An artisan makes a stone patio better than your average Joe does. Take a look at this Kamas UT patio.

A grassy yard is the Salt Lake deck builder’s equivalent of the writer’s blank page. There are a thousand ways to go, so where do you start? In this case, our client had a lot of land, over an acre in Kamas, UT, but no clear vision for what the starting point should be for a fun, functional outdoor living space. Through our consultation and collaboration with these homeowners, we came up with a fabulous stone patio that integrates a fire pit and a water feature with a dining area for four.

The sunrise blonde sandstone and some darker stones pick up the colors of the surrounding hills and farms, as well as the browns from the existing home and composite deck. The design aspect that is the most intriguing about this build was how we worked in larger stones to customize the walkway and patio and make it almost a work of art. The whole installation almost feels as if it emerged from the land, rather than being constructed on top of it.

Now instead of sitting in the house and watching TV in the evening, these homeowners can carry their dinner plates out to the patio where they can watch the sun set over the hills and listen to the water burbling in the fountain. When it turns a little cooler, they can build a fire in the custom-built stone fire pit. They have the complete package there, including an outlet to bring a light or music to the space.

One unique feature you’ll notice is the custom water feature. Although the homeowners didn’t ask for such a feature, our custom artisan saw a great opportunity to add to the ambiance of this fabulous outdoor space. Now add the sound of gently trickling water to the sound of crackling fire in the fire pit.

It would be easy to stop right here with this project. And maybe they will. There is a lot of room to grow in this yard though. And there is a tremendous amount of flexibility to extend outward later, if they decide they want more landscaping, or more space, or a shaded area. This patio works great on its own or will complement almost anything you want to pair with it in the future.

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