Archadeck of Salt Lake City changes this small unusable West Jordan space into a fabulous new space

When we first visited these homeowners in West Jordan, they had an exterior staircase from the home that was in an advanced stage of disrepair.

The elevated space also had a small railing enclosed area. The homeowners wanted a safe way to get from their elevated exterior entry as well as a small but highly usable outdoor space. In that space, they wanted a place to set their smoker, a place for their grill and a space for a table.

Voila! Take a look at how we, along with the homeowners, redesigned this space. When you are working with a smaller space, it’s nice if the space is lower to the ground – low enough that you aren’t required to have a railing. This number varies but often if the space is less than 30" from the ground, a railing is not required.

For these homeowners, we poured a concrete patio and added a retaining wall around just one side. The wall provides an area to keep the grill and smoker. The remainder of the concrete patio can be used for seating area. Add a super comfortable chair or two and it’s the griller’s paradise. Add a table and it’s the perfect spot for the next family meal.

You can see that no usable space was wasted. Even the space under the stair landing is left open to use for storage. We used TimberTech Pacific Walnut decking for the stairs. For the railing, we used Fortress iron railing in antique bronze. The use of slender profile darker railing is becoming quite popular. The darker color of the spindles naturally draws your eye out past the railing allowing great visibility into the yard. You’ll notice that the stairs are slightly widened making safer and easier access area between the home’s entrance and the yard.

The retaining wall has a beautiful stone facade to dress up the space and add an elegant flair.

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