More than a name: Archadeck is a guaranty of quality

Trust is a huge part of the relationship between client and builder. Even before you hire Archadeck, we are honored when you select us to come consult with you on a Salt Lake City porch, deck, or other outdoor living space. Your home is your most important possession and your personal space. Inviting us to essentially disrupt that space during the time we work on your project and to make changes that will affect how you live your life is a responsibility that we take very seriously. That’s why we want you to know a few important things up front.

We are a local business, but we are part of a national company. Everyone who you work with from Archadeck of Salt Lake City lives right here. We shop at the same stores and our kids go to the same schools. We appreciate your support of the local economy. But, we also have the support of our parent company, its national drafting team and our Archadeck-only warranties. If we ever need special support or expertise, we have additional, experienced resources behind us.

Two warranties for our Salt Lake City customers

A national brand means a national warranty. We aren’t planning on going anywhere, but if we did, your 1-year craftsmanship warranty would remain in place and be backed by Archadeck’s national office. This ensures that all the details of your project from the cuts and the sanding to the installation of lights and gutters will be right or be fixed. Our structural warranty is even longer: 5 years. This covers support structures, connections to your home, railings, walls, and patio foundations. Of course, we always do our best to get things right and avoid warranty situations, but it’s a good feeling to know that you have that safety net.

Many of the branded component materials that we use in our Salt Lake City patios or gazebos have their own, longer warranties. For instance, many TimberTech products have 25-year residential warranties and Unilock has a transferable lifetime guarantee. When those warranties cover the product, but not the cost of replacement labor, we can attempt to negotiate with the vendor to pay us to replace the part in question. We put our strong supplier relationships to work for you.

We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

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