversized pergola, that we built for a West Valley, UT, client. Picture a dining table on one side and comfortable chairs on the other side with some of those plush cushions and throws. What’s your idea of a cozy, comfy outdoor living space?

2. Commercial goes residential – Trex is seeing this in new railing systems with metal finishes and sleek designs inspired by the commercial architecture of hotels and urban rooftops. Homeowners want to replicate this vibe. The Trex example is their Rod Rail, a sleek, sturdy look that offers the view-optimizing aspects of cable railing with a modern, industrial touch.

Our clients definitely appreciate the see-through (view-optimizing) cable rail we used in this Park City, UT, project. Perhaps you will be inspired to select a more industrial rail such as these for your new deck.

3. Hide & chic – This trend is two-pronged: chic storage options as well as privacy solutions. The trend is a combination of function and design: solutions that add ambiance rather than detract from it. Trex and other low-maintenance manufacturers offer inspirations for chic storage options such as lattice panels to conceal the space under a deck and customized outdoor cabinetry and storage solutions.

Archadeck of Salt Lake provided a beautiful and innovative privacy solution for this Farmington, UT, family. How is that for some “hide & chic” inspiration?

4. Fun & games – Again Trex offers a two-pronged trend in outdoor living designs. The first aspect is the inclusion of outdoor play spaces for all ages. The second refers to advancements in technology and storage including manufacturers designing TV and entertainment systems specifically for outdoors because lighting and acoustics are different outdoors.

Here’s an outdoor play space for you! Archadeck of Salt Lake redecked the outdoor living space at this Layton, UT, home and added a beautiful paver patio with a fire pit. If you ask this family’s children, they’ll tell you the most important feature of the second-story deck is their big, yellow tunnel slide that funnels them to ground level.

5. Minimal maintenance, maximum enjoyment. Trex sees a growing consumer preference for using low-maintenance materials in building their outdoor living spaces. We’re seeing the same trend among our clients. Here is an example of a large low-maintenance deck we built in Farmington, UT, to replace an aging wood deck. If you’re thinking of replacing an older deck, let this be your inspiration!

With outdoor living trends constantly changing, you need a builder who keeps up with the latest. Whether it is a new deck, porch, or patio, or all three, we can offer the latest design trends for a custom dream backyard. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Your Kaysville Deck Builder Adds Porch Roof Now; Balcony To Follow!

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we believe in putting it all on the table. If you tell us you want more outdoor living space than you can budget for right now, we can design for that! Telling us your ultimate objective ahead of time, in the earliest design stage, saves you time and money later.

This is how our phased building program works!

These Kaysville homeowners have made good use of our phased building program, and what we’re showing you today is completion of their first phase. When they’re ready for the next phase, we will come back and add a second story deck/balcony to their home. They were excited to get started this early, without having to wait until they could budget for the entire extended outdoor living project. That’s how the program works, and it’s a fantastic solution for many homeowners.

Ask your Kaysville Deck Builder about redecking, too

Before phase one of the Kaysville, UT, redecking project

Archadeck of Salt Lake, your Kaysville deck builder, believes in saving our clients money by redecking when possible. In this photo you can see the clients had a low deck across the back of their home, and they were using large umbrellas for shade on the deck. The support structure beneath the deck was still sound, so we didn’t need to tear out the deck and start over. We were able to redeck, removing the original decking boards and installing new ones. The homeowners chose low-maintenance composite decking boards from the TimberTech Terrain line in their silver maple color. This color complements the home’s brick exterior beautifully.

From umbrellas to covered porch to … balcony!

The star of the show is the new roof structure, turning the covered part of the deck into a covered porch with precious shade protecting the family from the sun’s heat and UV rays. Now the deck offers two options: sun and shade, and these grandparents won’t have to worry about the grandkids getting too much sun. No doubt those umbrellas will still come in handy over on the sunny side of the deck! To complete the redecking, we added wide, flared steps at one end of the deck for easier access. The trim, fascia and stair risers are made with AZEK PVC Decking trim.

This is only the beginning! This first phase enables the homeowners to enjoy their new deck and porch now while planning to add a second-story deck/balcony later. That’s the advantage of Archadeck of Salt Lake’s phased building program; you can complete your outdoor living project in stages as your budget allows.

Making plans now for the next building phase

We will build the second-story deck atop the porch cover, so what is now the roof of the porch will eventually be the floor of the new deck. The upper-level deck/balcony will create a private upstairs retreat off the master bedroom. From there, the homeowners can enjoy watching their grandchildren at play in the back yard.

As your Kaysville deck builder, we encourage you to consider Archadeck of Salt Lake’s phased building program if you have a complex or multi-faceted project that could be accomplished in stages. The immediate advantage is getting to enjoy a portion of your new outdoor living space now.

The long-term advantage comes when you’re ready to start work on the next phase. You won’t have to work through the design process again. Designing a phased project means we create the entire design at the beginning of our process of working together. The complete design includes each phase and details how they will be integrated. Sometimes preparatory work for the second phase needs to be included in the first phase. Knowing all of this at the beginning may allow us to save you money you might have had to spend had you added on to your outdoor living space incrementally without advance planning.

The homeowners have a fun back yard ready for summer days with their grandchildren.

These Kaysville grandparents are looking forward to spending summer out on the new deck with their grandchildren, and yes, they are looking forward to adding that second-story deck/balcony to their home in the not-too-distant future.

If you would like to create a dream backyard at your Kaysville home, Archadeck is your best choice for a complete or phased project that is sure to meet your needs. Whether it is a new deck, porch, or patio, or all three, we can make it happen on your timeline. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Building a New Deck in The Avenues, Archadeck of Salt Lake Shows it Can Be Done — Carefully

If you’re a homeowner in The Avenues, you know this historic district of Salt Lake City has strict zoning regulations that affect your ability to make changes or additions to your home. The regulations are in place to protect the neighborhood from construction out of character with the area, once “run down” but now one of the most desirable residential districts in the city.

The Avenues was declared a local historic district in 1978, and most of the buildings here date from the fifty-year period between 1880 and 1930.

Adding a deck to your home in this neighborhood might seem impossible because of the building design regulations. Design guidelines are laid out in a publication entitled, A Preservation Handbook for Historic Residential Properties & Districts in Salt Lake City.

Archadeck of Salt Lake was willing to accept this challenge. We admit, adding a deck in this historic district was no small feat given the confines of the regulations in place. In addition to the permit and inspection process that is a part of most of our outdoor living projects, being in the historic district also requires a Certificate of Appropriateness from the Historic Landmark Commission (HLC). As your preferred deck builder, we are pleased to be familiar with this process and take care of it for you!

In addition, this project presented a second design challenge: the home is on a small lot. While not as controversial as the perceived challenge of adding a new structure in a historic district, this second challenge is one you could face in many urban locations.

A challenging, small space is no match for Archadeck of Salt Lake. We were able to design and construct a decent-sized deck for these clients. For materials we used TimberTech Terrain composite decking boards in the Brown Oak color, with RDI Excalibur railings in black. The fact that the composite decking boards looked so much like natural wood worked in our favor.

We enjoy a challenge and are thrilled that we were successful with this project in The Avenues. As with any outdoor living structure we build, we were careful to design a deck that matched the style of the home. This aspect is important to us regardless of the neighborhood in which we’re working.

If you live in a historic neighborhood, have a small lot or a particularly challenging project, call now to begin a design consultation for your new Salt Lake deck, patio, porch, sunroom or three-season room. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Solar Panels on Your New Archadeck Sunroom? Wow!

Could your sunroom have a special gift for you … if you add solar panels to its roof? Suddenly the name, “sunroom,” takes on extra meaning! There are several benefits to installing solar panels, and the most obvious one is lowering your electricity bill.

Benefits to Installing Solar Panels on Your New Roof

  • You can receive a federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of equipment and installation of solar panels.
  • Receive the 30% tax credit on the new roof structure too! If you are interested in solar, adding it at the same time as you add a porch, sunroom, or three-season room will get you the largest rebate.
  • Solar panels can reduce your home’s energy costs through a system called net-metering. It’s a system of debits and credits based on the difference between how much energy your solar panels collect and the amount of energy your family consumes. Each month, your utility bill will be debited or credited based on your energy usage.
  • In the state of Utah, the individual tax credit for a residential solar energy system is 25% of the system costs up to a maximum credit of $2,000 per home. Unused state credit may be carried forward for up to four years.
  • Adding solar panels can increase your home’s resale value.
  • Solar panels give you a buffer against rising electricity costs.
  • Solar panels actually make your house more energy-efficient in the summer. The hot sun is not beating down directly on the roof—it’s being absorbed by the panels. Interesting! Of course, that only pertains to the portion of the roof where the panels have been installed.
  • Your solar panels will help combat greenhouse gas emissions, and you will be helping to reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuel.

Solar Panels for Porch Roofs, too!

Of course, the use of solar panels on the roof of a sunroom seems so fitting, but the same benefits would apply to any new section of roofing being added to your home. Homeowners would be just as wise to consider solar panels for porch roofs and the roofs of three-season rooms.

Notice we mentioned installing solar panels in conjunction with adding a new roof. If you add solar panels to an older roof, how long will it be before you need to pay someone to remove the solar panels to have the roof replaced? A solar installation may come with a 20 to 25-year warranty.

If you’re considering solar panels at your home, you’ll need to do your research before proceeding, because the up-front costs can be high. Some states have a market for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates, allowing homeowners to sell these certificates to their utility company, but Utah does not. Roofs with slate or cedar tiles are not solar-panel friendly, nor are roofs with skylights or a roof deck. And if your electricity costs are already low, your savings may not be significant. Finally, be sure to check your homeowners’ association covenants to see if solar panels are allowed!

Create an outdoor living space that pulls double duty with solar panels on your porch or sunroom roof! Call now to begin a design consultation for your new Salt Lake porch, sunroom or three-season room. 801.683.2355

Your Salt Lake Outdoor Kitchen Builder Asks: What Will Your Custom Outdoor Kitchen Include?

Are you the person in your home who ends up in the kitchen preparing meals for family and guests to eat outside on the deck or patio? Today we are speaking directly to you. It’s time you got what you really need: a full custom outdoor kitchen so you can prepare food when and where you want to, without missing the fun outdoors. For too long, you’ve been inside cooking the meal while everyone else was outdoors having fun and eating hors d’oeuvres. Those days can end now.

Your Favorite Cooking Surfaces?

Are you a gourmet chef, a grill master, or do you love to use your outdoor smoker? Archadeck of Salt Lake has designed and built every kind of outdoor kitchen. We can work with you to select exactly the components you want and only those. We’ll create a unifying design to pull it all together. Not only will your outdoor kitchen look stunning, you’ll be in the midst of the activity instead of inside missing out on the conversation.

Your Required Amenities?

Of course, you’ll need a sink, refrigerator, counter space for prep, a storage area, maybe an ice machine and definitely electrical outlets to run small appliances. What else will you choose for your custom outdoor kitchen? Here are more appliances and amenities most popular in outdoor kitchens:

  • grill — gas or charcoal?
  • Big Green Egg® or other smokers
  • pizza oven
  • flat top grill/griddle
  • cooktop side burners
  • wet bar
  • bar top
  • wine refrigerator
  • bun warmer

Your new outdoor kitchen isn’t just for holidays. You can turn every day into a special occasion by preparing and cooking your meals outdoors on the deck or patio while spending time with family.

Your Salt Lake Outdoor Kitchen Builder!

As your outdoor kitchen builder, Archadeck of Salt Lake will take time to design a cooking area that will complement your existing outdoor space and make it feel complete. We’ll show you all kinds of materials you can select for the countertop, backsplash, and walls around the appliances. Granite, quartz, sandstone, tile, and more. We’ll talk about what kind of lighting you’ll need because, with a setup this great, you’re sure to use it after dark, too. You may never want to cook indoors again.

Don’t spend one more summer cooking inside while your family and guests enjoy your outdoor space. Call now to begin a design consultation for your new Salt Lake outdoor kitchen. 801.683.2355

Be sure to check out our outdoor kitchens photos for design inspiration.

What is the Frost Line Depth in Utah, and Why is this so Important?

When you think about deck safety, all sorts of images come to mind, but do you think about the deck’s post holes and footings, how deep they go, and whether the ground around them will freeze? It’s okay if you don’t because we think about that for you. It’s our job to know the required depth of a deck’s footings based on your exact location within the state and your property’s elevation. If your deck contractor gets this wrong, your deck may incur structural damage as the soil around the deck footings freezes and thaws, contracts and expands.

Frost line depth in Utah

Technically the concrete footings for your deck must extend deeper than the frost line, which is the greatest depth at which moisture in the soil will freeze. The deeper you dig, the less likely the soil there will freeze; below the frost line, the soil will not freeze. It would be simpler if the frost line depth was the same for the entire state, but that’s not the case. The frost line depth in Utah varies from 20" in the southwestern portion of the state to 40" in the state’s northeastern corner.

To comply with local requirements, you need to know the specific frost line depth for your location. For example, the city of North Salt Lake details the code for building within the city, but if you don’t live within this jurisdiction, your builder is governed by a different set of criteria. We will always make sure your deck or other outdoor living project meets your local requirements.

Frost line depth in the Salt Lake area

In the Salt Lake area, the frost line depth is 30". We take this measurement very seriously, and so does the local building department. The same office that issues building permits also requires that a building inspector come out to measure the holes we dig for your deck footings before we pour concrete. With Archadeck of Salt Lake as your deck designer and builder, you won’t have to worry about the technical requirements. We handle all permitting and coordinate with the building department for the required inspections.

Why do footings need to be below the frost line?

There’s a lot you don’t see going on below the ground’s surface, including seasonal changes as the moisture in the soil freezes and thaws repeatedly. If your deck’s concrete footings are not deeper than the frost line, this shifting soil can actually heave when it thaws, pushing the deck’s footings and posts upward. As the footings and posts rise, the entire deck can buckle and experience structural damage. That’s why deck designers and builders — and local building inspectors — pay so much attention to the frost line depth.

We are well versed in local design criteria and always meet and often exceed the local building codes. The hassle of permits, inspections, and building codes is one of the best reasons to hire a deck builder like us. Let us focus on frost line depth requirements, while you prepare to enjoy your new backyard. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Learn more about all the requirements for building a safe deck in Utah.

Farmington Backyard Renovation Features Modern Amenities Built with a Perfect Blend of Classic and Cutting-Edge Materials for an Epic Modern/Rustic Blend of Beauty and Function

When you have a large home with one-hundred-and-eighty-degree views of the Wasatch Mountains, not just any backyard space will do. Given the setting, it only made sense for this Farmington couple to expand their outdoor space when it came time to replace their aging deck. The new backyard would need to go a long way to accommodate large family gatherings when their kids and grandkids visit while being easy to care for and enjoy when it is just the two of them. To accomplish this, they contacted us to custom design a backyard to meet all of their needs including outdoor cooking, relaxing in the shade, hosting the family, and soaking in the hot tub.

The new backyard includes an expansive composite deck wrapped with a flagstone patio. The deck features a porch roof, pergola, outdoor kitchen and dedicated space for the hot tub, while the patio includes a gas fire pit for evenings under the stars.

Expansive Low-Maintenance Farmington Deck Has it All and More

The first thing we did was expand the deck to span the full width of the back of the home. This allows for multiple living areas on the deck for eating, lounging, and cooking without feeling crowded. The new deck features TimberTech Terrain low-maintenance decking in Silver Maple. By choosing a neutral gray decking, the homeowners ensure their long-lasting deck will remain attractive as trends change throughout the 30 plus years it will last. They carried this idea through their railing choice by going with the classically modern black steel railing.

Next, we added an outdoor kitchen complete with a gas line running to the grill, a custom cedar pergola for partial shade, and stunning flagstone so it all complements the adjoining patio. With outdoor cooking made beautiful and easy, the homeowners can entertain without being removed from the party.

In need of some shade, we built a custom-designed porch roof with a gorgeous cedar ceiling and columns wrapped with more flagstone at the base. The cedar ties into the pergola while the flagstone mirrors the patio, working together to give the space a lovely rustic feeling that goes hand-in-hand with mountain living and matches the style the homeowners desired. For added function, we ran electricity into the porch ceiling to provide recessed lighting, a ceiling fan, and electrical outlets for additional needs.

Lastly, we built the deck around the existing hot tub where the homeowners like to soak and relax after a long day. By keeping the hot tub on the ground-level and building the deck around it, we made access easy while keeping the hot tub itself from being intrusive to the design of the deck.

Farmington Flagstone Patio Creates a Beautiful Transition from the Deck to the Yard

With a curvilinear flagstone patio wrapping around the entire deck, the transition to the yard is natural and easy. Now when the grandkids are visiting, they can run on and off the deck quickly and easily as needed to enjoy the deck, patio, and expansive lawn at-will. And with a gas fire pit right in the middle, this family enjoys a central place to gather as the sun sets or a chilly afternoon breeze comes in. And who doesn’t enjoy spoiling their grandkids with marshmallows roasted over an open flame? Burnt, toasted or just barely warm, every marshmallow provides an opportunity to make a memory with their precious grandbabies.

The Many Pieces of this Outdoor Living Pie

Building a large multi-structure backyard space provides some special challenges. A variety of skilled labor is required for the stone, carpentry, counter-tops, gas line, and electricity. Arranging the logistics and schedule of these various tradespeople and the coordinating permits and inspections is no small feat. Choosing a reputable Farmington deck builder to keep the project moving forward is an important part of achieving the backyard of your dreams. At Archadeck, we are dedicated to keeping this complicated part of the process off your mind and in our capable hands.

With stunning Wasatch views, it can be easy to ignore an underwhelming backyard space, but with a new deck, porch, patio or combination thereof, the view is just that much better! In fact, the scenery is more easily enjoyed and dare we say this charming rustic backyard may even be stealing a little thunder from the ridgeline. If you’re in need of a backyard update to encourage more visits from the kids and grandkids or to make enjoying your views effortless, give Archadeck of Salt Lake a call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Five Ways to Maximize Salt Lake Outdoor Living This Winter

Are you planning to hibernate during the impending cold winter weather, or are you determined not to spend the long dark winter indoors? If you’d like to continue to enjoy fresh air and an active outdoor lifestyle throughout the winter, adjusting your home’s outdoor living space or backyard can be just what you need. We have five suggestions for maximizing Salt Lake outdoor living at home this winter and every winter:

Enclose it with Eze-Breeze Porch Windows

Our favorite way to make outdoor spaces more comfortable in cool or wet weather is by upgrading your porch, deck, or patio with a winter porch enclosure like Eze-Breeze porch windows. Your porch can become a three-season room with the addition of these clear vinyl windows that are easy to open and close for maximum airflow in pleasant weather or protection from the cold. If you don’t have a porch, but a deck or patio, we can add Eze-Breeze by installing a porch roof and Eze-Breeze windows at the same time.

Add a Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great way to enjoy time with family and friends in cool and warm weather. While functionally speaking a fire pit is a great way to provide 360 degrees of warmth for everyone to enjoy, it happens to be a perfect place to enjoy long conversations, roast marshmallows and disconnect from the rest of the world. Place your fire pit addition on a deck or patio with the right preparation.

Add an Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are gaining popularity for their versatility. They can be added to porches, three-season rooms, sunrooms, decks, and patios. While the warmth and relaxation are the main benefits, outdoor fireplaces create additional privacy and a focal point for your entire outdoor space. Choose from gas or wood-burning, and consider hanging your television above it for improved outdoor entertaining.

Grab a New Outdoor Heater

Today’s outdoor heaters, recently taking on the moniker “patio heaters” are becoming better than ever. Previously enjoyed at dining patios and sporting events, patio heaters are becoming more accessible to everyone. Generating a great deal of heat, they look great and get the job done. On a large patio or deck, more than one outdoor heater can provide comfort for easy entertaining in cooler weather.

Bundle Up and Grab a Blanket

Wherever you enjoy outdoor lounging in the summer, you can do it in the winter by layering up and grabbing a blanket. Decks, porches, and patios make great lounging space if you’re dressed for the weather. Depending on your tolerance of the cold, you may not last as long as with one of the first four solutions, but in Salt Lake and Park City, we pride ourselves in embracing and dressing for every season!

Consider Archadeck of Salt Lake to provide you with flexible winter outdoor living solutions, allowing you to shed the layers and seize the day. Call now for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

What is No Maintenance Decking?

There is no such thing as no maintenance decking. However, what we think you might be referring to is synthetic decking often called “composite,” manufactured from composite materials, PVC, or a combination of the two. We define these modern, and popular decking materials as low-maintenance as they still require some occasional surface cleaning, but last three times longer than pressure-treated wood decking without annual staining, painting or sealing.

These long-lasting composite decking products are becoming the only choice in Salt Lake for a keen investment in your home and outdoor lifestyle with our harsh winters. Synthetic decking offers scratch resistance, stain resistance, mold, mildew and moisture resistance, hidden fastener options, as well as low-maintenance ownership and lengthy warranties. At Archadeck, we currently offer three of the hottest brands in composite decking and are pleased to help you choose the best product for your project:

TimberTech Decking

TimberTech is the most popular low-maintenance decking brand at Archadeck of Salt Lake. TimberTech decking is a capstock decking board, which is composite decking wrapped in PVC. TimberTech’s manufactured decking is wrapped on all fours sides to keep moisture out for a long-lasting, cost-effective deck. With three collections to choose from, each with a different look, price point, and set of color choices, TimberTech is fantastic at making their product accessible. They also offer a 30-year fade and stain warranty for peace-of-mind.

AZEK Decking

AZEK is the leader in fully synthetic PVC decking. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride and is the strongest manufactured decking board available. While the word “composite” is often used as a blanket term for all synthetic decking, AZEK’s fully synthetic decking is not technically composite at all because it does not contain any wood fibers. This capped polymer product is so durable that AZEK offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty. They also offer three collections with Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest to offer a style and color to match every homeowner’s personal preference.

Trex Decking

Trex might be the most well-known brand in low-maintenance or composite decking as it was the first big brand on the market when composite decking hit the market decades ago. They currently offer three different collections, one of which is composite decking made of recycled and ground wood fiber and plastic materials. The wood fiber makes it more porous, which can require a little more maintenance than its capstock and PVC counterparts. While composite decking is the most cost-effective synthetic decking, Trex also offers two varieties of capstock decking and a full line up of low-maintenance accessories including their much loved under-deck drainage system and steel deck framing. You can rest easy knowing you’re covered by Trex’s 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty.

No matter what brand you choose, with Archadeck of Salt Lake on your side, we know you’ll be thrilled with your new low-maintenance deck. While none of the three brands are no-maintenance, all three brands offer a great line of synthetic decking and a variety of low-maintenance accessories such as railings, post caps, outdoor molding, trim, lighting, fencing, and dry deck drainage systems. At Archadeck, we recommend synthetic decks be paired with these low-maintenance trims and railings for better enjoyment of the laid-back outdoor lifestyle. If you’re ready to invest in a long-lasting deck at your home, call us today to begin the design process. 801.683.2355

Will Adding Vinyl Porch Windows to My Salt Lake Porch Make it A Three-Season Room?

Upgrading your Salt Lake porch with vinyl porch windows, such as Eze-Breeze, will absolutely transform your outdoor space into a three-season room. Porch windows are the main difference between a porch and a three-season room. Whether you’re updating a screened or an open porch with windows, you’re sure to enjoy the increased functionality porch windows will add to your outdoor space.

What it Takes to Upgrade a Porch to a Three-Season Room

While each porch offers a unique existing structure to work with, custom-made Eze-Breeze windows can be added to most existing spaces. Depending on the columns or the framing of your screens, just a few alterations to fit the porch window frames within the existing structure will allow you to enjoy a more flexible outdoor lifestyle with your very own three-season room.

By using porch windows, you’ll have greater control over your exposure to wind, rain, pollen, and insects while still enjoying the outdoors. With no requirements for insulation, or central heating or air conditioning, a three-season room is a less complicated more cost-effective choice over a sunroom.

Just the same, the use of a three-season room can also stretch into cooler months with the use of portable heating units or the addition of an outdoor fireplace. In ideal weather, you can quickly open the vents of your Eze-Breeze windows for maximum air flow, and just as easily shut them and flip on a heater when the weather is cool or wet. The flexibility of a three-season room is difficult to match.

If you spent all summer and early fall enjoying your porch and want to resume your enjoyment now that cooler, more unpredictable weather has settled into SLC, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to learn more about transforming your porch into a three-season room. We look forward to working with you. 801.683.2355

Salt Lake City Pergola Covers Increase Weather Protection & Add Function to Your Deck or Patio

Pergolas are a beloved outdoor living accessory in Salt Lake and across the nation. They offer gorgeous craftsmanship and architectural design for interest and beauty in your outdoor space, but they also provide partial shade from hot sun. While some may grow vines or add fabric shades for increased sun protection, you may be wishing you had a pergola cover for rain and snow protection too. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we have a few solutions for creating the dry outdoor living space you need:

Salt Lake Pergola Covers

We offer a great line of pergola covers from BrightCovers. A translucent panel that can be added to almost any existing pergola, BrightCovers offers UV and rain protection without sacrificing the natural light you enjoy under your pergola. BrightCovers can withstand the fluctuating weather in Salt Lake, taking on extreme cold, hot sun, hail, wind, and rain. With BrightCovers pergola covers you get to enjoy the beautiful design of a classic pergola, but with the rain, snow, and UV protection of a patio roof.

Salt Lake Patio Roofs

If you are considering a pergola, but have not yet decided, a patio roof might be a better option to meet your outdoor living needs. With full protection from sun, rain, and snow, a patio roof (also known as a porch roof) can extend the amount of time your deck or patio is functional for outdoor living. You’ll enjoy the daily convenience of a protected space for bringing the dogs in, shaking off the snow, or simply enjoying the smells and sounds of a fresh and rainy afternoon while remaining dry.

Salt Lake Adjustable Pergolas

We now offer an adjustable pergola hybrid product from Arcadia Roofs. Arcadia makes a new type of pergola that functions as both a patio roof and a pergola. With the must-have look of a craftsman inspired pergola, the Arcadia pergola features adjustable louvers that can be tilted in the precise direction needed to create the exact amount of shade you desire. Alternatively, the louvers can be closed completely to create a dry space on your deck or patio as needed.

Whichever you choose, gaining a dry space right outside of your door can make daily life so much easier. No more soaking wet dog inside the door, you can dry them off on the patio. No more snowy boots on the carpet, you can kick them off under the pergola and let the snow fall off them before bringing them in. No more rushing the afternoon barbecue indoors as the thunderhead rolls in, you can simply move under the porch roof and continue grilling the burgers. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake City today to learn more about your options for a pergola cover, patio roof, or other outdoor roof structure. 801.683.2355

When is the Best Time to Build a Deck in Park City and Salt Lake?

Anytime the ground is not frozen or completely buried in snow is a good time to build a deck. Proper placement of footings is the main issue with a frozen ground. That being said, winter is coming, and deck building will likely be on pause for a few months in most elevations. But winter is the perfect time to begin the deck building process with Archadeck of Salt Lake. Using the frozen months to prepare for a spring build is a perfect use of time.

Did you know that deck building in Park City can be a several month process from start to finish?

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we build custom designed decks. By working closely with you to meet your exact needs for function and aesthetics, the design process can take some time. Next, we have to file for and wait for permits. Lastly, all of the best deck builders have a full construction schedule. By getting started now, you can claim your spot on the schedule for early spring construction to enjoy your new deck all summer long.

The cherry on top of a winter start for your Park City deck construction project is that if you sign the contract before the new year, you may avoid increases in supply costs that typically get bumped at the beginning of each calendar year.

Need a new deck this spring or summer?

For those of you who are waiting because you don’t need your new deck until summer, don’t wait! A great deal of the population waits until spring to contact us for their new deck. That makes spring and early summer the busiest time for us, for the local building department (permits), and the suppliers. By planning now, we can better coordinate the timing of permits, supplies, and our crew’s schedule to build at just the right time for you. Note: just because you start the process now, doesn’t mean you’re on the hook to pay for it all now.

If you’re looking at starting the deck building process in spring to have a new deck by summer, right now is the best time to get started. The sooner you start the deck building process, the better, and your schedule will thank you for it. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today; we are thrilled to design your custom deck and prepare for a spring or summer build anytime, all winter long. 801.683.2355

Safety & Entertaining Go Hand-in-Hand with This Murray Deck, Patio & Pergola

When it comes to building decks in Murray, UT, our goal is always to enhance the life of the homeowner. We love providing improved outdoor living and better outdoor entertaining, but sometimes we get the special designation of improving safety too! This Murray backyard project started out as many do, upgrade the wood deck with TimberTech composite decking boards, add a paver patio, and create shade on the deck with a beautiful pergola. What we didn’t know is that the substructure of the existing wood deck was unsafe and we would be rebuilding the deck from the ground up to avoid potential catastrophe.

Redecking Requires a Structurally Sound Substructure

Redecking is a fantastic, cost-effective way to upgrade your deck to a new surface such as long-lasting composite decking. But it does require an inspection of the substructure to ensure it is in good shape to support the new decking.

This Murray redecking project started out simply enough, but once we began to remove the worn, old, wood decking boards, we found that the frame and substructure were not safe. The solution was to rebuild the frame to meet code and support the new TimberTech Legacy deck and aluminum pergola.

The resulting 14×16 deck features a brand new safe structure, with deck flash moisture barrier on the joists to prevent rot, and low-maintenance TimberTech Legacy decking in Pecan. With hidden fasteners, a Transform Presence top rail in wheat, round black infill, and white aluminum posts to match the white low-maintenance aluminum pergola, you’d never guess we had a safety issue before we got started. The new deck has a timeless look but features all new low-maintenance materials that will last for decades with very little care required. And with a staircase featuring deck lighting on both sides of the deck, access to the entire yard is a breeze.

Entertaining is Best with Plenty of Space

In addition to redecking the existing wood deck, this Murray family wanted to add a patio space for better outdoor entertaining. To accommodate this need, we removed and reinstalled some existing brick pavers that were disorderly and improperly installed. We then added Belgard Catalina Grana pavers in Toscana to create a 500-square-foot patio space with walkways to connect the deck to the gates in the privacy fence.

With 500-square-feet of patio, and over 200-square-feet of partially shaded deck space, this family has easy, functional outdoor space for the most intimate relaxing afternoons or large special occasions. Combination backyard spaces like this one are becoming the norm rather than the exception as Murray area families demand outdoor space that is as functional as their open-floor-plan indoor spaces.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we are proud not only to be the best Murray, UT deck builder but to be your custom outdoor living partner. We’ll work closely with you to design and build a custom deck, porch, patio, and any combination of outdoor structures and accessories to meet your family’s exact needs. Call today to get started with a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Build a Combination Space for Park City Outdoor Living in Every Season

As winter approaches and the weather begins to flip-flop between mild afternoons and very cold mornings, you may be lamenting the end of the outdoor season in Park City. Unless you’re eager for the impending snow to get out on the slopes, you’re likely making sure to capture every warm minute outdoors before the cold mornings become cold days. But did you know that with a custom-designed outdoor living space, you can set yourself up for outdoor living all year long? With a variety of combinations of decks, patios, porches, three-season rooms, sunrooms, and fire features, you can enjoy the outdoor living feeling as much in the snow as you do on a perfect spring day.

What Does it Take to Live Outdoors Year-Round in Park City?

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we pride ourselves on creating custom outdoor living solutions for your specific needs and desires. To create a perfect space for living outdoors year-round in Park City, we’ll work closely with you, to ensure we are covering the bases. Not only will we cover the four seasons (which can all happen in a single day) but we’ll make sure the opportunities to enjoy the activities you love most are maximized. Our favorite way to make this happen for you is a Park City combination outdoor living space, including an outdoor room, a deck, and a patio.

For example:
Start from inside your home. We’ll create an outdoor room of your choice conveniently located outside one of your main family living areas. Often the kitchen or family room.

Park City Outdoor Rooms

Choose between a sunroom or three-season room to create a space that can be used almost year round. A sunroom features insulation and HVAC for year-round use, while a three-season room features Eze-Breeze porch windows to block out cold air. To make a three-season room function in winter we can add a custom outdoor fireplace, or you can invest in an outdoor heater to warm the area when in use.

Park City Decks

Right outside your new Park City outdoor room, we’ll build a deck. Choose composite decking such as TimberTech or Trex for low-maintenance and long-lasting durability in the harsh Park City winters. A deck provides the perfect transition from your outdoor room to open-air space for dining or grilling comfortably off the wet ground. If your yard has a steep slope, a deck might be the best way to create flat outdoor living space on your lot.

Park City Patios

If your yard allows, a paver or stone patio at the base of the main staircase provides additional outdoor living space. Patios are perfect for outdoor fire pits or an outdoor kitchen. In Park City, patios can be built under elevated decks, providing dry covered outdoor living too! With an outdoor room, deck, and patio, you can enjoy three separate adjoining spaces perfect for anything the unpredictable Park City weather throws your way. You’ll be able to entertain, relax and enjoy the outdoors any time you want. And with additional accessories such as fire pits, fireplaces, and pergolas, we can maximize comfort and function for your specific needs.

If you’re ready to maximize your outdoor enjoyment at home, all year long, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today. 801.683.2355 We have the custom Park City outdoor living solutions you need to get outdoors more!

Enjoy our outdoor living gallery for project inspiration.

What Porch Roof Style Should You Choose for Your New Salt Lake Porch?

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we work closely with you to create custom designed outdoor living spaces to meet your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. One of the first big decisions for building a new Salt Lake porch is the type of porch roof. While we would love to give you the porch roof you most prefer, there are several factors that weigh into the type of porch roof you can have.

What Factors Determine My Porch Roof Options?

Your home’s existing roof lines and the location of the porch roof tie-in is the first consideration. If there are dormers, windows, or other second story items, we could have our porch roof choices narrowed for us from the get-go.

Aesthetic preferences are the next factor. Depending on how much natural light you want, the size of the porch, and your home’s existing architecture we’d guide you to the best options for your desired results. For example, a porch that spans the full width of your home might be too long to look good with a tall, open gable roof.

Budgetary considerations play into every choice from large to small in outdoor living construction. When it comes to porch roofs, a shed roof is generally less expensive than a gable roof, which is less expensive than a hip roof. If your porch requires a custom hybrid roof design, that could add more to your budget than other options.

Your design consultant will go over all of the details of your specific options so you can make the choice that is right for you. But for an easy reference, there are six porch roof types we most frequently build:

Salt Lake Porch Roof Options

Shed Roof – A shed roof is flat and slopes down in one direction from the home to the end of the porch.

Gable Roof (open or closed) – A gable roof is a triangular shape that slopes down evenly from a central meeting point. They are the most popular as they mirror what most homes have and can even have their pitch match the home exactly.

Hip Roof – A hip roof has three or more sides that slope down from a central meeting point. They are often chosen to match the home’s roofline or if the attachment to the house is tricky.

Flat Roof – A flat roof is what it sounds like, flat. (Technically they have a slight incline to avoid water puddling, but appear flat.) It is often chosen when second story windows or other features limit the ceiling height of the porch.

Pavilion Roof – The pavilion porch roof is typically reserved for stand-alone porches and covered patios (not connected to to the home.) They technically are a hip roof with the stipulation that all sides of the roof are hipped equally. Having four sides is the most common pavilion roof (sometimes called a pyramid roof).

Custom Combination Roof – There are cases where a homeowner has their heart set on an open gable roof for maximum natural light, but their second story windows or another technical issue makes that impossible. We can and have created custom combination porch roofs where we might add an open gable on the exterior edge of a shed roof to let in maximum light. These custom roofs make for a gorgeous one-of-a-kind interior ceiling too.

No matter what porch roof you have your eyes on, you’ll have the experts at Archadeck of Salt Lake to help guide you. With our design and technical expertise and your specific needs and desires, together we’ll come up with a satisfactory solution. Call today to begin the design consultation process for your new Salt Lake porch. 801.683.2355

What are the Benefits of a Salt Lake Sunroom Addition?

As the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to turn, you may think it is time to cover the patio furniture for the winter and settle on indoor living for the next several months. While you may be an avid skier, when it comes to being at home, during winter you stay indoors. If your outdoor living space doesn’t function well during the cooler months, you may consider a Salt Lake sunroom addition. A sunroom addition feels like an outdoor living room with plenty of natural light, but with all of the comforts of an indoor space.

There are a great deal of benefits to building a sunroom in Salt Lake:

  • Increased square footage of your home (more cost-effective than a traditional addition.)
  • Floor to ceiling windows so you can enjoy the sweeping mountain and valley views or watch the children playing outside.
  • The feeling of a porch, but with the comforts of heating and cooling.
  • The flexibility of being warm and cozy in the winter, but opening the windows in the warmer months to enjoy the fresh air.
  • Custom design features to add comfort and style, such as ceiling fans, skylights, fireplaces, hardwood flooring, transom windows, and more.
  • Enjoy all the seasons in a sunroom. Perfect for fall color watching, the spring thaw, summer relaxation, and sunny winter comfort.

Sunrooms Go Hand-in-Hand with Composite Decks & Paver Patios

When building a sunroom addition, it doesn’t have to be your only outdoor living space. Sunrooms work very well with an adjacent deck or paver patio. In fact, it is becoming the trend to build multiple outdoor spaces to create a better functioning, inclusive, Salt Lake backyard retreat.

With a deck, patio, or both outside of your sunroom, you’ll enjoy the choice of a protected indoor, bright and airy space or the open air of a deck or patio. And best of all, you can easily transition from one to the other if your needs change throughout the day.

For a large family barbecue, after cooking out, the adults can retreat to the sunroom for quieter conversation while still watching the children in the yard. Or as the sun lowers itself in the evening sky, you can escape the evening chill to keep the party going without missing a beat.

With a deck or patio outside of your sunroom, the sunroom becomes the natural transition from your home to your outdoor spaces. A perfect place to retreat indoors from bad weather, but still enjoy that outdoor feeling. If you’re thinking about a sunroom addition, with or without a deck, or patio, give us a call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355 At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we look forward to making your outdoor living dreams a reality.

Be sure to check out our Salt Lake sunrooms gallery.

Salt Lake Deck Drainage Systems Provide Dry Space Under Your Elevated Deck and a Fantastic Looking, Slip-Resistant, Low-Maintenance Deck Surface

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we are always looking for the latest and best products and materials to serve you. We are proud to announce we are now offering Gaco Decking Systems a brand of deck drainage system that allows you to create a cost-effective, dry, protected patio space underneath your elevated deck. With so many hillside homes in the area, a deck drainage system like this is a fantastic way to increase your outdoor living square footage.

What is the GacoPedestrianDeck System?

While there are several different options in the Gaco line up, they are similar in function. A seamless protective coating, the most popular choice, PedestrianDeck involves a three-layer application of GacoFlex coatings that bond together creating a seal that is flexible through seasonal temperature shifts to provide long-lasting leakage protection. The product avoids shrinking, cracking, chipping, peeling, lifting or buckling during temperature shifts and provides a beautiful, textured, slip-resistant surface.

First, the joints of your deck boards are taped, then we apply the very first coat of GacoFlex. Next, we add the GacoShell granules. While some deck surface texture uses sand which eventually flakes out of the finish and leaves pock marks in your deck surface, the GacoFlex wears well with the surface of the deck, staying in place and continuing to provide the added beauty and safety of a textured deck surface. After two more coats of GacoShell, your deck is ready to use, and your under-deck space is now more functional with protection from rain and the sun.

Can PedestrianDeck Be Added to New & Existing Decks?

One of the best benefits of choosing a Gaco system for your Salt Lake deck drainage system is the flexibility and the cost-effective nature of the product. Traditional deck drainage systems work very well but can require more labor to install and don’t provide the added protection to your deck’s surface.

We can add Gaco systems to existing decks, perfect for decks needing resurfacing soon, provided the substructure is still in great condition. PedestrianDeck is also a great choice for a new deck addition, saving you time on staining or sealing wood decks with the added benefit of better protection than stain or seal. PedestrianDeck can also be a low-cost alternative to synthetic decking boards, allowing you to enjoy the low-maintenance deck lifestyle with a lower price tag.

BONUS: PedestrianDeck can be used on concrete, allowing you to create a gorgeous surface on your plain concrete patio.

PedestrianDeck Designs

Did we mention how great the PedestrianDeck system allows your deck to look? With many colors and numerous combinations, you can create a one-of-kind-deck of your dreams. Choose GacoFlex Crystal Deck to create a stunning, luxurious texture with a variety of colors available in the crystal quartz slip resistant finish. Gaco products also allow your deck to have tile added on top. Loving the look of a travertine patio, but due to your property grade, you need a deck? Worry no more, we can add tile or stone for a natural stone patio look on the surface of your deck.

If your deck is in need of some renovation, you’re looking for a dry space underneath, want to partake in the low-maintenance lifestyle, or are preparing for a deck addition, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today. We are looking forward to working with you to make your outdoor living dreams a reality. 801.683.2355

What Are Utah’s Building Codes for Decks?

Are you trying to find Utah’s deck building codes? Where do you live? Salt Lake City has different deck building codes than Layton and other suburbs as each city has different building codes. Some offer specific building codes for decks; others require you read through all of the building codes to find what applies to your deck. Building codes are essential for knowing what type of outdoor structure requires a permit, how to submit a proper building plan to get a permit, what points during construction require an inspection, and the specifics of how to build a safe deck.

Sounds pretty easy right? Try an internet search for your local deck building codes. What did you find? Was it difficult to navigate your city’s website? Did you find deck building codes specifically or just a very long set of residential building codes that only mentioned the word deck once? Commonly, you may have found the permitting information, but not the detailed instructions about deck requirements.

Deck Building Inspections

If you do find your city’s deck building codes, you may quickly find out that they are long and cumbersome. You’ll also find out that you need an inspection at least three times during the building process. The first inspection will be after your footings are dug, but before concrete is poured. The second inspection will be of the framing and lastly, you’ll have a final inspection. Some inspectors may require additional inspections of items such as electricity.

Deck Building Requirements for Compliance

Each city varies in their deck building requirements. And some elements of your deck construction are dictated by the zoning district where your home is located. Together they will provide the following specific requirements:

• Setback requirements: How far from the property line decks need to be.
• Footing depth.
• Materials: Certain materials require specific hardware for safety.
• Column and post size and construction requirements.
• Railings.
• Stairways and handrails.
• The various requirements around utility meters and lines.
• Deck strength: how much weight it can hold.

For an example of what deck building codes look like, check out Layton, Utah’s deck building codes. But be sure to use your city and zoning districts requirements.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we handle all permits and inspections. We are well versed in building codes, staying up to date with the latest changes for all of the Salt Lake and Park City area. The hassle of permits, inspections, and building codes is one of the best reasons to hire a deck builder like us. Let us focus on meeting and exceeding codes for the safety and quality of your custom built wood or composite deck, while you prepare to enjoy your new backyard. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

For more details, read What it Really Takes to Build a Safe Deck

Salt Lake Outdoor Living Ideas: The Sky Is the Limit

Have you been looking for ways to spend more time outdoors? Making outdoor living a daily habit in Salt Lake is best accomplished with good preparation. Creating an outdoor living space at your own home makes the outdoors more comfortable, more functional, and easy to enjoy. Fostering this outdoor lifestyle requires a custom outdoor living space that meets your specific needs.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, our design team works closely with you. We listen to your wants, needs, and dreams to recommend the best space to accomplish as much of your wish list as possible within your budget. With so many possibilities, it can seem overwhelming. Get a head start on narrowing down what you want by checking out these three fantastic Salt Lake area outdoor living ideas to learn what features would benefit your household.

Expansive Composite Deck with Cable Rail

With the durability and beauty of composite decking hitting its stride, Salt Lake composite decks are a popular choice for outdoor living. Decks are ideal for the often sloping yards in the Salt Lake area, creating flat backyard living space where there was none. This Timbertech multi-level composite deck spans the full length of the home and features modern cable rail and fantastic views from the comfort of the outdoor lounge furniture. For more about the details of this design, read the full deck project story here.

Covered Patio with Outdoor Fireplace

Today’s outdoor living is truly about bringing the comforts of indoors out. While paver patios are gaining favoritism for their natural, sophisticated look, it’s all about the accessories. This Belgard patio features a porch roof and an outdoor fireplace with a large granite counter. We recommended this design to provide this football loving family a protected open air space for enjoying big games no matter if the weather is sunny and warm (shade) or rainy (dry). With the fireplace and outdoor heater, they can grab a coat and a blanket and enjoy winter weather games too! Check out the details in our blog, Ogden Covered Patio with Fireplace and TV Makes Backyard Entertaining a Dream.

Eze-Breeze Three Season Room

No one wants to be forced indoors during the winter months. A variety of options are available for extending the outdoor living season into cooler months. With the addition of Eze-Breeze porch windows on this covered porch, the family can enjoy a bug-free, shaded, and dry summer. But when the weather begins to cool, or the pollen count is high, they easily close the vinyl porch windows to continue their enjoyment of the space without interruption. See the transformation below:

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Salt Lake’s Top Four Outdoor Living Shade Covers

Have you ever been enjoying a perfectly beautiful day on your deck or patio until the sun hits a certain point in its daily movement across the sky? Being forced in by unbearable heat and scorching UV rays is not ideal. Maybe you’ve tried to huddle under a tiny market umbrella to stay cool, only to have the shade from your umbrella cast on the side of the house instead of the deck as the sun lowers. Adding a lasting outdoor living shade structure could be the solution you need.

Archadeck of Salt Lake has a variety of deck and patio shade options for you to choose from. Our shade options are permanent structures that can vary from full shade to partial shade and even adjustable shade for those of you who may like to alter the level of shade depending on current activities and temperatures. Check out our Top 4 backyard shade options below:

4. Gazebos – This backyard classic is a tiny bit formal and a wee bit whimsical, but did you know it provides great shelter from sun and rain? With their signature hexagon shape, gazebos can come in all shapes and sizes, modern or traditional, low-maintenance or wood. Gazebos provide full shade and rain protection for lovely outdoor living in many types of weather. And did you know gazebos can be screened-in to add protection from insects too?

3. Porch Roofs – Whether you choose a screened porch, open porch, or three-season room, porch roofs are one of the most popular options for full-shade protection in Salt Lake. They are typically attached to the home but can be built as a free-standing structure wherever you’d like. Porch roofs provide full shade and keep your deck or patio dry, which is ideal for the unpredictable weather in Utah.

2. Pergolas – Pergolas are charming structures that create a classic Craftsman vibe. They offer partial shade but do not offer rain protection without additions. Many homeowners will add a polycarbonate cover to create a dry space, or use climbing plants, fabrics or other additions to increase the amount of shade under their pergola. And for additional UV protection under your pergola, take a look at BrightCovers Pergola and Patio covers.

1. Arcadia Covered RoofsArcadia roofs provide the best of all the worlds above. They hold up the charming pergola look but can be adjusted for more or less shade. They can even be closed entirely for full rain protection. Best of all, Arcadia Roofs offer automatic settings so you can keep the natural light shining in until the weather changes. Once the weather sensor detects the shift, the louvers will automatically close to keep your deck or patio dry.

All four of our patio and deck shade options make beautiful backyard living spaces. All four can also be wired with added accessories such as ceiling fans, and lights. While you may not want a television under your pergola, you can wire cable for outdoor entertainment making your covered space a fully-functioning outdoor living room.

Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today for a design consultation. We are excited to provide custom, comfortable outdoor living spaces that meet your specific needs. 801.683.2355

Be sure to check out our outdoor living gallery to view a variety of shade ideas.

From Disrepair to Backyard Wedding Dreams: Layton Deck Remodel and Patio Addition Becomes the Perfect Setting for Summer Nuptials

Steeply sloping backyards are a common scenario, and a worthy price to pay for the views, in Layton, Utah. This ranch style home benefits not only with the views but with a convenient walk-out basement on their hillside home. Homes with walk-out basements provide a perfect set up for creating an upper-level deck with a lower level deck or patio – creating two separate outdoor living spaces to fit the needs of the entire family. This Layton home takes full advantage of that opportunity by connecting the two spaces with two sets of stairs and a slide for the kids (and kids at heart).

The upper-level deck with a covered porch is situated outside the main living area for a convenient space to dine and entertain. The lower-level patio and deck maximize the flat square footage outside of the walkout basement before the yard slopes downward. The existing wood decking boards were deteriorating due to age, making it time for the homeowners to upgrade to a low-maintenance longer-lasting deck with redecking upstairs, and a deck replacement, patio addition, and fire pit addition downstairs. The crucial requirements were to keep the slide, upgrade to low-maintenance decking, and get it all done in time for the July backyard wedding.

Redecking with TimberTech Composite Decking

Did you know that you don’t have to replace every part of your deck if the decking boards begin to deteriorate? With a thorough deck inspection, if your deck’s substructure is found to be in great shape (which many times is the case), you can upgrade to composite decking and keep your wood framing underneath. This is a cost-effective way to upgrade your deck for safety, low-maintenance convenience, and improved aesthetics. Redecking was the perfect choice for the upper-level deck at this Layton home. We kept the same footprint, upgraded the decking to TimberTech Terrain in Brown Oak and upgraded the railing to a Transform railing in Wheat with black aluminum infill. The family now has a beautiful, safe, and low-maintenance deck. Best of all, they were able to keep their amazing slide for quick access to the lower-level patio.

Lower-Level Deck Overhaul

The lower-level outdoor living area at this Layton home previously featured a mish mash of three different deck levels. The entire space was aging and becoming unsafe, especially considering part of it was built on the hillside. To make a more streamlined and modern space, we replaced the previous decking with part TimberTech Terrain Brown Oak decking in a diagonal pattern and part Belgard Cambridge Cobblestone paver patio in Potomac. With a pre-existing concrete patio, we were able to use the flat area to design a gorgeous paver patio, transitioning the space between decking and concrete.

The paver patio also provides a perfect position for the new Belgard Country Fire Pit. The fire pit features gorgeous stone work, modern lava rock and we even ran a gas line from the meter to the fire pit. With the flip of a switch, this Layton family can enjoy quality time together around the fire.

Every detail was addressed in this Layton backyard renovation including the two Belgard paver steps leading up to the walk-out basement door, the two sets of stairs to make access to the yard from the upper-level convenient, and the inclusion of the beloved yellow slide in the design. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we love creating custom backyards to fit the specific needs and wants of families all around the Greater Salt Lake area. If you need a backyard space, have one that needs to be overhauled, or have a specific request that requires custom outdoor building, call us today to schedule a design consultation. 801.683.2355

PS. The project was completed on time for the couple’s backyard wedding. We can’t wait to see the photos!

Plan Your New Salt Lake Outdoor Room in Summer for Fall and Winter Enjoyment

Do summers on your deck or patio make it your favorite time of year? Think back to fall, winter, and early spring when you wished you could get outside and enjoy your backyard more often. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we have outdoor living solutions for every reason and every season.

Outdoor rooms provide protection from rain, hot sun, bugs, and cold weather for comfortable outdoor living during any season. Whether it is a sunroom or 3-season porch you have your sights set on, summer is the best time to start the design and build process for enjoyment this year. Afterall, winter is coming.

Salt Lake Sunrooms: Summer Design + Fall Construction = Winter Outdoor Enjoyment

Do you spend the winter months wishing you could enjoy your deck or patio without layers of sweaters and coats? Sunrooms provide a beautiful immersion into your backyard to allow year round enjoyment of your stunning mountain or valley views, with all the comforts of an indoor room.

While sunrooms are top of mind during the winter months, the process of designing a custom room, getting permits and materials, and working around a frozen ground and inclement weather can mean your sunroom won’t be ready until spring. While we work as hard and as fast as we can to complete your new outdoor space in a timely fashion, winter weather complicates our time line. If you have your heart set on a sunroom for winter enjoyment this year, July and August are the best time to start the process. This will allow for proper scheduling and construction while the weather is still nice.

Enjoy our sunroom photo gallery.

Salt Lake 3-Season Porches: Hurry to Get Started Now on an Outdoor Space to Protect You from Fall’s Busy Bug Season

Did you ever notice that late summer and early fall are the worst time for bugs? A three-season porch is a perfect solution, allowing you to enjoy an airy outdoor space with protection from mosquitoes and mayflies. You’ll enjoy a dry, shady, airy porch feeling, with the ability to close the porch windows when those buggy days grow colder leading into winter.

Don’t wait until September when the bugs are buzzing around your head, threatening to chase you in during one of the most beautiful months of the year. Start the design of your new 3-season porch now. Our crews would love to have you all set before the bugs chase you in, or the cold weather arrives. A 3-season porch is not only perfect for fall but is a great way to take advantage of those early spring days. And if you’re willing to bundle up a little bit, you can use a space heater to enjoy some outdoor time during the winter too!

Check out our 3-season porch gallery.

Three season rooms and sunrooms don’t have to be built from scratch; we can enclose your existing patio or deck to transform your existing outdoor space into an outdoor room. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today for a design consultation. We look forward to creating a custom outdoor living solution to meet your outdoor living needs in every season. 801.683.2355

Beautiful Salt Lake Deck Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining and Enjoyment Day or Night

If maximizing the time enjoyed on your Salt Lake deck is the goal, deck lighting is one of the finest accessories you can add. While deck lighting used to be deployed with little fanfare and a sole purpose to add safety and visibility, today’s deck lighting truly transforms your deck from daytime fun to nighttime magic. With the plentiful options below, there is a perfect deck lighting combination to meet your lifestyle needs.

Post Cap Lights

There is a reason why post cap lights are a long-standing tradition. Providing a beautiful ambient glow around the perimeter of your deck is perfect for creating a relaxing mood and adding safety. Today’s post cap lights fit seamlessly into your deck design; you can even choose from more elaborate styles to alter the daytime design of your deck.

Post Lights

Gorgeous accent lights can be added anywhere on your deck’s posts. The half-moon shaped deck light is often a favorite choice, as homeowners add a lovely wash of light down each post and onto the deck to illuminate the deck’s perimeter.

Riser Lights and In-Deck Lighting

Deck riser lights fit discreetly into the risers of your stairs. They provide a subtle visibility to each step you take, making navigation to and from your deck after dark a breeze. Riser lights have given way to new in-deck lighting that can fit right into any element of your deck for an ambient glow. These lights look lovely in the picture frame border of your deck, along the fascia boards, or even installed in custom pieces like planter boxes and built-in benches.

Under-Rail Lighting

Tucked between balusters and the underside of your railing, under-rail lights wash your stairs or deck with a soft light from above. They are not only perfect for stair railings but are a perfect choice for creating a perimeter glow around the entire outdoor living space.

Market Lighting & Task Lighting

Today’s deck lighting is not restricted to lighting that was made for decking specifically. Depending on your deck’s function and design you may choose to add outdoor lighting with a bit more function or a bit more flair.

One of the most requested lighting styles for outdoor entertaining is permanent festive string lighting. Whether you call them market lights, party lights, or festival lighting, these large round lights hanging over your deck create an instant fun atmosphere with the flip of a switch.

If your deck features an outdoor kitchen, bar, or grill, you may choose task lighting for easier meal prep. These task lights can include but are not limited to pendant lights, counter lights, or hardscape lights.

However you use your deck at night, it is a sure thing that the addition of Salt Lake deck lighting will improve function, fun, and ambiance for your enjoyment. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to begin your next outdoor living project. 801.683.2355

Ogden Covered Patio with Fireplace and TV Makes Backyard Entertaining a Dream

Creating an outdoor space that is functional year round is a great way to feel like you’ve gained square footage in your home. This Ogden covered patio was built to extend outdoor entertaining year round for a football loving family. Whether it’s a Saturday Utes game or a Sunday Dolphins game, football season requires plenty of space for game time shenanigans. By creating a covered patio with a beautiful outdoor fireplace, these homeowners can enjoy the game, outside, in any weather with all of their friends and family.

Ogden Covered Patio from the Ground Up

Start with a Belgard paver patio created with Holland stone in Victorian. The gorgeous shades of gray, brown, and burnt amber provide a rustic feel that blends well with any landscape and home exterior.

Add a stunning gas outdoor fireplace, wrapped in a natural-looking Harristone veneer, featuring a blonde sandstone hearth and mantle, to provide warmth, privacy, and a coveted location for the big screen television, and you have yourself a lovely outdoor entertaining space.

Extend that fireplace in both directions, and add granite to create the perfect place to serve snacks while gaining added privacy and coziness.

Raise the Roof

With so much going on, what more could a homeowner want? How about a patio roof for shade, rain protection, and so much more! This gabled roof pitch matches perfectly to the home’s original roof line – making it look original to the home. Not only does it create a dry, shady space for outdoor entertaining in any weather, but it also allows for the functional addition of accessories. Recessed lighting for night games, a ceiling fan for added air flow, and crown molding and knotty pine tongue and groove for a designer touch, provides all the comforts of indoor living, but outdoors.

The Finishing Touches

The 900-square-foot covered patio is the central football party space, but we also continued the Belgard hardscape with a paver sidewalk to the side gate for continuity and beauty. The four masculine white posts are supporting the patio roof and feature matching Harristone natural stone bases to mirror the outdoor fireplace adding a modern rustic feeling.

Cozy, comfortable, and functional outdoor living can be yours with a custom outdoor space by Archadeck of Salt Lake. We worked closely with this family to discover, design, and build exactly the right space to meet their football outdoor entertaining needs and we look forward to building more Ogden covered patios in the very near future.

Hurry! Football season is right around the corner. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Salt Lake Pergolas Just Got Interesting with a New Adjustable Pergola for Custom Sun & Rain Protection

Pergolas are a long-time Salt Lake and Park City outdoor living favorite. When new clients call to add a deck or patio to their outdoor space, a pergola is often on the wish list. Pergolas are loved for their beautiful design which adds classic charm to an outdoor living space, but also for their practical benefits of gaining partial shade from hot summer sun.

Those looking for more shade or even rain protection seek pergola covers but often forgo the pergola for a porch roof or patio cover despite their desire for a pergola. Not anymore! The days of having to choose are over. Archadeck of Salt Lake is proud to offer Arcadia Louvered pergolas for your outdoor living area. Get the look of a pergola with adjustable shade options and rain protection with a low-maintenance customizable product.

What if… Arcadia Louvered Roofs from Arcadia Building Products, Inc. on Vimeo.

Salt Lake Adjustable Pergolas

Arcadia’s original pergola, the Arcadia Pivot offers a classic pergola design with adjustability so you can choose how much shade or sun shines onto your deck or patio. The weather in our area rarely stays the same for very long, a cool morning that might have you eager for a little sunshine, might lead to a hot afternoon where shade is necessary to remain comfortable. Additionally, traditional pergola louvers only offer maximum shade when the sun is in a specific location in the sky, leaving you exposed to the hot sun during certain times of the day. With Arcadia, you can adjust your pergola’s louvers to provide cool, comfortable shade no matter the sun’s position.

Arcadia Roofs offer many styles from classic looks to sleek and modern.

Automatic Rain Protection

Arcadia Roofs close completely to block out rain too! With a patented gutter system, your pergola acts more like a porch roof than a pergola when it comes to rainy weather. The louvers create rain channels and funnel water to the gutter system that directs water away from your living area. Sensors offer the option for automatic closure you can program yourself, allowing you to leave your pergola open and still count on it to close and keep your space dry if rain should come in when you are not home.

Don’t forget the accessories. Accent lighting, ceiling fans, and privacy walls are just a few ideas.

Smart Pergola Controller

Arcadia Roofs are all about a custom, comfortable outdoor lifestyle. Nothing makes that easier than an easy-to-use smartphone app to control your pergola’s louvers. For a quick view of the post-thunderstorm rainbow, a few touches on your smartphone and your louver’s are open again. Did the breeze pick up and you find yourself with a chill? A quick touch on your smartphone and you can have the sun warming your skin right away. Keep everyone in your life comfortable in most weather conditions with the most flexible shade option on the market with an adjustable pergola by Arcadia Roofs.

Arcadia Roofs can be hardwired or solar powered. Your choice!

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we are pleased to provide new and innovative opportunities to make comfortable outdoor living a reality for everyone. We are proud to offer consultation and installation of premium outdoor living products like Arcadia Roofs and will continue to be on the forefront of new outdoor living products. If you’re ready to add adjustable shade to your backyard, call today to schedule a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Must-Have Design Trends for Salt Lake Deck Construction or Deck Remodels

Do you like your home’s design and décor to stay up-to-date and fresh with the changing fashions? Do you love classic design elements that can continuously support those changing trends with a few minor adjustments? At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we stay at the forefront of new decking trends and methods of building so we can bring the latest and greatest to your home. This year’s hottest decking trends are all about composite decking. From composite being a top chosen decking material to the increased use of deck board bending and of course, the love of the gray decking board, we’ve got the latest.

Out with Wood, In with Composite

We used to design and build a fair mix of wood and composite decking projects alike, but we are now trending steeply towards more composite decks. With fantastic quality products and a large variety of color choices from TimberTech, choosing the low-maintenance lifestyle is an easy decision. Add to the mix that your return on investment is high and the longevity of the deck is unsurpassed, and it is the best option for most homeowners.

Curved Deck Designs

With the increased use of top-quality synthetic decking materials comes new and improved techniques for intricate decking designs. Curved deck designs are a growing trend among homeowners who want to diversify their previous squared off outdoor living areas for a softer look and feel. With deck board bending we are able to offer gorgeous curved decking designs that feature as many curves in whatever shape the homeowner likes. Whether it is the curved outer edge shaping the entire deck footprint or an intricate curved inlay, we love this growing trend for unique deck designs.

Gray Decks are In, Brown Decks are Still In

While the #1 choice for decking remains the natural brown wood colors, gray decking is undeniably on the rise. With stains, paints, and four different shades of gray offered by TimberTech, there is a growing number of options for gray lovers. Gray has been a popular choice in interior design for years due to its neutrality allowing homeowners to change accessories without having to repaint or remodel their entire house. This trend now extends to outdoor living areas as homeowners want to have a neutral color that will go with anything. A timeless color such as gray is a great bet to ensure your long-lasting composite deck will never look dated due to design choices.

If you’re preparing to build or remodel your Salt Lake area deck, consider today’s top decking trends as a possibility for your home. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today for a design consultation; we’ll help you decide which design options are right for your home and lifestyle. 801.683.2355

Don’t forget to get inspiration from our deck photo gallery.

Salt Lake’s Most Eco-Friendly Decking is Even Greener Than You Think

Choosing composite or PVC low-maintenance decking materials by TimberTech or AZEK for your next decking project is an easy choice. There are many lifestyle benefits of low-maintenance decking such as no staining or sealing required, no splinters, and long lasting durability. But did you know that choosing synthetic decking has many eco-friendly benefits?

Any composite decking choice offers plentiful green benefits that are a given no matter the case. Such as:

Trees & Sustainability.

Did you know that it takes 1.22 trees to build the average sized 320 square foot deck (not including the railing)? Imagine the number of decks being built over the course of just a few years. Choosing a synthetic decking product allows you to use recycled materials that are much more sustainable than using lumber. According to TimberTech & AZEK, in five years they have built over 740,000 decks, saving approximately 900,000 trees.

Replacement Savings.

A deck that lasts longer has to be replaced less. You’ll automatically save the environment with a deck that will last at least twice as long as a wood deck. Let me say that again, you not only saved the trees it would have taken to build your deck once, but twice!


Not using chemicals to stain, seal, or paint your deck every year will have a huge impact on the environment. Not only will these chemicals stay out of the air and off your deck, but there will also be less manufacturing of those products as well.

TimberTech & AZEK’s Specific Eco-Friendly Initiatives

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we prefer TimberTech and AZEK decking products. Two brands of the same company, they both take extra steps to work towards a more sustainable world. From recycling and reclaiming a majority of waste material during manufacturing to using a closed-loop water filtration system to recycle hundreds of gallons during manufacturing each day, they are committed to the effort across the product life-cycle.

The main eco-friendly benefit you’ll enjoy is the up to 73% recycled material used in TimberTech decking. You’ll also sleep well knowing that their decking is formaldehyde-free.

Additionally, they ship their products by rail to save fuel and use packaging cartons made from recycled material fibers that are 100% recyclable.

What is your favorite green reason for building a composite deck in Salt Lake?

Call for a design consultation for your new eco-friendly decking project. 801.683.2355

South Ogden Deck Replacements are Just the Thing to Make Outdoor Living a Reality Again

How old is your deck? Is it ready for redecking or a complete deck replacement? When it comes to aging, sagging, or crumbling decks, there are a few options. Many times the support structure is intact, and in great shape, this would simply require redecking. Redecking is when the surface decking boards are removed and replaced with new. If the support structure below is not structurally sound, your deck might need a complete replacement.

This South Ogden family experienced both when they called us to have their aging deck redone. The initial plan for redecking and a porch ceiling replacement was adjusted once our team discovered the structural framing under the open portion of the deck was too deteriorated to keep.

The stunning results speak for themselves, but the journey is just as important as the destination:

We replaced the structure and framing of the open deck area while keeping the existing deck framing underneath the covered porch. We added Trex RainEscape to create a dry patio space underneath the deck for easy enjoyment outside of the walk-out basement.

Next, we installed TimberTech Tropical low-maintenance decking in the Antigua Palm color, a neutral, timeless natural brown that accentuates their home’s exterior palette.

Lastly, we replaced the porch ceiling and reinstalled the homeowners’ beloved custom-made steel railing.

Deck Replacements Offer Big Opportunities

When it comes to deck replacements or redecking, there are more benefits than just having a safe, great looking deck to enjoy. In the case of this South Ogden home, the choice for composite decking by TimberTech gave the homeowners a splinter free outdoor living space they will never have to stain or seal.

TimberTech offers a 30-year warranty, meaning this deck will not need redecking or replacement for many many years. While the deck boards were off, we were able to add the benefit of a dry below-deck patio. And when we installed the TimberTech Tropical decking boards, we chose a diagonal pattern that gave the space an up-to-date design for that all important stylistic refresh.

With so many options for today’s decks, a needed deck replacement or redecking is an opportunity to improve the aesthetics and function. If your aging deck is nearing the end of its life, call Archadeck of Salt Lake. 801.683.2355 Our team will perform a complete deck inspection to find out if you need a few repairs, a redecking, or a complete deck replacement. We look forward to helping you make your home’s deck a safe, functional, and enjoyable place to spend time.

What is the Return on Investment for a Salt Lake City Composite Deck Addition?

The increased joy of adding a composite deck to your home is indisputable. With an outdoor retreat in your own backyard, you’ll be able to relax and entertain with ease. Investing in a composite deck addition for your home is a no-brainer when it comes to the lifestyle benefits, and with a low-maintenance composite product, you won’t have to commit a couple of weekends a year to staining or sealing.

There are some instances where homeowners know they have a limited time in their home before they will be ready to sell, making a choice to build a deck a little more complicated. In Salt Lake, that choice has recently become less difficult with the current sellers housing market and the release of the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report.

Composite Decking is the Clear Winner in Salt Lake

Many times a homeowner who knows they are selling will choose a wood decking material. They know they will be selling and want to invest less cash into the property while still helping it make a good showing. Depending on your home, the neighborhood, and the length of time before selling, in the past, this could have been our advice to you as well.

But, today, composite decking in Salt Lake is enjoying a higher return on investment than the national average (65.2%), the Mountain region average (66.7%), and wood deck additions in Salt Lake City (54.9% by a long shot). According to the Remodeling 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, a composite deck addition in Salt Lake will get you 78.9% return on your investment.

Composite decks are in high-demand in this sellers’ market where buyers are looking for low-maintenance, easy outdoor living. Composite decking is a long-lasting product that is eco-friendly and can withstand the ever-changing weather patterns we experience in our gorgeous mountain climate, without staining or sealing.

Salt Lake’s Sellers’ Market

As reported by The Salt Lake Tribune it is a seller’s market in Salt Lake City. With high demand and low inventory due to the “roaring economy and net in-migration” prices have soared a minimum of 8-10% in most Salt Lake counties. With 6% fewer listings and a 10% rise in prices, homeowners who are selling can maximize on this unique real estate market by making their home as appealing to buyers as possible. A composite deck addition is a great choice for a pre-sale renovation.

While it is a seller’s market, no doubt, it can be a double-edged sword for those looking to stay in the Salt Lake area. Once you sell your home and enter the market as a buyer, you may be surprised you’re going to pay more money for a lateral move. And if you were looking to upgrade, you may be priced out of the market.

Don’t Sell. Add a Composite Deck & Stay Put!

If you love Salt Lake and your home’s location, upgrading or renovating your home quite likely could be your best option in this market. By creating a backyard retreat for your whole family with a new composite deck, you could enjoy your current home for many more years without a need to sell. And with a composite deck, you know that when the time comes to sell, you’ll see a great return on your initial investment. With little maintenance required, the deck will look as great when you sell as it did when completed.

Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to learn more about how adding a custom composite deck to your home can increase your enjoyment as well as being a good investment. 801.683.2355

Enjoy backyard inspiration with our deck photo gallery.

Patio Additions are a Great Choice for Your Salt Lake Outdoor Lifestyle

Are you researching a future outdoor renovation for your Salt Lake backyard? While composite decking is a popular choice in our area thanks to its durability and low-maintenance, did you know a hardscape patio offers similar benefits at a lower cost?

Salt Lake Patio Designs

Today’s homeowners are not satisfied with a builder-grade concrete slab patio or even a larger concrete pad. Concrete in the Salt Lake and Park City elements will flake and crack due to expansion and contraction caused by the changing seasons. In an attempt to counteract this most obvious downside to concrete, regular sealing and maintenance is required, and only delays the inevitable. Hardscape patios are the best choice, as the individual pavers and stones allow for safe contraction and expansion when temperatures are extreme.

What is a Hardscape Patio?

Today’s outdoor living requires spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional. With the increasing popularity in hardscape patios, the flexibility to create gorgeous, durable, and functional works of art for a reasonable cost is hard to ignore. Hardscape patios are the current trend and for a good reason. “Hardscape” is a broad term that includes horizontal and vertical structures built from natural stone, concrete pavers, or brick.

Hardscape patios are durable and require little maintenance. Besides using the occasional leaf blower, broom, or hose, your hardscape patio offers the low-maintenance lifestyle offered with the top composite decking materials at a lower price point. Additionally, if damage occurs to a single stone or paver, they can be replaced individually for inexpensive repairs.

Natural Stone & Flagstone Patios

Today’s top choices in hardscape patios include stone patios made with Flagstone, Quartz, or slate. These natural stones don’t hold heat on hot summer days and provide a naturally slip resistant surface.

Paver Patios

Paver patios are a great and popular option. With quality suppliers like Belgard creating a stunning array of colors and shapes to match today’s top styles and trends, you’ll have no shortage in choices. Favorite patio color options include gray tones as well as rich burnt ambers and neutral, classic browns. Pavers are an economical choice for hardscapes that offer a luxurious feel without the matching cost.

Bonus Benefit: Hardscape patios typically don’t require a permit for installation like decks.

Custom Patio Designs

With ample choices in pavers, stone and brick shape, size and color, we’ll create a custom patio design to match your home, functional needs, and personal style. When it comes to hardscape patios, the ability for custom creativity is plentiful. Applying multiple materials, shapes, and colors in a variety of patterns for custom, one-of-a-kind charm is a top reason for choosing a hardscape patio for your main outdoor living space. Enjoy more patio design ideas in our patio gallery.

Did you know hardscape patios are a perfect addition to a backyard that already features a gorgeous deck? Paver patio additions can be built underneath your deck for a covered outdoor living space or at the bottom of your deck stairs for an adjoining but separate area to meet a multitude of lifestyle needs.

Hardscapes are not just for patios. We can create custom landscape walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, sidewalks, and even driveways. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to learn more about the flexible options in custom hardscape patio design and installation. 801.683.2355

Preventable Injuries: Structural Failure Causes 15% of Deck & Porch Injuries

Salt Lake outdoor living should be a safe, enjoyable experience with little worry about the space you are occupying. With the potential for dangerous and even deadly accidents, is your deck a safe space to live and play?

While you don’t hear about decks collapsing every day, there are thousands of injuries each year due to deck failures. Depending on the height of your deck, a collapse could be catastrophic for anyone on it or under it when the failure occurs. In a study by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over a five-year period, 224,000 people were injured due to a deck or porch. Of those injured, 15% were because of structural failure and 18,000 of those injuries were serious.

What Can I Do to Keep My Deck Safe?

If you’re having a new deck built or a current deck updated, this is where permits and inspections become essential. While during the process it might seem like a hassle, permits and inspections give you a layer of security with a third party making sure the deck has been constructed properly.

For existing decks, regular deck inspections by a qualified professional are key to keeping decks structurally sound. Most wood decks have a lifespan of 10-15 years. With an estimated 20 million decks and porches in the U.S. older than 15 years, this inspection and subsequent needed repairs/retrofits are key elements in lowering your liability and preventing injuries.

With May being the North American Deck and Railing Association’s Deck Safety Month, it is the best time of year (before the busy summer season) to remind everyone to check their deck for signs of safety issues. Read our list of 10 Excellent Reasons to Get a Professional Deck Inspection to learn what to look for to lower risks for future catastrophes. Archadeck also provides the BE SAFER acronym to help you remember. Be sure to call us for a deck inspection if you are at all uncertain. Better safe than sorry, especially when it comes to deck safety. 201.683.2355

Resource: Outdoor Deck and Porch Injury Study

How to Design My Dream Outdoor Kitchen for Maximum Function & Enjoyment

Have you been considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your Salt Lake or Park City home? According to the American Institute of Architects, outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity. With kitchens being the main hub in most homes, adding one to the outdoors meets the growing demand for creating more functional spaces.

With so many features and designs to consider, how do you get started in designing your perfect outdoor kitchen?

Must-Have Appliances

When considering your outdoor kitchen design, it is key to start with the essential appliances. There is no standard for what the necessities should be; your desired utility should be the driver of choosing your appliances. Start with cooking, do you simply need a stainless steel gas grill? Or do you need additional items such as a flat grill top, a burner for pots, a smoker or even a deep fryer? What you cook and how you cook it should guide the way for choosing your main appliances.

Outdoor Kitchen Amenities

How and how often you use your outdoor kitchen is a key consideration when choosing your additional amenities. If you love to cook on the grill as much as possible, you may consider a roof to protect you from rain and the sun when preparing meals. If you entertain regularly, we recommend a sink which will provide ease of serving cold beverages, but also make meal prep an outdoor activity so you don’t have to go indoors, separating yourself from the activities, for anything. Task lighting, electrical outlets, bar height counters and storage drawers are great choices for convenience and enjoyment.

Eat-Out Kitchen

Today’s modern living has ushered in the rise of the eat-in kitchen. When building an outdoor kitchen, this trend continues with an adjoining dining area for serving the favorite foodies in your life. If you often serve a late dinner, you may want to consider adding lighting to your dining area. If afternoon barbecues are a summer Saturday afternoon staple, consider adding a pergola or roof with a ceiling fan to your outdoor kitchen for cool comfort.

Outdoor Kitchen Counters & Other Design Details

Once the necessities and amenities are in the plan, it is time to get down to the design and material choices. A larger countertop area is your best choice if outdoor food prep is your plan, it also provides places to set small appliances or serve dinner. We recommend choosing your countertop material first and then building your design around it.

Choose from quartz, soapstone, concrete, granite or natural stone such as bluestone, sandstone, limestone, Travertine, or slate for a gorgeous, durable outdoor kitchen countertop.

Next, choose your outdoor kitchen surround. Stacked stone veneer is a popular choice, but maybe you need stucco or brick to match your home’s exterior architecture and design. We can use elegant Belgard pavers or unique natural cut stones. We’ll work with you to find the right material to match your unique design sense and the design of your existing outdoor spaces.

Working with Archadeck of Salt Lake means custom designed outdoor kitchens that are built for your specific needs and your individual style to create YOUR dream outdoor kitchen. If you’re ready to take a bold step towards more outdoor living, call today for a free design consultation. 801.683.2355

April Showers Bring May Patio Covers: Screened Porches, 3-Season Rooms & More, We have the Rain and Shade Solution to Cherish the Outdoors in Any Weather

Do you find yourself stuck indoors for days on end due to rainy spring weather? Are you planning to use your deck or patio while hosting a large birthday party or another event this spring, but are worried about whether the weather will hold out?

Don’t let your outdoor space go unused because it is rainy! With Archadeck of Salt Lake on your side, you can enjoy your deck, patio or another outdoor area with a custom roof or patio cover. We can convert your deck into a covered back porch, screened porch or even a 3-season room depending on your overarching goals.

Patio Covers

Depending on the size and location of your patio space we can do one of three things to provide rain protection. Building a roof that extends out from your home over the adjoining patio area will keep it dry, and it will look like a natural extension of your home.

Under-deck patios can enjoy full protection from rain by installing Trex Rain Escape. Collecting water from in between decking boards, the Trex Rain Escape system diverts water into gutters to keep the space under the deck dry all season long.

Lastly, we can build free-standing roofs over patios that are away from the house. Detached patio covers are similar to picnic shelters; you can choose something as elaborate or simple as you’d like to create a dry, shaded space anywhere on your property.

Deck Roofs

When it comes to outdoor living in Salt Lake and Park City, decks are the most popular choice. With new low-maintenance options, they can withstand the fluctuating seasons and are more practical for sloping backyards. If you find you’re not using your deck enough due to hot sun or frequent rain, you may want to consider converting it to what many call a covered porch. By adding a roof that extends out from your home’s roof, we’ll create a functional dry and shaded space right outside of your backdoor. Not only will you enjoy shade and rain protection, but you’ll also gain a great location for kicking off wet shoes, drying off muddy dog feet, or even barbecuing outdoors during inclement weather.

Screened in Porches & 3-Season Rooms

For additional weather protection, we can take your covered deck one-step further by screening in the space. Transforming your deck into a screened-in porch provides protection from insects in addition to the rain and sun protection. You’ll also enjoy the added bonus of increased privacy depending on your screen choice.

Do you still need further protection or extended outdoor living function? Replace the screens with porch windows such as Eze-Breeze for a flexible space to enjoy when pollen is high, rain is falling, the sun is blazing, or the temperatures are falling. Adjust the clear vinyl porch windows to be completely closed or up to 75% open for as much or little fresh air as you’d like. Add a space heater, and your new 3-season room becomes a comfortable space even in cool weather.

If your deck or patio needs something more to encourage you to get the most out of your investment and up your outdoor living game, call Archadeck of Salt Lake City today for a free design consultation. 801.683.2355

Herriman Combination Patio & Deck Takes this Backyard from Barren to Luxurious

Backyards are more often than not neglected by home builders. Leaving the backyard to the homeowners, builders often plop down a small concrete landing pad (we can’t bear to call it a patio) and a few steps or stairs and call it a day. Such was the case at this Herriman, Utah home. You’ll note they could barely fit four chairs on the 10×10 concrete slab, much less a table or lounging area.

We are pleased this family called Archadeck of Salt Lake so we could take their backyard from barren to a luxurious retreat with TimberTech decking and a Belgard patio combination.

TimberTech Cascading Stairs

With a level backyard only a few steps down from the house, we opted for a design that includes a cascading TimberTech Terrain staircase and landing in Brown Oak flowing effortlessly onto the Belgard patio. The three-sided cascading stairs provide easy access to the entire yard, a strategic design for the corner location of the backdoor. With a white low-maintenance railing to match the fencing, the new space ties in perfectly to existing features.

With the addition of TimberTech riser lights into the stairs and landing, nighttime use will be safe and effortless. The ambiance created with the lighting will create a lovely scene for those perfect evenings under the starry Utah sky.

Herriman Patio Designer

The Belgard Holland pavers in Toscano were a perfect choice to complement the stucco siding on this West Valley area home. The varying colors of chocolate, tan, and rust laid in a herringbone pattern add luxurious high-end design to the previously empty space. We opted for a curvilinear patio design to provide a soft touch and added drama to the individual paver’s clean square lines. The patio offers plenty of space for grilling, dining, and lounging, simultaneously. Perfect for spending the warm months in the backyard.

The transformation of this backyard is incredible. From a 10×10 concrete slab that was rendered mostly useless by rickety old wooden stairs, to a luxurious TimberTech staircase and a 340 square foot Belgard paver patio – these homeowners will feel like they added an entire room onto their home.

If your backyard is a blank canvas just waiting for an upgrade, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today for a free design consultation. 801.683.2355

How to Clean My Salt Lake TimberTech Low-Maintenance Deck

Spring cleaning time is here. Do you know how to clean your low-maintenance deck?

If you opted for a Salt Lake low-maintenance deck, the low-maintenance lifestyle was quite likely a contributing factor to your choice. You may notice we call it “low-maintenance” decking despite the fact that there is zero required sanding, pressure washing, staining, or sealing. The reason for the distinction is due to the recommendation that you occasionally clean your TimberTech deck to keep it looking its best. Often people ask us how to clean Salt Lake low-maintenance decking for fear of damaging the finish or otherwise. Here is what you need to know before you clean your composite deck.

How to clean my Salt Lake TimberTech Deck

Before You Begin

First: Know what type of decking you have. Composite deck cleaners are for composite decking boards. Most new low-maintenance decks are actually capped composite and require a different cleaner. Don’t use Corte Clean®, Thompson’s® Water Seal® — Oxy Action, Olympic® Deck Cleaner, or other “composite” deck cleaners on TimberTech Terrain, Tropical, or Legacy Collections. If we built your deck and you are not sure what you have, call us. For capped composite and fully synthetic PVC decking you can use a mild liquid soap and water. Dawn Ultra® offers great results.

Second: Make sure you have the correct brush if you’ll be doing some scrubbing. Natural fiber brushes can dull the surface. We recommend a medium plastic bristle deck brush or Quickie® Professional Pool and Deck Scrub.

Salt Lake Composite Deck Cleaning

How to Clean Your Low-Maintenance Deck

Capped Composite & PVC such as TimberTech Terrain, Tropical, or Legacy Collections:

Work in small areas to avoid letting the soap dry on the deck surface. It’s best to avoid cleaning in direct sunlight, especially on a hot day.

  • Cover the area with a mild liquid soap-and-water mixture.
  • Allow it to soak for about 30-60 seconds. Do NOT let the cleanser dry.
  • Scrub area with the recommended brush type, first with the grain, then against the grain.
  • Do NOT let the area dry before rinsing, as dirt and soap residue will dry into the surface texture.
  • Thoroughly rinse with clean water immediately after scrubbing.
  • Allow the cleaned area to air dry completely.

Composite Decking such as TimberTech TwinFinish, ReliaBoard, or DockSider Collections:

TimberTech products can be power washed at a maximum of 1500 psi. Be sure to spray in the direction of the grain. You can use any of the recommended composite deck cleaners on your composite decking. You’ll find them at any hardware or big box home improvement store: Wash Safe Spray and Clean Composite Deck Cleaner, Resist Mist Composite Deck Cleaner, Corte Clean, Super Deck Composite Deck Cleaner, Thompson’s Water Seal – Oxy Action.

Once you choose a cleanser follow the instructions on the bottle carefully.

How to clean composite decking

For more information about cleaning and maintenance of your TimberTech deck, read the care and cleaning page on the TimberTech website. If you still have questions or concerns, feel free to give Archadeck of Salt Lake a call at any time. We look forward to hearing from you. 801.683.2355

Sloping Backyard Solutions for Salt Lake & Park City Mountain Homes

Do your splendid mountain views come with a steep price? Is your home lacking a flat yard space for outdoor living? When it comes to Park City and Salt Lake homes, there are more sloping, slanted and steep drop-offs than there are flat spaces. Creating backyard space that is functional for outdoor entertaining, playing, or relaxing can be a complicated process. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, better outdoor living is our goal for every client.

We work diligently to create custom backyard solutions that take your budget, desired function, home and property’s unique features, and your preferred materials into account. Our expertise in custom design is vital for homes with breath-taking views but lacking backyard function.

Mountain View Deck Builder in Salt Lake

Composite Decking for Entertaining & Outdoor Dining

Composite decking is a preferred choice for negating the lack of flat space in a yard while maximizing the enjoyment of stunning mountain and valley views. Regardless of the terrain below, we can create flat space that will meet your needs for cooking, dining, relaxing, and entertaining outdoors. We can build the deck out over the drop-off to extend your property’s usable square footage significantly without massive excavation work.

Decks Add Backyard Square footage on Salt Lake Hillside Homes

Custom Patios

Depending on your property size and the steepness of your slope, we may be able to carve into the hillside of your yard to create a flat space where there was none before. We’ll level out the area that provides maximum space, and with our expert paver patio installation we’ll lay a foundation and stunning paver patio that can withstand the elements. With the use of retaining walls we can ensure your patio is protected from erosion and safe for everyone. A retaining wall built into the hillside will act as a seating wall for built-in seating around the perimeter of your patio.

Park City Custom Patios

Steps, Stairs, Retaining Walls & Combination Projects

With a variety of mountainside properties, we are prepared to meet all of your backyard living needs. Large mountaintop properties might feature gorgeous flat spaces at the bottom of a steep hill. If this is the case you may be in need of some way to get down to the functional yard space safely. We can build safe stairs from pavers or decking materials, tiered landings or multi-functional planter boxes down your hillside. With the creative use of retaining walls we can even give you areas of flat yard space nearer to your home for the grandkids to play. We’ve built combinations of all of these things where the home gets a gorgeous large deck for taking in the view and the yard gets a custom treatment to create flat play space or easier access to lower levels.

Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355 Archadeck of Salt Lake enjoys providing custom backyard solutions for all of your outdoor living challenges.

Layton Composite Deck Replacement Makes Multi-Level Yard Enjoyable Again

Sweeping mountain views and a full four seasons of weather to enjoy, make outdoor living space a vital part of home ownership in Layton, Utah. With an aging, unsafe deck and a complicated multi-level backyard, this Layton family was not utilizing their outdoor space. They wanted to extend their enjoyment of gorgeous mountain views from their home. By adding a safe new composite deck, we gave them the ability to relax and unwind without worrying about current or future safety issues.

Strategic Backyard Planning

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we don’t just replace aging unsafe decks with new long-lasting composite decking. We discuss every detail with the homeowner to uncover opportunities for improved function in the entire backyard space. This unique backyard in Layton, UT featured two very distinct levels. To make both parts of the yard safe and functional, we added a retaining wall under the deck. This will help with erosion issues, but also created a second covered patio space underneath the deck. A perfect set up for the potential future renovation that could lead to a walkout basement.

Gorgeous Layton Deck Design

To meet the demands for a long-lasting deck that looks as beautiful as it is strong, we used TimberTech Terrain in Brown Oak with a Rustic Elm parting board and landings. TimberTech Terrain offers a composite core with a protective polymer shell on all four sides so that you can enjoy a mold and mildew resistant low-maintenance deck with a 25-year stain and fade warranty, for a lower price than a 100% synthetic deck.

To extend the low-maintenance, no staining, no sealing, no painting lifestyle, we chose RDI Avalon Railing in white. The white railing features gorgeous post caps for a polished look and matches the home’s siding and backyard fence, really tying the contrasting deck to the rest of the property. This aluminum deck railing will last as long as the deck, also requiring little maintenance. A simple garden hose to clean it off when it gets dirty and these Layton homeowners can enjoy the classic white picket fence feeling from their modern custom deck.

Don’t wait for another gorgeous Utah summer to come and go, call today to begin your new deck design and build process today! 801.683.2355 Archadeck of Salt Lake now offers flexible financing options for all of your backyard living needs.

Archadeck of Salt Lake is the Premier Deck Builder at the Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden Show 2017

What is your spring renovation project going to be this year? Updating and maintaining gorgeous homes and properties in Salt Lake is a spring tradition. The snow thaws, the birds begin to chirp and Salt Lake homeowners busy themselves with landscaping, spring cleaning, organizing, or home renovation projects. The March 10th Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden Show is the perfect place to find all the suppliers and home service providers to make your spring projects a success. Offering discounts, product information and asking your most important questions, the best of the best will be there to help you get started.

Salt Lake Deck Builder

Archadeck of Salt Lake will be the premier Salt Lake deck builder in attendance. Find us at booth 1308 to get your most important deck design, patio ideas and porch project questions answered. We will have samples from the best decking and patio vendors on hand for you to view and touch. With a large variety of composite decking options, seeing and feeling the product is the best way to get a sense of what you want for your backyard. We’ll also have a project portfolio on hand so you can see our previous work. We’ll be offering a 5% discount for anyone who gets their project started with us at the 2017 Home & Garden Show.

Other Home & Garden Show Features

Along with all of the best home and garden service providers and vendors in Salt Lake, the Home & Garden Show is a great place to get real live demos for the do-it-yourselfers. The Incredible Edible Vegetable Garden will feature 400 square feet of edible vegetable gardens featuring live seminars for gardening in Utah. Take your garden into the kitchen at the Kitchen Stage where you can enjoy samples from local chefs while enjoying live demos and presentations.

If you can’t make it to the Home & Garden Show, call us today to schedule your complimentary design consultation. 801.683.2355

Salt Lake Home & Garden Show Logistics

Friday March 10, 2017 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturday March 11, 2017 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sunday March 12, 2017 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Adults (at the door) $11.00
Adults (Online only) $ 8.00
Seniors (at the door) $ 8.00
Seniors (online) $ 8.00
Children Ages 12 & Under FREE (with a paying adult)
Group tickets (20 or more) $ 8.00

South Towne Expo Center
9575 S. State Street
Sandy, Utah 84070

Don’t Wait! Build the Outdoor Living Project of Your Dreams, Today!

Now offering flexible financing options, Archadeck of Salt Lake is your partner in making outdoor living dreams a reality.

We understand that building a Salt Lake deck, porch, patio, pergola or deluxe outdoor living structure is a big decision and investment in your lifestyle and home. Sometimes the investment portion can delay a project to later inconvenient times.

Deck Financing for Better Timing

Is your son graduating high school or college this spring? Are your grandchildren coming for an extended stay this summer break? Is your daughter planning an epic sweet 16 pool party in July? Are you being pressured to host a family reunion at your mountain retreat? Maybe you just don’t want to part with such a large chunk of cash all in one fell swoop.

Whatever the need is, Archadeck of Salt Lake understands. In an effort to help you realize your dreams and meet those time sensitive needs, we’ve partnered with GreenSky™ to offer flexible deck financing options. From no payments, no interest for 12 months to low fixed APR options, we’re sure to have a program that fits your unique situation.

Deck Financing for Better Results

We have never met a client with an unlimited budget. Budgetary restrictions are the key factor in many design choices for Salt Lake outdoor living. Many times clients would like a larger space than fits the budget, or they could gain extended function from an enclosed 3-season porch, but they settle or plan a second phase of construction for subsequent years. Settling for less is such a disappointment and a second construction phase can cost more overall.

Build your full dream project now without settling by spreading out the cost over time with GreenSky outdoor living financing. While there will always be budgetary constraints, with deck financing you can save money by building your multi-phase project all in one shot. Get the construction all done and over with at once by financing all or part of your project. Not only will it allow you to realize your outdoor living lifestyle goals sooner, but it will also provide a great return on investment for years to come. From memories made with your children or grandchildren now, to improved value of your home when/if the time comes to sell. You’ll not regret your decision to make your outdoor living dreams a reality, today!

View our outdoor living finance page to learn about your options and begin the application process today.

The sooner you start, the sooner your Salt Lake deck building can begin. If you have any questions or would like to take part in a design consultation first, give us a call: 801.683.2355

Salt Lake Outdoor Living Spaces Make Backyard Dreams a Reality

Are you dreaming of a new deck? No, a screened porch. No, a patio with an outdoor kitchen. How do you decide which outdoor living space to add to your Salt Lake home?

Today’s busy lifestyle demands effective and functional spaces indoors and out. While in the past homeowners used to have to choose between a deck or patio, porch or deck, etc. that is no longer the case. To make Salt Lake outdoor living spaces meet all of your needs and truly be an extension of the indoors, multi-functional spaces are a must.

The Benefits of a Multi-Functional Outdoor Living Space

There are many general benefits to creating a multi-structure outdoor living space in your Salt Lake backyard. But to give you a better sense of the specific benefits that could meet your family’s needs and desires, we’re analyzing the dream backyard pictured below.

From left to right we can share the lifestyle benefits, but only you can choose how to make the best use out of a luxurious backyard like this.

Screened-in Porch

The screened in porch features an open gable roof and skylights to create a shaded, bright and airy space that is immersed in the great outdoors without the discomfort of biting bugs and stinging sunburns. It creates an indoor/outdoor living space that won’t accumulate snow, can be used during rainy weather and can offer partial shelter to those who prefer less exposure.

Upper-Level Deck

The main decking level succeeds in creating an outdoor dining space that is adjacent to the screened porch and elevated for glorious views of the yard and surrounding landscape. With plenty of space to move about, the built-in bench acts as a railing while providing added seating.

Lower-Level Deck

The hexagonal lower-level deck offers an adjoining but separate space that is perfect for sunning, a second dining table, or a place for the kids to hang out. With cascading stairs surrounding six sides, this ultimate backyard offers additional seating for large gatherings, special occasions, and surprise drop-ins. It also allows for easy traffic flow to and from any area of the yard.

Paver Patio

The multi-level deck lands on a gorgeous paver patio that almost doubles the outdoor living space and creates a smooth transition to the remainder of the property. Featuring two levels that also have stairs leading out to the yard, this is a perfect solution to a sloping yard to get as much flat space as possible.

Outdoor Kitchen

The paver patio features a built-in outdoor kitchen that houses the stainless steel barbecue grill. With concrete counters for food prep and gorgeous natural stone façade, this outdoor kitchen is not just a practical accessory, but a beautiful focal point. When entertaining, the cook can stay fully immersed with the guests, enjoying great conversation and gorgeous weather.

With the variety of spaces to fill, you can rest easy knowing that everyone in your family and all of your guests will be able to find a comfortable spot for improved outdoor living and entertaining. Call today 801.683.2355 for an outdoor living design consultation and be sure to check out our ultimate outdoor living spaces gallery.

Archadeck of Salt Lake Invites You to Join Us at the Northern Utah Spring Home Show February 10th & 11th

What are your plans for spring home renovations and outdoor living projects?

Whatever your plans are, there is no better place to get ideas for projects and meet top quality professionals than the Northern Utah Spring Home Show on February 10th & 11th at the Davis Conference Center 1651 North 700 West, Layton, UT 84041. Free admission. Free parking. After all, finding the best of the best is the first step to making your dream home a reality.

Spring Deck Building

Archadeck of Salt Lake will be at booth 213 ready to show you options in decking materials such as composite decking, wood options, railings, rail caps, deck lighting and design ideas. We’ll show you materials and ideas for paver patios, hardscape features such as fire pits, fireplaces and retaining walls and other accessories like pergolas. Whatever your home and landscape features, we’ll be able to give you the vital information you need to get the project started.

Utah Outdoor Living

When it comes to creating a dream backyard in Utah, knowing all of your options for structures, design, and materials is vital to getting the project started. At Archadeck, we work closely with you to learn about your property, needs, and lifestyle goals so we can advise you on the best backyard project to meet your needs. Steeply sloping backyards could benefit from a large elevated deck, but if you’re in the mountains with heavy snow, you may want a covered porch or even a three-season room. With so many factors in play, the first decision is the most important.

Come to booth 213 with your questions and ideas; we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction to get your spring outdoor living project jumpstarted now! With spring’s fast approach, getting started now is vital to getting your design completed, permits approved and the construction schedule made before the busy season begins.

If you can’t make it to the Davis Spring Home Show, call us today, we’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you started anytime. 801-683-2355

Northern Utah Spring Home Show
Davis Conference Center 1651 North 700 West, Layton, UT 84041
February 10: 11am-8pm
February 11: 10am-8pm
Free Parking.
Free Admission.
Booth 213

This Sandy, Utah Low Maintenance Deck is the Perfect Fit for Living the Mountainside Lifestyle

It’s no secret that the weather here in the Salt Lake area can be unpredictable at times. Especially in the more mountainous regions where elevation and dramatic changes in climate are a constant factor to outdoor living. Our most recent deck project in Sandy, UT, in the Willow Glen neighborhood serves as the perfect example of deck design with these climate conditions in mind.

When we originally met with these Sandy, UT, homeowners their only outdoor living space consisted of a wooden deck that was showing signs of exposure and age. The backyard where the deck is located backs up to the mountains, so conditions can change dramatically in a short period of time. Our goal was to design a deck for all seasons, so to speak; a deck that would stand up to the weather and temperature fluctuations and not require a great deal of effort to maintain in order to keep it looking good.

(Image of existing deck before beginning project)

Archadeck of Salt Lake immediately got to work on the design of the new deck. One of our greatest niches in the Park City outdoor living structure market is knowing how to design for the inconsistencies of the Utah outdoors.

Our final design consisted of a small expansion to the existing footprint of the previous deck. This added much-needed living space for the homeowners and opened up the deck for better traffic flow. We used low maintenance TimberTech decking in Mocha for the main living area and Pecan as the accent color and stairs. We used RDI Transform railing and added low-voltage riser lights to the stairs for ambiance and increased visibility for evenings and times of inclement weather.

Making the change from a wooden deck to Timbertech composite decking was a wise choice for these homeowners. Not only will the new composite deck stand up to the changes in weather effortlessly, from snow to sun and back again, it will also be a breeze for the homeowners to maintain. Keeping the deck looking new requires little more than a rinse-off with the garden hose from time to time! Another added plus is this decking also resists mold, mildew, scratches, stains, and damage from termites and rot — important because this mountainside lot is heavily wooded.

If you’re ready for a low-maintenance outdoor lifestyle in a space that will last for decades, call today for a design consultation 801.683.2355 or view our decking gallery for design inspiration. We are proud to serve all of the Salt Lake areas including Ogden, Park City, Draper, Sandy, and Bountiful.

Winter Outdoor Living Ideas in Salt Lake & Park City

Would you like more use out of your screened porch, covered porch or deck during the winter months? The unpredictable mountain climate can bring with it feet of snow one week followed by rain and warmth the next and then back again. Creating a flexible Park City outdoor living space means being prepared for any type of weather, any time of year. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we have a variety of options for transforming your current deck, patio or porch into a more comfortable space during colder weather. Here are a few ideas:

Outdoor Fireplaces & Outdoor Fire Pits

If you’re an avid winter outdoors person, you may look forward to the falling snow every winter. Dressed in snow gear, nothing beats hanging out on the mountain for skiing/snowboarding or snowshoeing/cross country skiing through the woods. If you’re good at bundling up and enjoying the snow, you may be interested in a heat source to make an outdoor living at home during the winter season more enjoyable. With the addition of an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, you’ll have a brilliant heat source for snow days and a lovely focal point perfect for spring, summer, and fall gatherings with friends and family.

Eze-Breeze Porch Windows

Park City porch enclosures are a great way to block out wind, rain, snow and sleet from your screened or covered porch. We recommend Eze-Breeze porch windows for their gorgeous look, light weight, ease of use and durability. Installing vinyl porch windows effectively changes your Park City porch into a 3-season room.

Eze-Breeze windows are also a great choice for patio enclosures. We can create the necessary framework to install floor to ceiling windows, making your stone or paver patio more comfortable in cool weather without obstructing your views.

Upgrade to a Sunroom

Sunrooms are a great option for upgrading your outdoor space to a luxurious climate controlled retreat. If you are starting with a deck, we can use it as a foundation for adding walls, a roof, insulation, HVAC, and all the required elements to create a bright and airy comfortable new room in your home. Covered porches and screened porches give us a jump start as they already have a roof and 3-season rooms are even closer to becoming a comfortable outdoor/indoor living space. Transform your outdoor space to a sunroom today for maximized views and comfort in any weather.

If you’re ready to maximize your outdoor lifestyle with an outdoor living space upgrade, call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Be sure to visit our outdoor living galleries for inspiration on the right outdoor living space for you!

Park City Outdoor Living Trends for 2017

Out with the old and in with the new for 2017! The cliché certainly applies to creating your Park City outdoor living space. If your backyard is not meeting your outdoor living needs or living up to your dream of extending your indoor living to the great outdoors, now is the time to get started on making changes. We have bold predictions for what outdoor living is going to look like this year. The growth of the popularity of low-maintenance composite decking, outdoor fireplaces, and ultimate outdoor living rooms will continue throughout 2017.

Ultimate Outdoor Living Rooms

The last few years have brought a resurgence of quality and value over cost, for making smart investments in our homes and healthy lifestyles. To encourage an active outdoor lifestyle, homeowners are investing in multi-use outdoor living rooms that will last. These combination spaces feature multiple separate but adjoining areas for convenient outdoor entertaining. Whether your perfect backyard includes a hardscape patio, deck, and porch or other accessories like pergolas, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens you’ll be able to entertain large groups with ease. Perfect for family entertaining, the adults can enjoy quiet conversation on the deck while supervising the kids hanging out on the patio, on the porch or running around the yard. Or the shade lovers in your group can relax under the pergola while the sun worshippers can soak up a few warm rays while still being together.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

In an effort to extend the comfort of spending time outside, outdoor fire features are growing in popularity. Gone are the days of having to go camping or hiking to enjoy the comradery of sitting around a fire with friends. With your own backyard fire pit or fireplace you can enjoy the comforting scent, the crackle, and pop, and the flickering flames of a burning log anytime you want. With the addition of a fire pit to your patio or deck or a fireplace to your sunroom, porch, deck or patio you will extend outdoor living into cool nights, winter days and summer fun!

Composite Decking in Park City

The move from classic wood decks to composite and synthetic decking has been fast and steady. In recent years composite decking has hit a stride in quality, durability, choices, and beauty. With low-maintenance and a 25-year manufacturer warranty, composite decking is chosen more often than not in Park City and the surrounding area. A great investment for any home, you can count on your TimberTech composite deck to last through the heat and sun of summer, the harshness of winter and everything in between for years and years. Best of all, it will continue to look great without staining, sealing, or painting. Perfect for grilling, outdoor dining or entertaining, composite decks are the top chosen outdoor living space in Park City as they are a perfect way to create large flat space outside of your main indoor living room on property that slopes.

While we can’t predict the future, we are certain that Park City outdoor living will continue to be one of the prime reasons people love to live here. Four seasons, a beautiful landscape and plenty of outdoor activities make creating a dream outdoor living space at your home a top priority in 2017. If you’re ready to make that dream a reality, call today for a design consultation 801.683.2355

Archadeck of Salt Lake Deck Design Ideas

While there is a great deal of importance in the function of your new Salt Lake deck, form is definitely the fun part. Gorgeous design is what will set your deck apart, making it yours, a place where you want to spend all of your outdoor living time. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we are proud to offer you not only an extensive list of design options for each part of your deck, but a thorough design consultation process to guide you through the options to best fit your personal style and lifestyle.

There are so many small details to your deck design that we would never bombard you with them in the early stages of planning, however, having a general list of popular deck design ideas will give you a good jumpstart.

Parting Boards Parting boards are a great way to add an elegant design feature that replaces unsightly butt joints.

Picture Framing Picture framing on decks gives your deck a lovely accent around the exterior edges while affording you the opportunity to include an accent color to your composite decking design.

Diagonal Decking Pattern Most of today’s decks will feature decking boards run in a diagonal pattern versus the traditional straight pattern. This not only looks more modern but gives the deck added strength.

Multiple Decking Patterns When creating multi-level decks, using different decking patterns or running boards in different directions in each space creates a visual cue to separate the spaces. This is especially valuable to avoid trips when transitioning from one level to the other.

Numerous Decking Materials or Colors In today’s composite decking world, a great deal of design flair can be added by using multiple colors of decking in various patterns. You can also mix and match materials between composite decking, wood, and hardwoods for further customization.

Decorative Post Caps An easy way to add a bit of elegance to your deck is using decorative post caps. They can be wood, composite or vinyl and can even include deck lighting. With a variety of choices, you are sure to find one that fits your style.

Deck Lights A deck with proper deck lighting is a site to behold as the sun falls behind the mountain peaks. But more importantly, deck lighting ensures your deck is functional and safe after sunset, allowing you to spend more time in your new space.

Stair Design There are many considerations when choosing your deck stair design. From placement to shape and materials, it is more complicated than you might think. Depending on the height of your deck you may choose wide shallow stairs for extra seating while entertaining. You may choose a simple, functional set of wood stairs or a grand flared corner staircase. You may even need two sets of stairs to make your yard more accessible.

Deck Railing Design Deck railings are one of the most difficult choices to make due strictly to the variety of options. Traditional wood railings are still popular, but composite railings, aluminum railings, and cable railings are growing in popularity. If your entire deck is composite, choosing a low-maintenance railing is a sensible choice. Composite can look more traditional whereas aluminum and cable can give you a very modern look. Once you choose your material, color is the next choice. Black is most popular as it keeps your view unobstructed to the yard, but white can be a classic choice for that white picket fence feeling. While a traditional look can be achieved by matching the railing to the color of the decking.

Curved Edges & Inlays One of the coolest benefits of composite decking is the added design options we gain with the flexibility of the product. We can heat and bend boards to create one-of-a-kind curved edges and inlays to add a statement or focal point to your deck.

Building a new Salt Lake deck is a fun and exciting time. With many choices to be made, we understand that even this broad overview can feel overwhelming. If you’re ready to get started, call today. 801.683.2355

At Archadeck of Salt Lake we’ll work closely with you to learn your lifestyle needs and design style to create a space that fits all of your dreams while looking great with your home’s architectural features. None of the decisions need to be made alone; our experts will help you ever step of the way. We look forward to working with you.

Winter is a Perfect Time to Begin the Design Process for your New Salt Lake Multi-Use Outdoor Space

Are you dreaming and planning a new outdoor combination space in your Salt Lake yard? Whether it is a porch and deck or deck and patio, or even all three, these multi-function spaces are a popular way to get the most out of your yard. Combination spaces are also large, complicated projects that can take a great deal of time in each phase.

From design to custom material orders, permits and the different stages of construction you can plan on several months or more from start to finish. A completely worthwhile effort, why not start now so you can get a portion of that process under your belt during the cold winter months? With the right effort, we can begin construction at the earliest possible spring date – making your new space ready for that mild spring weather you are dreaming of all winter long.

Winter in the Salt Lake and Park City area is not as black and white as other locations. Depending on your elevation and that particular season, we can sometimes build all winter long. While we understand it only seems natural to inquire about your new deck or multi-function space in spring, winter is actually the best time. Why?

  • When it comes to custom design, we could go back and forth with adjustments a few rounds. If winter is not letting us build, it is a good use of time to get through the design process.
  • We at Archadeck of Salt Lake are less busy in winter; spring is our busiest time of year. Everyone wants a deck in early spring. Start the process now and beat the rush for faster turn-around time.
  • Material suppliers are less busy during the winter months; this can lead to faster order processing for faster securing of custom materials.
  • Outdoor contractors are also less busy in the winter, meaning we are more able to coordinate our schedules concisely for efficient completion.
  • Building services are generally facing fewer inquiries for permits and inspections during the winter, which also can lead to expedited service. Not to mention, getting permits approved before weather allows construction to begin, is just a smart use of time.

Modern outdoor living is all about creating the best space for your family’s needs. Multi-functional outdoor spaces that include some combination of porch, deck, patio, and fire feature are in high demand. Don’t spend another winter dreaming of what could be, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to begin the process of creating your dream backyard. 801-683-2355

Be sure to check out our Multi-Use Outdoor Spaces Photo Gallery.

Deck, Patio, & Fire Pit Combo in Park City: A Perfect Autumn Retreat

Is autumn your favorite Park City season? There is a great deal to love about fall in Utah. Enjoying the kaleidoscope of fall colors across the valley, relishing a hot cup of coffee on a crisp morning and cozying up to the bonfire at night. To capitalize on this gorgeous time of year, this Park City family commissioned us to add a deck, patio, and fire pit combination so they could comfortably and effortlessly enjoy the cool Park City nights outdoors.

Adding Warmth on Cool Nights

There are many ways to add warmth to your outdoor living space. From fireplaces to fire pits and gorgeous outdoor heaters, the choices are aplenty. But many times we forget that warmth is not always a literal term. Warmth can be added with color choices and lighting to create a cozy feeling.

This Park City outdoor living combination is warm from the house to the lawn, starting with the low-maintenance TimberTech Terrain decking in Brown Oak. The medium-dark brown tone offers just a hint of amber in the hue to draw out the fall colors while still creating a warm modern space.

With Hampton Bay deck lights in the stair risers, the deck and patio areas enjoy the soft glow of lighting to create that welcoming feel.

Speaking of patios; this space features gorgeous Belgard Catalina pavers in Toscana. The classic color choice features deep reds, burnt dark oranges and dark rich grays and browns for a kaleidoscope of warmth that will be reminiscent of autumn in the midst of a hot summer day. With the lovely lima bean shape, the patio inspires family, friends, and guests to come together around the fire pit.

The Park City outdoor fire pit is the focal point of the patio, providing the physical warmth. Featuring a Penta gas burner and dark gray lava rock, it is easy to turn on and off, saving the homeowners from collecting wood and struggling to get a fire started.

Patio Design Challenge Averted

There can be challenges for Park City outdoor living builders. Besides weather interruptions, design can be affected by the particular property. This Park City home enjoyed the benefits of an irrigation system with water lines which ran right through the optimal patio location. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we don’t let water lines deter us. We take the time to do it right, which means moving the lines to ensure they don’t get damaged and the homeowners can enjoy the proper placement of their patio for optimal outdoor living function and enjoyment, while keeping their irrigation system intact.

If you’re ready to add some warmth and comfort to your Park City outdoor living space, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today for your design consultation. 801-683-2355

Outdoor Living Construction in Park City & Salt Lake Presents a Complicated Scheduling Guesstimate

Is construction of your Utah outdoor living project taking longer than you anticipated? Whether you are in the midst of construction or still in the preparation phase, we want you to be well informed of the complications of creating an accurate construction schedule in Park City & Salt Lake. From coordinating with an extensive list of humans involved in the process (suppliers, HOAs, inspectors, and contractors) to unforeseen issues such as weather, the large variety of factors in the outdoor construction schedule makes it important to be flexible. We promise the result will have been worth your patience.

The Human Factor

From material suppliers all the way to the contractors that put everything together, there are a lot of hands in the outdoor construction pot. Along the way, if any human errors or schedule interruptions occur, it can result in a delay. For instance, if an HOA board member who handles approvals has the flu for a week that can slow things down. If a supplier has a mistake in their shipment, that can slow things down. And if one or two delays occur early in the process it can alter the schedule of the contractors who may have other projects, vacations or plans which could lead to further delays. While we do our best to coordinate our crews in a flexible manner for these unknowns, we also can’t have too much flex in their schedule, or they’ll have days when they are twiddling their thumbs. While large delays are rare, they can happen, we ask for your patience and empathy if that does happen on your project.

Weather, Weather, Weather

I don’t have to tell you about how fast the weather changes here in the Salt Lake and Park City area. If you don’t like the weather right now, wait five minutes. Weather delays can be the most difficult to deal with when it comes to outdoor construction. There is nothing anyone can do about them, and they are impossible to predict. If your project is stalled due to rainy or snowy weather, please know that we will be back on the job as quickly as possible. The safety of our crew and the quality of your project are our number one priorities in these instances.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we work diligently to plan for unforeseen delays. We also schedule our crews accordingly so that if possible, while we are waiting on an inspection for one part of your structure they can be completing another section. We hope that our estimated plan for completion will be as accurate as possible, but ask you to prepare for potential delays that are out of our control. In return, we ask that you inform us of your schedule. If you have an event coming up that you want your space ready for, please notify us as early in the process as possible. We’ll do our best to make it happen.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on your new outdoor living space, Call today. 801-683-2355

Vintage Orem Covered Porch Is Transformed Into a Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living Dream Come True

Do you recognize that reddish color paint on the before picture? A popular color for decks in the 70’s and 80’s, this covered deck replacement project in Orem, Utah took us back to the good old days. While vintage is great on cars and clothing, it might not be so great on an aging deck that has become unsightly and unsafe.

New Deck from The Ground Up

The family in Orem called us to replace their aging deck with a new and bigger deck. The existing cozy deck was not only becoming unsafe, but it was not sufficient to meet their everyday outdoor living needs.

While sometimes we can create a newly updated deck with the existing structure, this Orem deck had to be replaced from the ground up. While we were at it, we replaced the old 4×4 posts with new 6×6 posts for better stability and safety. Given the height of the porch roof, we wanted to support the entire structure better.

Orem Deck Replacement

Once the new posts were in, we were able to add a few feet onto the original size of the deck for a more functional outdoor living space. The resulting Orem covered porch now has enough space for a dining table and a grill. Perfect for hosting weekend barbecues.

Orem Deck Stairs Replacement

One of the main issues with the old deck in regards to safety was the staircase. Staircases are a common source of failure when decks begin to age. With the old staircase being rickety, at best, the new TimberTech staircase is a welcome upgrade. By adding a landing half way, we were able to create a more gradual climb for easier and safer access to the yard from the porch.

Low-Maintenance for Longevity

To make sure this new deck withstands the tests of time, we built it with the best in low-maintenance decking products. The deck itself features TimberTech Legacy in Pecan with a Mocha Border. The railings continue the low-maintenance theme with RDI Transform railings. Featuring satin white rails, posts, and post caps with black aluminum balusters, the look is classic with a modern twist. RDI railings resist rot, weather, discoloration and sagging. The vinyl railing is so durable they offer a limited lifetime warranty.

While we love to hold on to the nostalgia of a bygone era, this deck replacement was an easy piece of history to let go of. The new Orem deck will not only help the family make wonderful memories together now, but it will be there to provide them with those precious remember when moments long into the future. If your vintage deck is no longer a safe place to make new memories, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today for your design consultation. 801-683-2355

Salt Lake Outdoor Living in Summer 2017 Starts Today with Archadeck of Salt Lake

Summer is coming to a close in Salt Lake as we make way for the fall color change, pumpkins, hay rides and eventually a much-anticipated ski season. That doesn’t mean that you have to wait until next spring to create the best outdoor living space to fulfill your family’s longing for more outdoor living. Now is the perfect time to begin the process of building your new patio, deck, porch, 3-season room or sun room.

Before we tell you why now is a perfect time to start your Salt Lake outdoor living project, let us first answer the most common “but.” But I want to save money over the winter to pay for it. While a retainer is required for custom designed spaces, and a deposit is due upon the signing of the contract, the majority of your project will be paid for in intervals during the construction phase and upon completion.

This Year’s Material Prices

With the when to pay for it hurdle out of the way, we can explain why now is better than early spring or spring for call Archadeck of Salt Lake. Prices from material suppliers always go up in the New Year. By working with us now to design your space, schedule construction and sign the contract, you’ll be able to lock in this year’s prices. Saving you money right off the top.

Outdoor Living Design is Better Before the Snow Falls

Designing your new space is best done before the snow alters your landscape for the season. It is quite difficult to take proper measurements and create the best design for your Salt Lake deck, porch or patio if there are several inches to several feet of snow on the ground. If you call us now, we can get out to your home for a design consultation before the first snowfall to get the proper perspective and accurate specs for the design.

Better Schedule Options

Spring is the biggest time of year for outdoor living construction. With our schedule filling up fast, you’ll enjoy the benefit of getting on our schedule early, to possibly complete your project before the best spring weather arrives. If you wait until spring to call us, we may be scheduled a month or two out for construction start dates.
If you can’t get on our schedule for early spring, you could lose some of the best Salt Lake weather to construction time. While it is totally worth it, by working with us now to schedule your construction start date you won’t have as much disruption in your outdoor lifestyle as we complete the project. And if you have a specific event taking place such as a spring bridal shower, baby shower or anniversary party you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing we’ve scheduled far enough in advance to have your space ready for your special event.

If you know you want to update your Salt Lake outdoor living space for next summer, call today. 801-683-2355 We are happy to work with you now for a spring construction or winter installation if the weather allows. By this time next year, you could be relaxing in your new space, reminiscing on how much you enjoyed the summer on your new porch, deck or patio.

View our galleries for design inspiration.

Back To School, Back To YOU: Create Your Perfect Outdoor Space to Relax & Enjoy

Summer break from school is a much-anticipated reprieve from early mornings, rushing out the door, homework, and test taking. Every spring as the school year comes to an end we look forward to spending more time with the kids, taking vacations and summer barbecues on the patio. While every minute of summer is a treasure, sometimes by summer’s end, we as parents are ready for school’s return.

The return to learning, routines, and a quiet house during the daytime hours has finally arrived.

Indulge in the Quiet

With Salt Lake children back at school, it’s time for you to relax and enjoy some quiet moments between car pools, PTO meetings and propelling the kids through lengthy or challenging homework sessions. With everything you do, you deserve a Zen space to call your own. An outdoor space designed just for you. Perfect for morning coffee or a Yoga session. A space that offers fresh air and a gorgeous view.

Create the Perfect Parent Cave Minus The Cave Part

If you’re missing that perfect space for capitalizing on quiet moments each day, you may be ready for a deck, patio, screened in porch or 3-season room. With a deck, you’ll enjoy the warm sun on your skin and the fresh breeze. A screened porch is a perfect way to get fresh air with added privacy and protection from insects and UV rays.

If you need a space that will remain functional in cooler and wetter weather, a 3-season room with Eze-Breeze windows could be perfect for you. With the ability to close the windows, you can block out allergens and cold air while still having the option for a fresh breeze on a perfect morning.

Pamper Yourself to Improve Family Time

While we often hear people advise us to “treasure your time with your kids, they grow up so fast.” We rarely afford ourselves the necessary personal time to make the time with our kids more enjoyable. Now is the time to treat yourself, while the kids are in school so that you can capitalize on free time with the kids when they are home

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we will work with you to ensure your space functions for you and your family. A perfect Zen porch with the right size and amenities (like a built-in TV) might become a perfect weekend teen hangout or family game night hot-spot. Call today for your design consultation. 801-683-2355

Enjoy our project gallery to inspire your new space.

Park City Summer 2016 Outdoor Living Trends: The Outdoor Theater Room

Outdoor living in Park City is always changing. A few years ago everyone wanted an outdoor kitchen. While Park City outdoor kitchens are still enjoyed and in high demand, another outdoor living room has taken the spotlight this year. Outdoor theater rooms are the must-have item to extend your outdoor enjoyment. Forget dragging out your TV and running your cable through the window for watching big Olympic events or this falls NFL showdowns on a beautiful Utah afternoon, you can create a permanent outdoor entertaining area complete with television, speakers, and all the amenities to keep you comfortable while you enjoy the show in the great outdoors.

Where to Build Your Outdoor Theater Space?

Whenever electronic equipment is involved, it is important to have some moisture and rain protection. We advise building your outdoor screening room under the roof of a screened porch, covered porch, sunroom or 3-season room. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we don’t just build decks and porches; we build outdoor living dreams to fit your specific lifestyle needs. To meet those needs, we attend to every detail, including running electricity, cable, speaker wires and all of the necessary equipment to make your new porch or sunroom the theater room of your dreams.

Added Fun & Added Value

Outdoor entertaining can be active and fun. Just because your favorite prime time show or sporting event is broadcasting doesn’t mean you have to go indoors. In fact, creating a party at your home around a televised event can be a great excuse to spend more time with friends and family. With an outdoor theater room you can enjoy the release of the next Star Trek or superhero movie with a large group of friends; no more squishing yourself onto the living room sofa. And according to Architectural Digest adding an outdoor screening room is among the top five outdoor features that will add value to your home. Your investment in an outdoor living dream will not only give you the life you’ve imagined but it will pay off when the time comes to move to a new home.

If you are looking to combine outdoor time with T.V. and movie time, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today, we’ll make your Park City outdoor living dreams a reality. Call now 801-683-2355 or complete the form below.

What It Really Takes to Build a Safe Deck in Salt Lake

There is more to building a deck than wood, screws, nails and hammers. To make a deck safe and long-lasting there is a great deal of vital structural standards that have to be met. From the size of joists to the depth of footings and the type of fasteners, there are huge safety and quality benefits in having an expert build your Salt Lake deck. (Learn about deck building codes here.)

“Decks cause more injuries and loss of life than any other part of the home structure. Except for hurricanes and tornadoes, more injuries may be connected to deck failures than all other wood building components and loading cases combined.” – Don Bender, director of the Composite Materials and Engineering Center at Washington State University

Building Code Violations Can Lead to Disaster

To ensure safety there are local and state building codes that have to be met when building a deck. It is estimated that only about 50% of the current 40 million existing decks are code compliant. This could be due to codes being updated and improved over time, but it could also be that some decks were improperly built. The most common deck building code violations include proper fastening of the deck to the house, proper fastening of the railing to the deck, post-base connections, openings in railings (4” max).

When it comes to building codes and deck safety, it is often the connections that can wreak the most havoc. These are the most critical connections for deck safety and longevity: (Click for detailed information on each of these connections.)

Ledger to house
Lateral Load connection
Joist to Ledger
Joist to beam
Beam to post
Footings: Post to Concrete
Railing to Deck
Stair stringer to Deck
Stair Tread to Stringer

Permitting, Codes & Inspections

One of the most important benefits of using an expert deck builder in your outdoor remodel project is the permit. Licensed contractors are required by state law to have a permit if it is required for a project. If not, they can be fined and lose their license. A good contractor will obtain the permit for the homeowner and usually have a great depth of knowledge in regards to the inner workings of the local building department, which can help them streamline and even speed up the process.

When is a permit required?

A permit is required (in most cases) if one of the following criteria is true:

  • A deck is attached to the house.
  • The deck is larger than 200 square feet.
  • Permitting applies even if the project is a replacement of an existing deck.

What does having a permit mean?

A permit is proof that the design specifications meet the building department’s requirements. It does NOT mean that your project is built to specification until the building department inspects the progress and signs off on it. The local building department will usually inspect a minimum of twice.

  • When the holes for footings are dug, before being poured. This will ensure the depth of the footings are large enough to support the structure without falling.
  • At job completion. This ensures (among other details) that proper hardware is used, tension ties are installed, and railing heights are sufficient.

Other Critical Deck Construction Items

There is a great deal of seemingly small details that can affect the safety and quality of deck construction. In deck building, everything matters.

  • Hardware: Galvanized hardware will cost pennies more per piece, but lasts years longer for exterior application and should always be used in deck, porch, pergola and other outdoor living space construction.
  • Joists: Your joists are the main support structure holding all of the weight of your deck. Do you want wood, pressure-treated or steel? Consider this information along with your project and your budget to make the best-informed decision:
    • Standard fir wood works well for most typical applications of decks in Utah, as our climate is dry enough.
    • Pressure-treated should be used in low-to-grade applications (less than 18” from the ground), as there is not enough air flow to dry out the standard wood causing it to rot. Using pressure-treated wood adds about 40% to the cost of the lumber.
    • Steel joists are for applications where longevity or special strength is required. Steel joists are lighter, straighter and carry a 25-year warranty, just like composite decking. They are triple the price of a typical wood board but are the best option in certain applications.
  • Contractor Relationships: Does your contractor have relationships with the right people? Anyone can go to a lumberyard and buy wood, screws, and decking. Archadeck cultivates relationships with local reps from Simpson, FastenMaster, TimberTech, Trex, and other industry leaders in order to know the most up-to-date construction methods and hardware available. Many of these items only add a few dollars to the cost of the deck while strengthening it far beyond any loads that it will see. Some of these methods even save labor and money.

Critical Deck Connection Details

Ledger to House & Lateral Load Connection

The ledger board is what attaches to the house. Most deck failures occur by the deck pulling away from the house.

  • If the contractor is nailing ledger to the house it will pull out, lag screws and washer or engineered structural screws are the proper building method.
  • Are lag screws at the proper distance apart (typically 12”-16” on center, staggered up and down)?
  • Last few code revisions have required tension ties
    • DTT2Z – standard for several years, installation requires one on each end of the deck with a threaded rod to another attached inside the house. Downside is that if the basement is finished, requires cutting into ceiling and patching.

    • DTT1Z – Simpson’s newest offering that meets code. Two required on each end of deck, with one within 24” of edge of deck. Advantage is installation requires a lag screw or engineered screw to attach to house from outside only.

Joists to Ledger

How are the joists attached to the ledger? Is the contractor toenailing the joists to the ledger? Or is he using joist hangers, which is the safest method?

  • Toenailing the joist is not acceptable in Utah. To meet code, hangers are needed as toenailing barely meets the necessary strength, which is not good for long-term stability.
  • What type of joist hanger is the contractor using? Is he placing a 2×10 in a hanger made for a 2×6?
  • Is the contractor using a double-shear joist hanger? Standard joist hangers have nails straight into the ledger and straight into the joist. Double-shear hangers utilize a crossing pattern for the joist nails that go through the joist and cross behind it in the ledger board, creating a stronger hold to the ledger. They cost approximately $0.30 more per hanger and exponentially increase the capacity of the deck.

  • Are all nail holes filled in the joist hanger? Any missing nails will reduce the rated capacity of the hanger.
  • Are the joist hangers galvanized?

Joist to Beam Connection

How are the joists connected to the beam? Are they simply sitting on the beam, or toenailed into the beam, or are structural ties used?

  • Hurricane ties are the best way to secure joists to the beam, especially with the high winds that we see in Utah. There are multiple types to choose from, depending on the load requirements.
  • Blocking in span of joists strengthens the joists and resists any torquing of joists. Many older decks have blocking over the beam, which isn’t required anymore, especially with hurricane ties. Effective blocking will be located close to the midpoint of the joist.

Beam to Post Connection

  • How is the beam connected to the posts? Many contractors will forego connectors and simply toenail beams into the post with nails, lessening stability. Several types of connectors are available depending on post and beam sizes to have the most solid connection possible.
  • Correct beam construction: A typical beam is made of two 2x boards spanning the posts. If a typical 4×4 post cap is used, this 2x beam is too narrow to fit properly. Some contractors will use a ½” plywood in between the 2x boards to make it the correct size. Unfortunately, this simply traps water in between the boards and promotes rot over time. Special post caps are available to properly fit this type of construction and a variety of other atypical beam designs.

Footings: Post to Concrete

Lately, we have seen several decks where the footing size was insufficient for the size of the deck it was supporting. This results in the deck sinking or the footings starting to shift. Either can cause failure of the entire deck with no warning.

  • Are footings being used? We also see many decks where the posts are simply sitting on top of a concrete patio. This is insufficient to support the deck. Usually, this is evident by the concrete cracking or a section of the concrete tipping.
  • How deep are the footings required to be? Most areas in the valley are a minimum of 30” and increase as elevation increases. At higher elevations, footing requirements are 42” or more. This is to get the footings below the frost line. If footings don’t extend to the frost line, freezing and thawing of the ground during the winter can cause footings to heave and cause damage to the deck structure.
  • How wide are the footings required to be? This is directly correlated to the size of the deck and number of footings. If the footings are too small, the weight of the deck will push the footings down into the soil and cause the deck to sag (best case) or even fail (worst case).
  • Are the correct post bases being used? Depending on whether concrete is already existing or being poured as part of the construction, there are several options to attach it to the footing. The biggest concern here is that the base is sized to the correct post size (4×4, 4×6, 6×6, etc.) and that the post is either pressure-treated, or the base keeps the post 1” off of the concrete footing. This helps to alleviate rotting potential on the wood.

Railing to Deck

This is the most important part of the entire railing construction.

  • How is the post connected to the deck? Is it nailed or screwed in or does it utilize connectors that are rated to withstand forces called out by code?
  • Nails and screws do NOT have sufficient strength to hold in rail posts. Nails will pull out, and screws will either pull out or snap when any force is put on them.
  • Depending on the post construction, either lag bolts or engineered connectors are the best way to connect a railing post properly.

Stair Stringer to Deck & Stair Tread to Stringer

Stringers are the boards that run from the deck to the ground and are cut to hold the treads.

  • How are the stairs connected? Many stringers are simply nailed to the deck and will quickly pull out of the deck. Either engineered screws or stair connectors are the preferred way to connect to the deck.
  • Are the stairs sloped properly? The max height of a stair is 7-3/4”, with a minimum depth of 10”. Also, all stairs must be within 3/8” of each other.
  • Is the bottom of the stairs pressure-treated? Just like posts, untreated wood must be at least one inch off the ground to avoid rot. Stair stringers should either be made completely from pressure-treated 2×12 wood, or rest on a pressure-treated board.
  • Are the stairs properly supported over long spans? Stairs that are over seven treads must either have a mid-span post or be strengthened by sistering (doubling) the stringers. This not only makes the stairs feel sturdier but lengthens their life.
Note that all dimensions are for residential construction commercial may be different.


Park City TimberTech Deck Replaced and Expanded for Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living in Jeremy Ranch

We are proud to share another complete Park City deck build. This TimberTech deck started as a repair call but transformed into an expansion and full rebuild of the upper-level deck and stairs. With steep hillside views, this Park City family needed to regain the function of their previously unsafe deck while gaining more outdoor space for entertaining and enjoyment. By expanding their upper deck two feet out and seven feet across, the homeowners have effectively increased the size of their property by creating more functional outdoor space.

Sometimes a New Deck is the Safest Solution

We originally met the homeowners of this Park City deck when they called us for a deck repair. When we inspected the deck, there were, unfortunately, some issues that made the 20+-year-old deck irreparable. Not only were the footings slipping down the hill, but poor construction methods from many years past led to some dangerous structural issues. To create a safe outdoor living space for the family we had no choice but to tear down the upper level and start anew.

Park City’s Best Deck Builder

At Archadeck, every deck is built with custom design and construction considerations to meet the unique needs of the homeowners, the environment and the unique features of the property in which it sits. This deck features vital special support structure to give it the strength needed to handle the climate in Park City. With heavy snowfall in the winter, this 12-foot elevated deck required larger footings and larger support beam to support up to 100 lbs. per square foot snow load.

Low-Maintenance Decking with Cable Railing

By choosing TimberTech Terrain in Brown Oak, the happy owners of this new deck in Jeremy Ranch will enjoy a classic stained wood deck look with the no splinter soft feeling of composite decking. It also is a very close match to the stain on the existing wood railing of the lower level deck. The color will look bright and new for many years, backed by TimberTech’s 25-year stain and fade warranty, all without ever having to stain or seal it. The matching TimberTech top rail, with cable infill, offer a seamless modern look. The benefit of cable railings goes beyond show-stopping modern design, with very little intrusion, cable is a great way to preserve a great view.

If you’re ready to upgrade, repair, replace or install a new deck Park City deck, call Archadeck today. We build the best quality decks, meeting and many times surpassing local and state building codes. 801.683.2355

What is the Average Cost of a Salt Lake Deck in 2016?

Do you know the average cost of a deck in 2016? Is it $5,000? Is it $20,000? Unfortunately (or fortunately) the answer is not that simple.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we provide an initial phone consultation to all of our potential deck clients. During the call, we try to gain as much knowledge as we can about the project you have in mind, including your budget. While many hesitate to give us a budget in trying to gain a competitive quote, due to the large variety of decking options that can affect the cost we need a starting point.

We often find during early discussions with clients that there is a great misconception about the cost of building a deck in 2016. Sometimes homeowners have lived in their home for 20 years and have never tackled a project this size, skewing their perception of the cost. We also find that many people have no perspective for the cost of materials, the amount of labor and the amount of time and expertise that goes into building a high-quality deck that will last for many years of fabulous outdoor living.

To remove some of the mystery of what a quality deck build can cost, we’ve outlined a few of the major cost factors involved in your Salt Lake deck construction cost, along with two decks we’ve built with a price comparison for an example.

Deck Size

The size of your deck is one of the largest factors in pricing your deck. Larger decks require more materials and more time to build. Taller decks also add to the cost, especially if you get above 9 feet from ground level. With the terrain in Salt Lake, this can be a common scenario with a steeply sloping backyard. Whenever we build a deck at a higher elevation, we bring in scaffolding and we require our crew to keep safety above all else, including the targeted timeline, which can add to the labor cost.

Material Choices

There is a large variety of materials for you to choose from in today’s decking world. For the main decking, you can choose from wood, hardwood, fully synthetic or capped composite. Each of these choices comes with its own upfront cost. You’ll find that the most expensive upfront can be the most affordable over the life of your deck as they last longer and require less maintenance. Sometimes your deck location and height will dictate this choice, but mostly it will be for you and your budget to decide.

As if choosing from all of those wasn’t enough in the tough choices department, you’ll then have a large variety of material choices for railings, fasteners, and substructures. Choosing hidden fasteners for today’s modern deck look can increase your material costs. Select from a pressure treated wood frame, steel framing or a dry deck substructure to create a dry covered porch under your deck. Railings can be wood, vinyl caps, aluminum, powder-coated steel, cable or glass. All of these choices affect your deck cost.

Accessories & Intricate Designs

Similar size decks can vary broadly in price if you add items such as built-in benches, planters, outdoor fire pits, kitchens, fireplaces, more support for hot tubs, custom inlays, curved shapes, pergolas or other shade structures. With each added item your material and labor costs will go up while your outdoor lifestyle will become more luxurious.

Labor Costs

While the cost of labor will be built into your quote from any deck builder, the quality of this labor can alter the cost of your deck. When it comes to the safety of your family and friends and the longevity of your deck, it is not a place to cut corners. It is possible that a deck builder with lower labor costs is cutting corners on worker’s compensation or liability insurance which could fall on you if there is an incident on your construction site. Also, keep in mind, a deck that is not properly installed will void any manufacturer warranties on materials.

So, what does all of this add up to?

The deck above was $21,000.

• 200 square feet
Redwood Decking
• Multiple Levels
• Upper level is 18 feet above ground level
• Powder-coated steel railing

The deck above was $38,000.

• 256 square feet
TimberTech Terrain Legacy Decking
• TimberTech RadianceRail Express (low-maintenance post sleeves with aluminum balusters)
• Aluminum Pergola

As you can see from the images – similar size decks with a few design choice changes can be a $17,000 difference in cost. We hope these images and prices will help you see what your backyard dream could look like and cost. We urge you not to choose the lowest priced deck builder but choose the deck builder who will do the job right and be a professional throughout the process. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we promise to provide you with the best deck to fit your needs and budget. Call today for a deck design consultation 801-683-2355

Read the Archadeck Difference 1 & Archadeck Difference 2 to find out why choosing the best deck builder in Salt Lake is better than choosing the cheapest deck builder in Salt Lake.

TimberTech Deck & Louvered Fence Add Privacy in Farmington While Maintaining the Views of the Wasatch Mountains

Outdoor living is now a dream come true in this Farmington backyard with stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains and fewer views of the neighbor’s windows. The homeowners already enjoyed the comfort of a covered patio and stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. The problems:

  • They also enjoyed a view directly into the upstairs windows of their neighbor’s home (who consequentially enjoyed a view down to the homeowner’s patio).
  • Their current patio was in bad shape with a great deal of heaving and cracking.

The Archadeck solution:

  1. Level out the heaving concrete.
  2. Build a new low-maintenance TimberTech deck.
  3. Build a custom 8-foot privacy fence that won’t obstruct the views of the Wasatch Mountains.

Custom Farmington Low-Maintenance Deck

With Archadeck of Salt Lake, you’ll get a custom solution to meet your exact needs. For this family, privacy, safety, and luxurious outdoor living was the goal. After leveling out the patio, we began by building a low-maintenance TimberTech Terrain deck in gorgeous Brown Oak. The deck features a custom curved outer edge to match the curved privacy fence. It also features diagonally run decking that meets in the middle with a parting board for a modern chevron design.

Stunning & Sturdy Farmington Privacy Fence

The homeowners enjoy a stunning view of the Wasatch Mountains, but they wanted to limit the views their next door neighbors have of them on their patio from upper story windows. For that we used a popular Archadeck louvered privacy fence design, modifying it to be 8 feet tall. The louvered design is modern with its vertical louvers and clean edges, a perfect match for the TimberTech deck. We also faced a strict Farmington building code requirement; the fence has to be able to withstand 150 mph winds. To accomplish this feat, we sunk 8×8 posts into concrete footings rather than attaching them to the deck. The homeowners will enjoy peace of mind that their privacy fence is in it for the long haul.

This Farmington family will now enjoy relaxing in the shade of their covered porch. The views of the mountains remain intact, and the views of their neighbor’s windows is no longer an eyesore on an otherwise breathtaking scene. If you love your outdoor lifestyle but have a few annoyances, repairs or other distractions, give us a call. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we will customize a solution to meet and exceed your outdoor living dreams. 801-683-2355

What Makes The Best Deck Builder in Bountiful, Park City & Salt Lake? Part Two: The Boring But Crucial Details

Last week we shared the reasons why the best Park City deck builder will not be the cheapest or the quickest but will be the best investment for your outdoor lifestyle and home. We realize there is a lot that goes into making a deck builder the Best Deck Builder, and some of those qualities are neither glamorous nor necessarily apparent in the finished product. These qualities might be boring house-keeping assurances, but they are crucial to protecting you, the homeowner from less than high-quality work, less than honorable contractors and unfortunate accidents.

Archadeck of Salt Lake is part of a nationwide franchise of deck builders that prides itself on a tried and true process for the best customer experience and best quality decks. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we have policies in place to protect you and us if things do not go perfectly.

Safety, Insurance & Background Checks

We start by protecting you with our hiring process. Our employees all have to pass a thorough background check. All of our contractors follow strict safety guidelines as set by OSHA. For further protection of our employees and you, we are licensed and insured with a $1 million liability coverage as well as full workers compensation insurance.

Clear Project Specifications

Upon project design approval we provide you with full written specifications in your contract. Your contract will include visual designs and an exact project price. While client requested changes can alter the project price during construction, you’ll start the project with an exact price and changes will not be made to the plan without you knowing the financial cost and signing a contract addendum stating the specifics.

HOA Approvals & Permits

We can’t reiterate this enough. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we always get plans approved by HOA boards. Next, we get design approvals and permits from the local building inspection office. This process ensures your job will be built to meet (and many times exceed) local building codes. With regular inspections and final approval by the building inspector, you can rest easy knowing we did the job right.


Archadeck backs all decks, sunrooms, porches and custom outdoor living spaces with a written warranty for workmanship for 1 year and structural integrity for 5 years. Further backed by the National Guarantee Corporation, you are guaranteed to have your outdoor living project completed to the terms and specifications in your Archadeck contract with a performance warranty for up to 2 years. In addition to the Archadeck warranty, most of our vendors offer manufacturer warranties in the event of material defects. For instance, TimberTech offers a 25-year fade and stain warranty for their Terrain, Tropical and Legacy synthetic decking collections.

While we realize these behind the scenes protections are not very glitzy, but they are absolutely one of the most important things you should consider when choosing a Park City deck builder. Any builder that does not offer protections of this variety should be seriously questioned before hiring them for your Park City outdoor living project. If you’re ready to begin the process of building a luxurious new outdoor living space at your Park City home, call today. 801.683.2355

Read The Archadeck Difference Part 1 to get the broader picture.

The Best Deck Builder in Bountiful, Park City & Salt Lake

The old business adage says you can pick 2 out of the 3; Fast, Cheap, & Good. While this is certainly a great notion in business, it does not apply to deck building. While we know it can be tempting to go with your lowest bid or the contractor who can start your job the soonest, we have to caution you to take the time to investigate your contractor. Making a wise investment for the long-term safety, quality, and value of your new outdoor living addition is much more important than the lowest price or the quickest time frame.

Good Deck Builders are Busy Deck Builders

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we are neither the cheapest nor the fastest. It is peak season in the deck building world which means we have a queue for design consultations and project starts. A wait list is something that all good deck builders will have during the spring and summer months. If you have a deck builder telling you he/she is ready to have their crew start tomorrow, I would think “Why is this deck builder not busier?” The answer might give you pause in choosing them as your deck builder.

Custom Quality Decks Can’t Be the Cheapest

Many deck builders try to cut costs by pushing one-size fits all deck, patio and porch designs. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we want every homeowner to get exactly the deck that fits their house, style, and needs. The function has to be there, or the whole project is a bust. We look at outdoor living as an investment in your home. We will custom design every aspect of your outdoor living project. We use the best fasteners and hardware and advise our clients to use the best decking materials. Excellent products yield long-lasting decks and porches for the best investment.

Permits, Permits & Permits

The Archadeck process guarantees that all of our building codes will meet or exceed local and state building codes. Our decks are built for longevity and safety, and we take this process very seriously. When it comes to building a safe deck, it is key to pull the proper permits and have the proper inspections from our local building enforcement to ensure the job was done correctly. Most deck failures happen where the deck connects to your home; an inspection will guarantee your deck is connected properly. If a permit is not pulled and inspections are not done, you or the next buyer of your home could be forced to tear it down.

If you’re ready to invest in your outdoor living lifestyle, call today. We look forward to working with you. 801.683.2355 Read The Archadeck Difference Part 2 for more reasons why we are your best choice in local deck builders.

Deck Safety Awareness Month: Is Your Park City Deck Safe?

We’ve talked about deck safety quite a bit because the safety of our friends, families, neighbors and clients is extremely important to us. Over the course of a Park City deck’s long life, it is exposed to a large variety of weather elements. Some elements can cause wear and tear, decay or rot from the weather exposure. Joists, boards, connections, posts, railings and stairs all should be inspected annually for safety. If any of these elements fail, especially on an elevated deck, injuries can be severe and even deadly.

While it can sometimes be obvious that a deck is in need of repair, it can many times be a hidden issue. Deck failures most often happen where the deck is connected to the house. These connectors are not observable from everyday use, nor do they always cause a deck to shake before failing. Hidden issues can be caught before they become a risk with a close do-it-yourself deck inspection each year. In our deck safety story When Do I Need to Call a Professional we outlined ten items to check. If any of those items are questionable, call us for a professional deck safety inspection.

Additionally, we always recommend following the Archadeck BE SAFER acronym as a guideline for what to observe on your deck.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we don’t just want to provide you with dream outdoor living, but we want to ensure that outdoor lifestyle is safe. If you suspect your Park City deck could use a few repairs or if you haven’t had a deck inspection in some time, call today for a deck safety inspection. 801.683.2355

Additional deck safety resources can be found on the North American Deck and Railing Association’s website.

Family Fun with Outdoor Living by Archadeck of Salt Lake

While we are certain you have a few great ideas for how to use your new or soon-to-be outdoor living space by Archadeck of Salt Lake, we have a few favorites too. For us, outdoor living is all about family fun. Whether it is family by blood or family by choice, creating an outdoor living space with our help can give you a variety of opportunities for enjoying time with family and friends. From campfires to game night, we might have an idea or two you haven’t considered.

Campfires at the Fire Pit Daily

Of course, an outdoor fire pit creates a magical opportunity to experience the unique enjoyment only a campfire can bring. Whether it is sitting around the flickering flames with friends and great conversation well into the summer night or its marshmallows and graham crackers with the kids, there is just something perfect about a campfire. With a fire pit right in your backyard, you can create these special moments any day of the week!

Family Game Night on the Porch

Weather and Mother Nature do not always cooperate with our plans for outdoor time with the family. Covered porches, screened porches and 3-season rooms offer you a variety of protection from the weather so you can enjoy family game night or an outdoor meal even if it is raining, too hot in the sun, a bit chilly or the insects are out in droves.

A covered porch offers protection from rain and hot sun; a screened porch can do that as well as keeping the insects out, and a 3-season room can do it all with the added option of closing the windows to block out driving wind, rain or cold air. Eze-Breeze windows offer a variety of tints to their vinyl porch windows so you can choose to gain added protection from the hot sun, perfect for a west facing porch.

Dinner al Fresco on the Deck

Outdoor dining is a great way to utilize a warm spring or summer day. There is something distinct about enjoying a meal with family as the sun begins to lower itself towards the western horizon. Everyday dinners, special occasion barbecues or adult only dinner parties can be that much more enjoyable on your new Archadeck deck. Decks allow you to be up out of the grass for a clean and dry eating space. They give you a large space that can be large enough for the barbecue grill and the dining table. They allow your guests, no matter what their attire to feel comfortable in the space, giving you a choice for creating a casual evening or a formal event.

Yard Games with A Covered Porch or Pergola

There is a large variety of yard games gaining popularity among the young and young at heart. From classic horseshoes and corn hole to newbies like ladder golf and Kan Jam, enjoying an afternoon with friends and family can be fun and competitive. If the day gets too hot with the sun shining bright, this great fun can be cut short too easily. With the addition of a pergola or covered patio with BRIGHTCovers, you can enjoy a shady place to cool off in between rounds for an afternoon of fun that never has to end.

If you’re ready to add quality family fun time to your life, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today. 801-683-2355 We offer a free design consultation; allowing us to learn about your goals and you to learn about the many options to meet your outdoor living dreams.

Your Dream Outdoor Living Space Today: With Phased Deck Building by Archadeck

Are you dreaming of a multi-faceted Bountiful outdoor entertaining space that includes a combination of a porch, deck, patio, and fireplace? Have you been scrimping and saving, just waiting until you have enough money together to build the entire project at once? At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we can design your dream space and build it in phases. We’ll take every consideration in prepping what we build today for the additions of tomorrow. Phase building will allow you to spread out the financial burden of building while still giving you new outdoor living space today!

A Graduation Party This Year Can’t Wait Until Next Year

Many times we hear from people who are not ready to build the entire space they want, but they need a portion of the space for an upcoming event. Maybe you have a graduation party to throw or a big 50th birthday party bash planned, and you need some outdoor living space sooner than you can afford the entire project. In our early design meetings, we can help you determine which portion of your multi-structure design is best suited to meet your needs today while designing it for efficient add-ons later. Depending on what your plans are, you may find that adding a large paver patio with a fire pit will be the perfect party space for this year’s big celebration and that the deck and covered porch can wait until a later date. We’ll be sure to design the entire project, so when the time comes to add the deck and covered porch, the addition will be smooth and concise for a gorgeous and functional final design.

A Deck Today Can Be the Screened Porch of Tomorrow

Depending on your home and landscape, you may choose to build a deck today, with added support for adding a 3 season or screened in porch over the top of it next year, or a hot tub in two years. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them today and prepare for your needs of tomorrow. There are many design features we can build into this year’s design to make the addition of new structures later a breeze.

Build the Framework Today & The Fun Tomorrow

Many times homeowners want to add fun accessories to make outdoor entertaining more luxurious and comfortable. Items like pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces are extra expenses that can add up faster than you think. One of the best ways to phase your outdoor living project is to build the basic space now, adding the amenities later. With Archadeck of Salt Lake, we can build your screened porch, deck, and patio in preparation for adding luxurious entertaining amenities in a year or two. If we know now you want a fireplace on your porch; we’ll build your porch with the proper structure and design for that addition. If we know you will be adding an outdoor kitchen to your stone patio, we can have gas and water lines run to the proper space and capped for easy installation without demolition when the time is right. It all comes down to designing the first phase with preparation for future additions to make the phases smooth, easy and cost efficient.

If you’re dreaming of a multi-faceted outdoor living space for your Bountiful home, call today 801-683-2355. Our free consultation allows you to learn what fits your budget today, what can wait until tomorrow and how working with Archadeck of Salt Lake can ensure the best preparation for future construction phases.

A Salt Lake Deck is the Perfect Home for your New Hot Tub

Are you shopping for a hot tub or replacing an aging spa? Have you considered building a deck for your hot tub’s new home? Hot tub decks are a great choice for they offer a convenient location, comfort for bare feet, and many design options that add convenience. If you choose full synthetic decking it will withstand the moisture from the hot tub even better than concrete. Best of all, Archadeck of Salt Lake can work with you before and while the hot tub is being delivered so that your spa installation team can have your hot tub up and running for you sooner.

AZEK Hot Tub Decking

While you may not see it right now, the moisture from hot tubs can actually eat away at concrete making fully synthetic decking a longer-lasting choice for the placement of your spa. We usually recommend AZEK decking products as they are fully synthetic, impervious to water damage, mold and mildew resistant and highly durable. The heat, weight and moisture from your hot tub won’t cause any issues with AZEK’s capped PVC decking. All of that, and it provides a splinter free, slip resistant surface that never needs staining or sealing. All backed by a 30-year warranty.

Convenient Design Options

If you choose a spa deck for your hot tub, we can add some features into the design that will make your relaxing hot tub experience that much more enjoyable. Built-in steps to make access to your hot tub much easier and safer. We can build benches and storage for your towels and those who prefer sitting outside of the spa, maybe just soaking their feet and legs. We can even add deck lighting to make your nighttime soaks safer.

Comfort Design Options

Depending on where your hot tub is situated, you may require a bit more privacy, sun protection or even an outdoor shower. Pergolas, gazebos and privacy walls make a perfect addition to your hot tub space to create a private retreat in cozy neighborhoods. Maybe you want an outdoor fireplace to accompany your cozy soak in the hot tub. We can even screen it in if you would like to enjoy a warm soak without the hassle of summer insects bugging you.

If you’re looking for a home for your new hot tub or spa, call today. Archadeck of Salt Lake will build the custom spa deck that is perfect for you. 801-683-2355

Our Most Versatile Outdoor Structure: The 3-Season Room

Enjoying the Salt Lake & Park City outdoors is what we live here for. Whether you ski or not, you wait all winter for spring to arrive, allowing you to resume your outdoor lifestyle of biking, hiking, fishing and just enjoying the fresh air. While for the most part, the arrival of spring is a welcome event, there are some adverse effects that may diminish your enjoyment of being outdoors. Allergies, insects and spring rain can wreak havoc on your ability to enjoy your yard when warmer weather arrives. At Archadeck of Salt Lake we have custom solutions to create a functional outdoor living space of your dreams.

While decks, covered porches and screened porches are all gorgeous options that provide benefits of their own, we find a 3-season room to be one of the most versatile outdoor living spaces there is. With the sun protection of a covered porch, the insect deflection of a screened porch and the open air feeling of a deck, a 3-season room meets all of those benefits and more.

Allergy Protection

When flowers and trees begin to bud and bloom, so do pollen spores and other allergens. If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, chances are that early spring is a difficult season to enjoy. The itchy nose, watery eyes, fluid filled ears, cough and headaches are enough to keep you from getting out to enjoy the warmer weather. With a 3-season porch you can enjoy the option of closing the Eze-Breeze® porch windows to enjoy stunning views and an outdoor feeling without the invasion of unwanted allergens.

Rain Protection

When warm weather arrives, out goes the snow and in comes the rain! You may be eager to get outdoors, but with the onset of rainy weather, you may feel stuck indoors. With a 3-season room, you can gain additional living space that is completely functional on wet weather days. The Eze-Breeze windows allow you to close the custom vents from the bottom or the top, so if it is a gentle rain without heavy winds, closing the bottom half will keep the splashing out and the fresh rainy air flowing. Enjoy the sounds and smells of a good spring rain on your custom 3-season porch.

Cold Breeze Protection

As spring has to battle its way in, we may experience many cool days as winter puts up a good fight. If you’re planning a spring baby shower, bridal shower or other gatherings, don’t be forced indoors because it is a cooler day. A 3-season porch is a perfect place to host a special occasion. With an added outdoor fireplace or small space heater, your 3-season room can be made perfectly comfortable and cozy. Simply close your porch windows completely and let the party begin.

Three season rooms by Archadeck of Salt Lake are extremely versatile spaces that add usable living space to your home. The most versatile outdoor living structure we build, 3-season rooms offer you that open air outdoor feeling with the ability to close the porch windows for the function of an indoor room. Call today for a free design consultation on for your new outdoor space. 801.683.2355

Salt Lake City Deck Safety: When do I need to call a professional?

When it comes to deck safety in Park City & Salt Lake, you can never be too careful. Each year we read stories about a deck collapsing during a family gathering or barbecue. From the rearview mirror, it can be easy to say the deck was not safe, but it is not always obvious that a deck failure could be on the horizon. There are some not-so-obvious signs that you can look for to determine the relative health of your deck. Our list is not all-encompassing and we always recommend an annual inspection by a reputable deck builder, but here are some clues you can look for. If any of these apply, call a trusted decking expert for an inspection before spending more time on your deck.

10 Excellent Reasons to Get a Professional Deck Inspection

  1. General wobbling when you jump or walk on your deck.
  2. Wiggle the railings to check for loose or shaky posts, balusters or rails.
  3. Missing or damaged spindles in your railing.
  4. Look for rotting, warping, splitting or splintering on all decking boards, columns, supports, joists, railings & stairs. Be sure to look at all of your decking elements from above, below and outside.
  5. Look for signs of insect damage, especially underneath on support joists and columns.
  6. Sloping, sagging or sinking when you view it from a distance.
  7. Deck support brackets or hardware look rusty, damaged or bent.
  8. Flashing (water barrier) between your deck and your house is damaged, holding water, cracked or peeling.
  9. Deck boards are loose or missing fasteners.
  10. Stairs feel shaky or are loose where they attach to your deck.

If you’re ever unsure of the safety of your deck, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a trusted professional deck builder. At Archadeck of Salt Lake City, we offer a thorough deck inspection that can give you piece of mind. We’ll leave you with a comprehensive checklist highlighting necessary and suggested repairs so you know what needs to be done now and in the near future.

If any of the items listed catch your attention or you prefer to have a professional inspect your deck, call today. 801.683.2355

View our deck safety video for further explanation and a visual walk through on the information explained above:

For even further details about inspecting your deck, view the NADRA deck safety checklist.

Glorious Wasatch Views Aplenty From the Shaded Comfort of this West Valley Low-Maintenance Deck

We realize it is hard to look at the gorgeous deck and pergola with the stunning view of the Wasatch front, but we urge you to focus so we can tell you about this low-maintenance TimberTech deck and aluminum pergola in West Valley. While we could cut the Mountains out of the image to get your attention, I think outdoor living is all about the lifestyle, and for this couple, the view of the mountains is the lifestyle!

Creating shade in a low-maintenance outdoor living space was the goal when this lovely West Valley couple called us. They needed outdoor space that could allow them to enjoy these fantastic views, spend time outside with their grandchildren and give them space for their barbecue grill.

West Valley TimberTech Decking

First we removed the existing stairs that led down to a small square concrete landing. We poured more concrete to allow for proper footings and to create a landing large enough for the homeowner’s barbecue grill. We then added a TimberTech Legacy deck in place of the stairs, for the ultimate low-maintenance outdoor living space. This deck will last for decades, never needing stain or waterproofing. We designed the deck with TimberTech Legacy Pecan running on a diagonal for a gorgeous aesthetic, outlined with TimberTech Legacy Mocha to give it that picture frame feel.

The View is So Gorgeous, We’ve Got to Wear Shades

To continue the carefree low-maintenance of the space and provide much-needed shade, we added a deluxe white aluminum pergola. This stunning pergola boasts low-maintenance aluminum with stately 8” square columns and that classic white pergola feeling. The entire deck will be under the partial shade of the pergola while the space gains the feeling of a private sanctuary.

Low-Maintenance Deck Railings

Creating that relaxed lifestyle with a low-maintenance deck & pergola would be ruined if we didn’t complete the project with low-maintenance railings too! To ensure our West Valley couple could truly enjoy a care-free space, we completed the design with TimberTech RadianceRail Express railing in white. This low-maintenance railing is built with high-quality PVC wrapped composite for a long lasting durable product. It even comes with a 25-year limited warranty. All of that, and it looks great too. Creating a white picket fence feeling that can last a lifetime.

Now, sit back, relax, and get a better look at the stunning Wasatch Mountains. We are certain that is what this lovely West Valley couple is doing every chance they get!

If you like this project, you’d love what Archadeck of Salt Lake can do for your outdoor lifestyle. Call today for a free design consultation. 801.683.2355

Outdoor Fire Pits Create Lasting Memories Of A Life Well Lived

Adding an outdoor fire pit to your backyard is a great way to make unforgettable memories with your friends & family. Salt Lake outdoor living is not only about the great outdoors, it’s about the people with which we share this gorgeous scenery. When it comes to creating beautiful and functional outdoor living space, it is imperative to consider all of the people in our lives who will use the space.

Enjoy the Campfire Without Camping

I don’t know about you, but my boys are the center of my universe and the outdoor activities we share together become moments we will forever cherish. One of our favorite activities is to go hiking and camping. Nothing beats sitting around the campfire after a long day of outdoor fun, sharing laughs and roasting marshmallows. Outdoor fire pits are the perfect way to create those moments right in your own backyard.

Imagine a no fuss, no tent pitching way to enjoy a campfire. Spend the day swimming in your pool, or at the baseball fields with the kids, and you can still enjoy the end of day campfire. With all the comforts of your own bed waiting for you when you are ready to turn in for the night, you can sit around your new Salt Lake outdoor fire pit and create lasting memories in the convenience of your own backyard. Run to the kitchen and grab the marshmallows, Hershey bars and graham crackers and have perfectly toasted s’mores whenever you want. Your kids will love it and the only stress you’ll have is trying your best not to burn the marshmallows.

Outdoor Fire Pits Are For Adults Too

If you don’t have children and you love to entertain outdoors, a fire pit is also right for you. You can extend your parties well into the night with the warmth of an outdoor fire pit. It is a perfect place to congregate after a dinner party or for a post skiing hot chocolate warm up. A fire pit will allow you to add that statement piece to your patio or deck, a natural meeting place for sharing stories, having laughs and letting time slip away while you enjoy time with your friends.

A Relaxation Place

The smell of wood burning, the crackling of the logs, the dancing of the flames. There is no doubt something magical about the effect of fire. Beyond the warming quality, a fire can provide a tranquil relaxing place for you to enjoy anytime you need a break from the daily rat race. It also provides a great spot to meet up with the one you love for a romantic evening for two. Sit out and watch the moon & stars rise into the night sky as the fire keeps you warm and provides just the right amount of light to set the mood.

Whether your fire pit is going to be the center of your party palace, a fun activity for you to share with your children or you simply would enjoy a relaxing place to unwind, there is no arguing against the potential for unforgettable memory creating. If you’re interested in adding a Salt Lake outdoor fire pit to your outdoor living space, call today for a free consultation. 801-683-2355

Choose from gas or wood burning and a plethora of size and material options for a custom outdoor fire pit that is perfect for you. View our fire features gallery for design ideas & inspiration.

Salt Lake Home & Garden show

We Invite You to Join Us at the 2016 Salt Lake Tribune Home + Garden Festival

Archadeck of Salt Lake City will be at the Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden Festival on March 11-13th. You will find us at booth #1800 at the South Towne Exposition Center 9575 S. State Street, Sandy, Utah 84070.

The Salt Lake Tribune Home & Garden Festival has become the premier spring event in the Salt Lake area for jumpstarting your home improvement projects. With hundreds of experts all under one roof, you’ll get the best advice for refreshing your home. From floors and windows to landscaping and decking, you’ll get to check out innovative products and get some great deals on your spring remodeling project.

Archadeck of Salt Lake is Displaying Innovative Products

At booth #1800, we’ll be featuring some of our most popular outdoor living and decking products from vendors such as BrightCovers, Duradek and TimberTech. BrightCovers is a great new durable product for covering your deck, patio, porch or pergola to shield out harmful UV rays and rain, while still letting tons of natural light pour through. TimberTech a quality low-maintenance decking manufacturer, offering a large array of colors & styles of decking that never needs to be stained, sealed or power washed. We’ll also have some Mahogany decking and Pavestone patio pavers on display for you to look at, feel & touch.

We look forward to meeting you at the festival!

Tickets are $11.00 at the door. Or click the link to the right to get a special Archadeck $3 discount by buying your tickets online. Bring your kids along, if they are under 12 they get in free.

Salt Lake Home & Garden Festival Hours:

Friday March 11, 2016 12:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturday March 12, 2016 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sunday March 13, 2016 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

If you can’t make it out to the Salt Lake Home & Garden show, call today. We can schedule a free consultation to show you the great products we are featuring at the show and discuss your Salt Lake outdoor living needs. 801-683-2355

A Salt Lake City Screened in Porch for Luxurious Outdoor Living

Archadeck of Salt Lake builds custom screened porches from Park City to Draper and all the way up to Ogden. Screened porches are an excellent choice for your outdoor living space. They are versatile in use and give you some protection from the elements without taking away that outdoor living feeling. With so much to consider, hiring a trusted design & build firm is the best first step in making your outdoor living dreams come true. We’ll help you choose your porches location, size, roof style & design to create a custom screened porch you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Location, location, location

Choosing your Salt Lake screened porch’s location takes a great deal of consideration. At Archadeck, it is our goal to help make sure you think of everything to make the best choice possible. From what part of your home do you want to access the porch from? Where in your yard are the best views? Are you in desperate need of a private retreat off the master bedroom? Does it make sense to screen in an existing porch or build over an existing deck or patio? Whatever the case may be, we can make it happen for you.

Screened Porch Roof Types

Your choices in porch roof types are gable, open gable, hip, shed or flat roof. While the look is going to be your first consideration, there are some restrictions dependent upon the placement of your screened porch and your home’s architectural design. For instance, a gable roof lets in a great deal of natural light and can match your home’s roof pitch. But if your porch is under 2nd story windows, a shed roof might be the necessary choice to get the most ceiling height without obstructing those windows.

Screened Porch Design Options

There is a vast variety of design finishes for screened porches. Choosing the initial shape and size is just the beginning. From floor to ceiling screens to knee walls, your porch can be as open or contained as you wish. If your porch is elevated you’ll need to choose railings: wood, vinyl, aluminum in many color options. You may even choose to add vinyl porch windows like Eze-Breeze to extend the usefulness of your porch to cooler or wetter days. Your interior design really centers on your ceiling. With exposed beams, custom trim, bead board or drywall, your screened porch ceiling can make the space elegant, rustic or any other look you are going for.

Screened Porch Amenities

Screened porches offer a great place to install amenities for easy outdoor living. You can have your porch wired with electricity for installing ceiling fans, recessed lighting and other comfort features. If you’re planning to do a great deal of entertaining, you may opt for a wet bar, outdoor kitchen or a mounted television. And if you aren’t about to let cooler days chase you indoors, an outdoor fireplace may be just the thing for your Salt Lake screened porch.

With so many options and so many benefits, a Salt Lake screened porch might be just what you’ve been needing. If you’re looking for a versatile outdoor living space, call today for a free design consultation. 801-683-2355

The Top 4 Reasons to Build Your Sandy Deck, Porch or Sunroom in Winter

If you’re planning to add luxury outdoor living space to your Sandy, UT home, don’t wait until spring. Now is a great time to get your project started. Winter is actually a much better choice than our busy spring, summer & fall months. Less wait time, easier scheduling and less disruption to your family’s outdoor lifestyle are just a few reasons winter building is a great choice.

1. Permits are Processed Faster

One of the most frustrating parts of construction is waiting on the county to process your permit requests. In the spring and summer, they receive exponentially more building plans to approve, making the wait time quite lengthy. During winter, you can shorten that wait significantly.

2. Less Wait Time

Reputable deck builders have a long queue of projects to get to in the spring and summer. Archadeck of Salt Lake’s inevitable spring waiting list means you’ll have little say when your project gets started (or completed). If you have your deck, porch or sunroom built in winter, you can get your project started when it is convenient for your schedule, before the spring rush.

3. Ready for Spring Use

While everyone else is awaiting their turn on their builder’s projects list, you’ll be relaxing on your deck or porch with a drink in hand. After a long cold winter, the emergence of spring is the most joyful time to be outdoors. If you hire Archadeck of Salt Lake to build your deck or porch now, you can enjoy those very first warm days in your new Sandy outdoor living space — enjoying the gorgeous views.

4. Less Life Disruption

When spring has sprung, it’s time to get outdoors. The last thing you want to do is take away the use of your yard for a week or two while the construction crews build your new deck, porch or sunroom. With less outdoor activity taking place in the winter, your family’s outdoor enjoyment will be disrupted very little, if at all if you choose to build during the winter months.

If you’re already counting down the days until spring, now is the time to get your outdoor living space built. Check out our gallery to get ideas for your new Sandy outdoor living space. Call today for a free design consultation. 801.683.2355

3 Ways Archadeck of Salt Lake can Help you Organize Your Park City Home for 2016

At Archadeck of Salt Lake we don’t just build decks. While decking is part of our name, we pride ourselves in creating fantastic outdoor living spaces of all types. Sunrooms are a great way to add square footage to your home. If getting organized is your New Year’s resolution, maybe a new room is just what the doctor ordered. Read our top 3 ideas of how a Park City sunroom can help you reach your organizational goals in 2016.

Repurpose your formal living room into an office & make the sunroom a sitting area.

Are you currently using the dining room table as a home office? Hauling your laptop and paperwork out and stuffing it away every time you have a little work to do? By creating an entire room for your home office, you can have the space to use proper office storage like filing cabinets & bookshelves. Your desk can be clear and all of your office supplies will have a home of their own. Allowing you to spend less time setting up your work space and more time being productive.

Or better yet, if you work from home full time, make the sunroom yours for an inspiring space to work with maximum natural light.

Create the ultimate playroom in your family room & make the sunroom an adult entertaining area.

Kid’s toys can take over the whole house in a heart-beat. By relocating adult entertainment like couches, televisions & entertainment systems to your new sunroom you can create a functional play area for the kids. Not only will you be able to organize the new playroom with new furniture pieces but you will also be able to contain the kids play area in one space for less clutter throughout the rest of your home.

The best part will be when you are entertaining. The kids can have their own space to play while the adults enjoy toy free adult time.

Create a teen lounge & game room with a new Park City sunroom.

Archadeck outdoor living spaces can be created to serve multiple purposes. Depending on the size, a sunroom can be home to multiple living areas all at once, or a versatile space that can be used for the need of the day. Keep your grandchildren visiting often with a fun place to hang out by adding a pool table, foosball table or ping pong table to your sunroom. Add a television and video game system and you’ll have trouble getting them to leave. With windows that open in warm weather for a screened porch feeling and a fireplace for a lovely winter lounging area you’ll enjoy the space year-round. With room enough for a dining table you can even use the space for the kids table at Christmas dinner or the next summer barbecue.

If you’re looking to get more organized this year and need more living space to accomplish it, consider a sunroom. Usually at a lower cost than a home addition, sunrooms are a great solution. Call today for a free design consultation for your Park City outdoor living needs. 801.683.2355

Check out our sunrooms gallery for design inspiration or our sunrooms page for more information on design options.

New Year, New Life, New Room!

The New Year is a perfect time for creating goals, starting fresh and making positive changes for an improved life. New Year’s resolutions are made by 45% of Americans as a way to start the year on the right track. According to the top resolution for 2015 was Weight Loss. We have some great outdoor living ideas to help you accomplish your health & fitness goals for 2016. Be inspired to get outside and get moving with a new outdoor living space or build an outdoor living room that can be your new home gym.

How can Archadeck help me with my weight loss goals?

To lose weight, in the simplest terms, means to eat less and move more. Outdoor living in Salt Lake City is a great way to accomplish this. While we can’t do a thing about your food intake, we certainly can set you up for an active outdoor lifestyle that is a joy to partake in.

With decks, patios, fire features and outdoor kitchens, we will make it hard for you to want to go inside. Being outdoors means running around the yard, playing catch with the kids, yard games and other activities. With the perfect deck or patio, you’ll be spending more time outside, more time on your feet moving around and less time on the couch.

Sunrooms make great home gyms

Another option for letting Archadeck help you reach your fitness goals is to create the ultimate home gym. With a 3-season room or sunroom you can have a dedicated place for your treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, weight lifting equipment or other fitness items. Having a home gym means you’ll have no excuses. In the worst snow storm, you’ll be able to get your workout with no problem. And with stunning views of the valleys and mountains, the scenery you can enjoy from your new gym will be the added inspiration you need.

With either option, we can accessorize your new space with a television, ceiling fans and plenty of electrical outlets to fit all of your gym equipment. You can open your windows for a cool breeze to keep comfortable on a nice day. And if you choose a sunroom we can install HVAC for a comfortable spot in the winter or summer. With the right workout space, you’ll be more likely to stick with your new workout routine.

Did I mention that decks, porches, patios & sunrooms all make a perfect spot for yoga, meditation & Pilates? Keeping your stress down & your spirits up is a sure fire way to stay motivated for a fantastic 2016.

For a free design consultation call 801-683-2355. And from us to you – Happy Holidays & All the best for a fantastic New Year!

Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Bountiful Utah Deck Rebuild Provides Safety & More Outdoor Living Space

Ok, not faster, but definitely more beautiful. This Bountiful deck rebuild allowed the homeowners to once again spend their precious free time outdoors. When your aging deck is crumbling, you won’t feel safe using the deck or entertaining friends. A shaky deck should absolutely not be used until it can be reinforced. We recently had the pleasure of adding outdoor living back into the lives of a lovely family in Bountiful, when we tore down their 20-year-old Redwood deck and replaced it with a bigger, stronger Redwood deck.

Bigger Deck

Enjoying stunning views from atop a steeply sloping backyard, this Bountiful family’s outdoor life depended heavily on their multi-level deck. With their old deck not functioning any longer, they were unable to spend as much time outside as they’d like. The existing two level deck featured an 18 foot elevated deck with a staircase connecting the main living level with a basement level deck. By building a better support structure, we were able to extend the upper-level deck. By giving them an additional 3 feet of living space along the back, they will have space for their Big Green Egg and a dining table. The space will also give them more sweeping views of the valley below.

Stronger Deck

Look at the image above of the old deck. The upper level is 18 feet tall. You’ll notice the supports of the old deck seem a bit skinny with that height. That is because they are. The 18 foot deck was supported by inadequate 4×4 posts. As a result, the 20 year old deck was shaky and dangerous. We rebuilt the new stronger deck with 8×8 posts and added new footings to support the expansion. If you’re worried about the stability of your existing deck, please contact us for an expert deck inspection.

Beautiful New Bountiful Deck

From the yard or on the deck, the new multi-level Redwood deck looks absolutely gorgeous. We laid the deck boards in a diagonal pattern which strengthens the deck while giving it a modern look. Where the previous deck featured chipping red paint and matching Redwood railings, the new deck is stained to reveal the natural Redwood grain and beauty. With low-maintenance black aluminum Fortress railings, this deck gains a modern touch and unobstructed views. The wide redwood fascia gives the stairs and deck a hint of Craftsman character. Beauty and style are in the details and we always take the time to make sure the particulars are thought of and implemented.

This lovely Bountiful home features a 3rd deck off the master bedroom that is already in the plans for replacing next year. If you want to replace your old deck with a 6 million dollar deck, call today for a free design consultation, 801-683-2355.

Low-Maintenance Synthetic Decking Options for Care-Free Salt Lake City Outdoor Living

When it comes to low-maintenance decking for your Salt Lake City deck, technology has improved dramatically over the last 10 years allowing better, more natural looking products to become available — fitting every budget & style. The quantity of color, brand & material options to choose from can be mind boggling. At Archadeck of Salt Lake we strive to help you learn as much as you want about the various decking products so that you can make an informed decision that will fit your outdoor living needs and budget. Helping you sort through the three types of low-maintenance synthetic decking options is a great start to the deck design & build process. Whereas “composite decking” used to be the term de jour, we now refer to it as synthetic decking to encompass the types: wood plastic composite, PVC and what is called capstock.

Composite: The Original Low-Maintenance Decking

The least expensive and the most widely known first generation of low-maintenance decking materials, composite is made with a combination of ground up wood fiber and plastic. You will sometimes hear builders refer to it as WPC – Wood Plastic Composite. Because composite decking contains wood fiber it is still porous, which means it does require some maintenance in the form of cleaning to keep it looking its best. While technology in creating composite decking has come a long way making it look more natural and clean up easier, it does require the most maintenance of all of the low-maintenance decking materials. If you spill something on it or a storm covers it in leaves, WPC decking can be stained. Cleaning up a spill as quickly as possible is imperative to keeping composite decks looking their best. TimberTech offers a 25 year limited residential warranty for its decking products.

PVC: Cutting Edge Nearly Indestructible Synthetic Decking

The second generation in low-maintenance decking, PVC (poly vinyl chloride) is completely free of any wood products making it 100% synthetic. PVC is a great nearly indestructible decking product that is stain, mildew, scratch and fade resistant, perfect for sunny areas that get a lot of weather and traffic. Because of the quality & durability, PVC decking is the most expensive synthetic decking you can get. This decking may require occasional cleaning but won’t stain the way WPC can. TimberTech XLM is a fantastic PVC decking product that we use, AZEK is another great line of PVC decking that now manufactures and distributes TimberTech’s XLM as the companies have joined forces. With many options in colors and looks you can opt for Natural Collection colors like RiverRock or SandRidge – featuring natural wood grain finishes that fit into their surroundings. Or go with the luxurious look from the XLM Tropical Collection featuring variegated colors that will blow you away. AZEK & TimberTech offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all PVC decking.

Capstock: Hybrid Low-Maintenance Decking for High Performance with Lower Cost

The latest in synthetic decking technology has come together to create a new synthetic decking called capstock decking. Capstock is essentially composite decking wrapped in PVC. This gives you the superior performance of PVC with all of its stain, mildew, scratch and fade resistance, but at a price point that is lesser than its solid PVC counterpart. We really love to use TimberTech Earthwood Evolutions capped composite line of decking because it is wrapped in PVC on all four sides; one of only two brands offering a fully wrapped board, others wrap only three sides or even just the top. Available in three varieties, Earthwood Legacy, Earthwood Tropical & Earthwood Terrain, there is sure to be a gorgeous color with a natural wood grain look that you will adore. And with their 25 year 25 Year Limited Residential Warranty for Earthwood Evolutions – FINAL.pdf stain & fade warranty your deck is sure to look and function beautifully for many years.

Call today for a free design consultation. We would love to help you choose from one of the many fine options in low-maintenance decking for your new Salt Lake City deck. 801.683.2355

An artisan makes a stone patio better than your average Joe does. Take a look at this Kamas UT patio.

A grassy yard is the Salt Lake deck builder’s equivalent of the writer’s blank page. There are a thousand ways to go, so where do you start? In this case, our client had a lot of land, over an acre in Kamas, UT, but no clear vision for what the starting point should be for a fun, functional outdoor living space. Through our consultation and collaboration with these homeowners, we came up with a fabulous stone patio that integrates a fire pit and a water feature with a dining area for four.

The sunrise blonde sandstone and some darker stones pick up the colors of the surrounding hills and farms, as well as the browns from the existing home and composite deck. The design aspect that is the most intriguing about this build was how we worked in larger stones to customize the walkway and patio and make it almost a work of art. The whole installation almost feels as if it emerged from the land, rather than being constructed on top of it.

Now instead of sitting in the house and watching TV in the evening, these homeowners can carry their dinner plates out to the patio where they can watch the sun set over the hills and listen to the water burbling in the fountain. When it turns a little cooler, they can build a fire in the custom-built stone fire pit. They have the complete package there, including an outlet to bring a light or music to the space.

One unique feature you’ll notice is the custom water feature. Although the homeowners didn’t ask for such a feature, our custom artisan saw a great opportunity to add to the ambiance of this fabulous outdoor space. Now add the sound of gently trickling water to the sound of crackling fire in the fire pit.

It would be easy to stop right here with this project. And maybe they will. There is a lot of room to grow in this yard though. And there is a tremendous amount of flexibility to extend outward later, if they decide they want more landscaping, or more space, or a shaded area. This patio works great on its own or will complement almost anything you want to pair with it in the future.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

More than a name: Archadeck is a guaranty of quality

Trust is a huge part of the relationship between client and builder. Even before you hire Archadeck, we are honored when you select us to come consult with you on a Salt Lake City porch, deck, or other outdoor living space. Your home is your most important possession and your personal space. Inviting us to essentially disrupt that space during the time we work on your project and to make changes that will affect how you live your life is a responsibility that we take very seriously. That’s why we want you to know a few important things up front.

We are a local business, but we are part of a national company. Everyone who you work with from Archadeck of Salt Lake City lives right here. We shop at the same stores and our kids go to the same schools. We appreciate your support of the local economy. But, we also have the support of our parent company, its national drafting team and our Archadeck-only warranties. If we ever need special support or expertise, we have additional, experienced resources behind us.

Two warranties for our Salt Lake City customers

A national brand means a national warranty. We aren’t planning on going anywhere, but if we did, your 1-year craftsmanship warranty would remain in place and be backed by Archadeck’s national office. This ensures that all the details of your project from the cuts and the sanding to the installation of lights and gutters will be right or be fixed. Our structural warranty is even longer: 5 years. This covers support structures, connections to your home, railings, walls, and patio foundations. Of course, we always do our best to get things right and avoid warranty situations, but it’s a good feeling to know that you have that safety net.

Many of the branded component materials that we use in our Salt Lake City patios or gazebos have their own, longer warranties. For instance, many TimberTech products have 25-year residential warranties and Unilock has a transferable lifetime guarantee. When those warranties cover the product, but not the cost of replacement labor, we can attempt to negotiate with the vendor to pay us to replace the part in question. We put our strong supplier relationships to work for you.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

Archadeck of Salt Lake City changes this small unusable West Jordan space into a fabulous new space

When we first visited these homeowners in West Jordan, they had an exterior staircase from the home that was in an advanced stage of disrepair.

The elevated space also had a small railing enclosed area. The homeowners wanted a safe way to get from their elevated exterior entry as well as a small but highly usable outdoor space. In that space, they wanted a place to set their smoker, a place for their grill and a space for a table.

Voila! Take a look at how we, along with the homeowners, redesigned this space. When you are working with a smaller space, it’s nice if the space is lower to the ground – low enough that you aren’t required to have a railing. This number varies but often if the space is less than 30" from the ground, a railing is not required.

For these homeowners, we poured a concrete patio and added a retaining wall around just one side. The wall provides an area to keep the grill and smoker. The remainder of the concrete patio can be used for seating area. Add a super comfortable chair or two and it’s the griller’s paradise. Add a table and it’s the perfect spot for the next family meal.

You can see that no usable space was wasted. Even the space under the stair landing is left open to use for storage. We used TimberTech Pacific Walnut decking for the stairs. For the railing, we used Fortress iron railing in antique bronze. The use of slender profile darker railing is becoming quite popular. The darker color of the spindles naturally draws your eye out past the railing allowing great visibility into the yard. You’ll notice that the stairs are slightly widened making safer and easier access area between the home’s entrance and the yard.

The retaining wall has a beautiful stone facade to dress up the space and add an elegant flair.

If you are considering adding an outdoor space to your Salt Lake area home or vacation home, give us a call for a free consultation at 801.683.2355 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Coming soon: backyard paradise for these Kaysville UT homeowners

The centerpiece of the vision for this backyard paradise is the new hot tub. For years our clients had been dreaming of getting home at the end of a long day and sinking into the healing warmth and invigorating bubbles of a large, multi-jet tub. But where to put it?

Buying a hot tub is easy, but the planning and installation require a little advance thought and preparation. If your hot tub will hold 300 gallons of water, it will weigh about 2700 pounds full. Most decks, unless specifically designed to support a hot tub, are not built to hold that kind of weight in a small area. They also aren’t usually fitted out with the electrical and plumbing resources that you would want to have for filling the tub and keeping it piping hot.

Our customers wanted an addition to their existing Kaysville deck that would allow them to accept delivery on their hot tub so they could start enjoying it as soon as possible. This is the first phase of their plan to completely makeover their yard into their own custom-designed refuge. The deck, which previously had stairs on only one side, now has ready access to the hot tub on the left and the yard on the right. The hot tub has a poured pad with a TimberTech Reliaboard deck surrounding it. The deck itself is only 2’ off the ground so it doesn’t require a railing. The tub sits slightly above the platform, making it easy to slip into after a long day at work.

While we were adding the staircase to the existing deck, we did a little preparation for the next phase of the upgrade. That will include an in-ground pool adjoining the hot tub deck and a pergola that will provide sun protection and some privacy screening from the neighbors. It’s visually important to make the entire installation look unified, so we also added TimberTech skirting around the upper deck.

If you find yourself looking wistfully at hot tub displays and fantasize about how wonderful it would be to add one to your Salt Lake area home, Archadeck can help you with the design and installation of your new outdoor living space. We can even run the electricity to the tub, lights, and outdoor stereo system if you want. Let us help create a backyard oasis, a new paradise just for you. We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

Making the most of a small Salt Lake City yard

The Avenues area of Salt Lake has a wonderfully rich history and has some homes that are real gems, but it isn’t known for having large back yards. That means that you really have to make every inch count when you are planning your outdoor living space. It can also be a challenge to design a deck or porch that blends with the style of an original home that might date back to the late 1800s.

On one recent Salt Lake City deck project, we replaced an aging redwood deck in a yard that is enclosed by buildings on three sides. The old deck was built on a substructure of railroad ties and had grown soft in spots and was severely warped, creating a potential tripping hazard. The existing deck was built in a zig-zag pattern which was a little too visually busy for such a small space. The new deck is built along one diagonal which opens things up and is far easier to maintain.

The new deck is also made of redwood. Both redwood and cedar have tannins and oils that give them a natural resistance to insects and rot. Redwood requires annual power-washing and application of a water-repellent wood preservative to stay in tip-top shape. Left to weather on its own, redwood will gradually shift to a soft, silvery grey color. If you want to keep its classic red hue, you’ll need to apply stain.

We added a Salt Lake pergola to the space as well. We purposefully left a small gap in the decking so that the owner could keep an existing mature vine that will climb up and eventually be trained over the pergola’s crossbeams. In just a few months, this redwood pergola will create a lovely shaded haven for friends and family visiting the yard. It will also offer a measure of protection for the planks beneath.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

For everyone else, there is Houzz

It is possible that you are a gifted architect or visual artist and you already know exactly how you want every last detail of your home to look. You are well versed in the latest materials and trends, heck, you are at the leading edge of the style. But, let’s face it. You probably aren’t. And that’s great. It means that there are a world of ideas and inspirations out there to delight and inspire you in designing your new outdoor living space.

One fabulous place to start looking for those ideas and inspiration is Houzz. Houzz is web that allows users to discover, keep, and organize images and web pages that they want to reference later. In the same way that some people save craft ideas on Pinterest or have a clip file of magazine articles, Houzz is an easy, dynamic virtual idea box for anyone considering an addition like a Salt Lake City porch or a Salt Lake City patio, deck or pergola.

Setting up a free account on Houzz is a breeze. Use an existing Facebook profile or create a password to go with your email address. From there you can create one or more “idea books.” You might have one for “Patio” and another for the “Pergola” that you would like on your patio. A third might be “garden” or “landscaping” for the area next to them. Add any photos you see that inspire you. Make notes right on them about what particular things you found appealing: the design of a roof, the color of a paint, the way a course of stones was laid out in a pathway. You can keep your idea books private or share them with friends.

Many people think about Houzz as the place to start a project, but I think it can be beneficial to someone during any phase of construction. Early on you might be thinking about what you want to build and what features you want to have. Later, you’ll have to make decisions about shapes, sizes, and materials. During the final days, believe it or not, you will still be making choices about accessories and decorating. Who knew your outdoor kitchen’s drawer pull could be in the shape of a treble clef?

The Archadeck Salt Lake City page on Houzz has about half a dozen project pages right now, but we are adding more images and galleries regularly. What kinds of projects would you like to see? Our page is relatively new, but we want it to be your first resource for the latest and greatest ideas in Salt Lake City outdoor living spaces. Even if you won’t be building this year or next, you can bring your dreams closer to reality by filing them away in your idea book on Houzz. For our current customers, tell us which details of your project you would like to see featured. Our contact information is right there on our page if you have feedback for us. You can even post questions about one of our project photos right on the site.

We invite you to visit our page on Houzz or call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, outdoor kitchens or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

Maybe re-decking or re-surfacing your deck may be all you need

You don’t always start from scratch. If you already have a Salt Lake City deck or patio, but it’s not up to your standard, there is an excellent chance that you can save some money and get the improvements you’ve been craving. The first step is to assess the situation with your current structure— evaluating the different elements of your outdoor living space for safety and functionality. Archadeck performs this initial assessment as part of our free design consultation.

An Archadeck client in Bountiful had an existing pressure-treated wood deck with a concrete patio underneath. The underlying structure of the deck was in good shape: no need to tear the whole thing down. The patio was a different story. That turned out to be a good thing. Since we had to demo the patio, it was a little easier to extend the deck and give the family more space.

The original Bountiful deck was elevated. In addition to extending the deck space farther out into the yard, we will use this redecking project as an opportunity to install a product called DrySpace from TimberTech. Dry Space captures rain when it slides between the TimberTech boards and directs it into the drainage system. That keeps rain from draining to the area under the deck, giving you nearly twice as much usable space for entertaining or storage. The upgrade to the TimberTech Terrain will also make the entire space low maintenance.

The low maintenance upgrade goes well beyond the capped composite deck timbers. There new railings around the deck and on the stairs from the deck to the patio will be easy-care vinyl. When dirt or cobwebs gets anywhere on the deck or railings, a hose and a sponge will take care of the cleanup. We will also add a vinyl pergola over the new portion of the deck. The family is really looking forward to having additional space with some protection from the sun.

Fall sports season is just around the corner. If you want to have some extra space to entertain outside this fall or would love to add a new Salt Lake City outdoor kitchen, now is the time to get the ball rolling. Whether you are breaking new ground or want to improve the outdoor living space you already have, Archadeck is the place to start. We invite you to call for a free design consultation (and/or a free deck safety inspection), 801.683.2355.

Zen and the art of grilling on your Salt Lake City deck or patio

Fall will be here before you know it and with it comes grilling and tailgate season. Are you ready? If you are honest, there are very things that are more relaxing than smelling food cook in the privacy of your yard with a cold drink. It would be a shame not to make sure that your outdoor grilling and cooking area isn’t as fun, well-equipped, and easy to use as your indoor kitchen.

If you are a special occasion or once-a-week kind of barbecue person, you can probably get by with a simple Salt Lake City deck or patio design that includes a bump-out for a grill. The big advantage of including a bump-out is that it keeps the cooking area distinct from the social area, but close enough that the cook isn’t excluded from conversation. Guests won’t be in your way or in danger of accidentally getting burned on a hot surface. It also makes designing a good traffic flow pattern easier.

Multi-level decks and patios will offer a few options for grill placement. If you spend most of your time on the upper level, you might want to include grilling space on a landing adjacent to the dining area so you don’t find yourself constantly running up and down. If your kitchen or primary entertaining space is down at ground level, you have more flexibility, but may still want to consider including some coverage to protect yourself from inclement weather.

For the serious outdoor chef, we can offer ideas for designing full-service outdoor kitchens that include electrical outlets, stove tops, refrigerators and built-in grills. Smokers and specialty cookers like the Big Green Egg can help you bring your Salt Lake City outdoor kitchen to the next level. You’ll love some of the ideas we can share for amenities like lighting, speakers, and ceiling fans that can make your time on grill duty the best part of your day. Be sure to include plenty of counter space to give yourself room to work, or maybe a bar so your friends can pull up a stool and chat while you get the grill marks aligned just right.

Nothing compares to the relaxation and camaraderie around a table where you are enjoying a festive meal hot-off-the grill with family and friends— except perhaps the joy of having a truly fabulous, well-appointed space to prepare that meal in the first place. Let us help you brainstorm the outdoor living space where you can enjoy your favorite beverage while grilling for the first tailgate party of the season the fall.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, outdoor kitchens or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

Here are a couple things you need to know if you're thinking about building a composite deck in Salt Lake City

There are hundreds, if not thousands types of real wood in the world, but just a few of them are desirable for outdoor building projects. Two of the most common are douglas fir and redwood, but you’ll occasionally see more exotic woods like ipe or mahogany. When it comes to synthetic wood, a favorite with customers who don’t enjoy deck maintenance, there are three options: wood plastic composite, capped composite, and solid PVC.

Wood plastic composite boards are the closest kin to the first synthetic products made in the industry. The components are a mix of wood fiber, dust, and pulp that are combined with new or recycled heated plastic resins to create a product that has some of the best features of both. They do not corrode and are highly resistant to rot and decay. Because they contain natural materials, they can absorb limited amounts of water which can make them vulnerable to mildew. Their strength is greater than natural wood products and Salt Lake City porches and decks made from wood plastic composite require little routine maintenance.

If you take wood plastic composite decking and wrap it in a thin layer of PVC veneer, you have capped composite decking. This protective jacket improves the natural look of the decking and increases its resistance to fading, scratches, and stains. Decks, porches, and other outdoor structures made with capped composite don’t require painting or staining. Capped composites like TimberTech’s Earthwood Evolutions Tropical cost a little more than the wood plastic composite lines, but they have a longer lifespan.

The top of the line product in synthetic wood is solid PVC. It offers the best performance of the three options in terms of stain and fade performance. It is impervious to moisture and insects and has the highest standard of durability and natural looks. Take a look AZEK XLM as a good example of solid PVC. With synthetic decking materials, cleaning PVC is a snap.

There are several great brands of synthetic decking. In addition to TimberTech and AZEK, Trex has a fabulous line of synthetic decking boards.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355

The recent Lehi UT deck collapse was scary. Here is how we can help with your existing deck.

Most Americans have a deck on the back of their house. Many would classify their deck as old. But what we likely don’t know is if it’s TOO old and we don’t know what constitutes a deck that’s too old. Your deck can be old from a functional perspective. Perhaps it’s just too small to comfortably fit a table that seats your family. Your deck can be old from an aesthetic perspective. Perhaps it has been grayed out and under harsh direct sunlight for so many years that you use it for little more than the stairs it provides to the back yard. Your deck can be strong and structurally sound but just considered old and tired. But, your deck can look strong or even beautiful and not be structurally sound.

As you saw in the unfortunate deck collapse here in Lehi UT, what seemed like a perfectly good deck collapsed. I guess it’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover. It seems hard to fathom that the great American outdoor space could collapse at all. Think about some of the deck collapses that have been in the news. How many of them have had a large group of people on them? This might lead us to believe that any deck is just a crowd away from saying uncle. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A deck that is framed and attached correctly is built to withstand large crowds, heavy furniture and your choice of cooking equipment.

The two biggest reasons that decks fail are because of improper framing and because the decks are improperly attached. Framing a deck requires that a key set of structural considerations are taken into account. These structural considerations include the height and span of the deck among many others. It also requires that within the framing, all the local building codes are met. At Archadeck, we have a national team of structural experts that design every one of our decks to exceed all local building codes.

The second biggest reason decks fail is because they are improperly attached. Take a look under your deck at how it attaches to your home. Is it attached with nails, screws or bolts? Answering this question alone will not determine whether your deck connection is correct. But a deck must be attached to a home using bolts.

As you can tell, a cursory visual inspection under your deck is not going to give you the peace of mind you need to ensure your deck is safe. At Archadeck, we offer a $99 deck inspection. We will check all of these areas and more and let you know if your deck is strong, sound, and correctly installed.

Give us a call today at 801.683.2355 to schedule your deck inspection. We look forward to your call.

Click to read more about the unfortunate deck collapse

Whatcha gonna do when the sun goes down? How about an outdoor fireplace for your Salt Lake area home?

During the day, anything goes. You can eat your meals outside, spend time puttering in the garden or take a book or newspaper out with you to stretch out on the chaise lounge. In the evenings, after you’ve cleared away the dinner dishes, what’s next? On all but the hottest nights of summer, the answer should be to move over to the Salt Lake City fire pit or fireplace.

Even after you outgrow the gooey sweet deliciousness of s’mores, the fireplace is a favorite place to gather outside. A standalone Salt Lake fireplace made of stacked stone or brick will become a stunning visual focal point for your outdoor entertaining area. Whether you position it to take advantage of a backdrop of golden sunsets or another vista that you enjoy, you will love the easy way a fire feature complements the beauty of your yard.

Salt Lake fire pits and fireplaces can be designed to use wood or gas so they are as simple to light, fuel, and maintain as you want them to be. If you like building and stoking a fire and watching the sparks as they rise in the air, we can make that happen for you. If you prefer to have fire at the press of a button or flick of a switch, Archadeck can do that as well. Even though humans have been sitting around fires for thousands of years, we’re still inventing new technologies to make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

Some customers prefer to enjoy their fires from inside a Salt Lake screened or open porch. Those fireplaces are fabulous too. In the same way that a large TV, pool table or kitchen island may anchor a room inside your home, a Salt Lake outdoor fireplace will be the focal point of your porch if you include one. You can add a mantle or not. You can use stone, wood or composite materials on the exterior facade. Fireplaces are easy to integrate into most styles of decorating.

Whether you choose to build in seating around your fire pit or choose chairs that you can move around your porch or patio, you will almost surely find that the fire is where you gather most often with your guests after dark. It’s a natural conversational cluster that creates a timeless atmosphere of fun and friendship. Still undecided? We are happy to quote any job with and without a fire feature included.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about fireplaces, fire pits or any other outdoor living project you are considering, Contact us today for a free consultation. Give us a call 801.683.2355 or email us at [email protected]

What kind of porch would you like for your Salt Lake area home?

You want an open, relaxing area in your backyard— someplace with a roof overhead to provide some shade and protection from the rain. It could be rectangular, square or even some version of round. It could even have walls on one or two sides from its attachment to the house.

Most of the roofed open structures that customers ask us to build are, in fact, Salt Lake City open porches. True gazebos are pavilions, usually built in a garden and are often round or octagonal with a cupola at the peak. Salt Lake City gazebos tend to be more ornamental in nature and the open porch is a truer, more functional living space. It’s a place where you stretch out at the end of the day with a good book or keep your outdoor dining set for meals al fresco.

Salt Lake City residents are wiring their covered for lights, fans, and speaker systems. Gabled roofs and skylights are two effective design options to let in plenty of natural light. Support columns can be made from a wide variety of materials including brick, stone, vinyl, wood beam, or they may be wrapped in a composite material to help you achieve your favorite architectural look or match to another feature. Beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens are a hugely popular addition to the open porch area.

Porches can be built to stand alone, or they can be designed to attach and mesh seamlessly with your existing home. It’s also easy to pair a porch with a Salt Lake City paver patio or deck. Many of our porches are rectangular, but the shape of your new favorite outdoor entertaining space is up to you as well. Octagons can make a striking stand-alone focal point for your yard too and look fabulous with some hanging flower baskets under the eaves.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

A custom outdoor living space for any home: what are you dreaming?

Archadeck of Salt Lake City is more than a Salt Lake deck builder. Think of us as your professional design consultant and contractor for any outdoor living space that you can dream of. Have you been thinking about a 2-level open air deck with a covered dry patio on the bottom level? We’ll help you decide whether you want to use a composite decking product like TimberTech Evolutions, western red cedar or maybe an exotic hardwood. We are knowledgeable about a wide range of materials options.

Have you been dreaming about relaxing in a bubbling hot tub under a pergola on your new interlocking paver patio? We would be happy to bring over color samples from Belgard or one of the other hardscape materials we use. During our visit we can make a visual inspection to help you determine what options will best suit the terrain of your yard. We can suggest where the fire pit might go or how landscaping can complement a stone seating wall.

The Utah sun can get pretty fierce at times. If you would like to build a sunroom, 4-season room or screened porch where you can find shade any time of day and still enjoy the fresh air, let us help you plan that space. Vinyl-coated polyester screen is great in this climate, but there are other choices as well. We’ll tell you the pros and cons of various screen materials and show you multi-sash window options that will let in the light, but keep the temperature where you like it.

Many properties are suited to traditional rectangular decks, but others will demand low-to-grade decks, curvilinear decks, cut-out decks or bump-out decks. Regardless of the architecture of your home, the shape of your property or the special tree you want to preserve, we can work with you to find a solution to get you outside enjoying your yard. We’ll bring you up to speed on recent product innovations and design trends like picture frame decks that you might have missed.

It’s time to make the transition from surfing the net and pinning your dreams on Pinterest to making them a real place where you can relax after a long day. Bring your questions about big decks versus small decks, wood pergola versus vinyl and any other Salt Lake patio queries you can think of to us. We have the resources and experience to guide you in the right direction for a custom project created just for you.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about adding a great new space to your backyard. Give us a ring at 801.683.2355, or drop us an email at [email protected]

Pergolas look light and airy but can do some heavy lifting

You’d be hard-pressed to find a garden feature that is as versatile and useful as the quiet, understated pergola. It can serve as an open terrace, or be used as a kind of green tunnel or breezeway between two areas of the yard. It may be built with straight edges and right angles or it can feature a classic arch across the top. While many people choose to festoon them with vines or flowering plants, they also are simple and eye-catching enough to stand alone.

For hundreds of years across Europe, people built their pergolas with timber poles lashed or nailed together. Wood is still an option for crafting your Salt Lake City pergola, but you may be much happier with a vinyl pergola in the long run. Wooden pergolas demand time and attention in the form of annual painting or staining. Vinyl lasts much longer than cedar or treated lumber and can be easily hosed or wiped down if it ever gets dirty. No worries about a splash of mud across the uprights.

Some customers choose pergolas as an attractive way to hide unsightly necessities in their yard. By placing a latticework pergola in front of an electric meter, dryer vent or trash receptacle area, you can maintain easy access without ever having to look at them while you are using your Salt Lake City deck, pool or patio. You decide if you want to also make your pergola the structure for a flowering climber like roses, honeysuckle or clematis. In fact, if you select an annual bloomer, you can change your mind each year after it dies back. Just replace it with something new the following spring.

Pergolas are also a wonderful choice for bringing some shade into your yard. Depending on how you orient your pergola to the sun and how you decide to space or slant the lathes across the top, you can give yourself quite a lot of sun protection or just a touch. This is one of the many topics that we discuss with clients when we are helping them to decide the details of their project design. We want to understand how you want to use your yard so that we can tailor the particulars of your pergola to suit your needs.

Think of a white vinyl pergola as a canvas of possibility in your yard— even better, a canvas you never have to paint. You can put it over a patio, next to your home’s wall or use it as a fanciful pathway to a gazebo. Cover it with flowers or fairy lights or leave its clean, bright lines alone. Pergolas are visually bold enough to stand alone but can easily complement other sections of the yard. Next to a new hot tub maybe?

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about adding a great new space to your backyard. Give us a ring at 801.683.2355 or drop us an email at [email protected] We look forward to your call.

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