Low-Maintenance Synthetic Decking Options for Care-Free Salt Lake City Outdoor Living

When it comes to low-maintenance decking for your Salt Lake City deck, technology has improved dramatically over the last 10 years allowing better, more natural looking products to become available — fitting every budget & style. The quantity of color, brand & material options to choose from can be mind boggling. At Archadeck of Salt Lake we strive to help you learn as much as you want about the various decking products so that you can make an informed decision that will fit your outdoor living needs and budget. Helping you sort through the three types of low-maintenance synthetic decking options is a great start to the deck design & build process. Whereas “composite decking” used to be the term de jour, we now refer to it as synthetic decking to encompass the types: wood plastic composite, PVC and what is called capstock.

Composite: The Original Low-Maintenance Decking

The least expensive and the most widely known first generation of low-maintenance decking materials, composite is made with a combination of ground up wood fiber and plastic. You will sometimes hear builders refer to it as WPC – Wood Plastic Composite. Because composite decking contains wood fiber it is still porous, which means it does require some maintenance in the form of cleaning to keep it looking its best. While technology in creating composite decking has come a long way making it look more natural and clean up easier, it does require the most maintenance of all of the low-maintenance decking materials. If you spill something on it or a storm covers it in leaves, WPC decking can be stained. Cleaning up a spill as quickly as possible is imperative to keeping composite decks looking their best. TimberTech offers a 25 year limited residential warranty for its decking products.

PVC: Cutting Edge Nearly Indestructible Synthetic Decking

The second generation in low-maintenance decking, PVC (poly vinyl chloride) is completely free of any wood products making it 100% synthetic. PVC is a great nearly indestructible decking product that is stain, mildew, scratch and fade resistant, perfect for sunny areas that get a lot of weather and traffic. Because of the quality & durability, PVC decking is the most expensive synthetic decking you can get. This decking may require occasional cleaning but won’t stain the way WPC can. TimberTech XLM is a fantastic PVC decking product that we use, AZEK is another great line of PVC decking that now manufactures and distributes TimberTech’s XLM as the companies have joined forces. With many options in colors and looks you can opt for Natural Collection colors like RiverRock or SandRidge – featuring natural wood grain finishes that fit into their surroundings. Or go with the luxurious look from the XLM Tropical Collection featuring variegated colors that will blow you away. AZEK & TimberTech offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all PVC decking.

Capstock: Hybrid Low-Maintenance Decking for High Performance with Lower Cost

The latest in synthetic decking technology has come together to create a new synthetic decking called capstock decking. Capstock is essentially composite decking wrapped in PVC. This gives you the superior performance of PVC with all of its stain, mildew, scratch and fade resistance, but at a price point that is lesser than its solid PVC counterpart. We really love to use TimberTech Earthwood Evolutions capped composite line of decking because it is wrapped in PVC on all four sides; one of only two brands offering a fully wrapped board, others wrap only three sides or even just the top. Available in three varieties, Earthwood Legacy, Earthwood Tropical & Earthwood Terrain, there is sure to be a gorgeous color with a natural wood grain look that you will adore. And with their 25 year 25 Year Limited Residential Warranty for Earthwood Evolutions – FINAL.pdf stain & fade warranty your deck is sure to look and function beautifully for many years.

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