Bigger, Stronger, Faster: Bountiful Utah Deck Rebuild Provides Safety & More Outdoor Living Space

Ok, not faster, but definitely more beautiful. This Bountiful deck rebuild allowed the homeowners to once again spend their precious free time outdoors. When your aging deck is crumbling, you won’t feel safe using the deck or entertaining friends. A shaky deck should absolutely not be used until it can be reinforced. We recently had the pleasure of adding outdoor living back into the lives of a lovely family in Bountiful, when we tore down their 20-year-old Redwood deck and replaced it with a bigger, stronger Redwood deck.

Bigger Deck

Enjoying stunning views from atop a steeply sloping backyard, this Bountiful family’s outdoor life depended heavily on their multi-level deck. With their old deck not functioning any longer, they were unable to spend as much time outside as they’d like. The existing two level deck featured an 18 foot elevated deck with a staircase connecting the main living level with a basement level deck. By building a better support structure, we were able to extend the upper-level deck. By giving them an additional 3 feet of living space along the back, they will have space for their Big Green Egg and a dining table. The space will also give them more sweeping views of the valley below.

Stronger Deck

Look at the image above of the old deck. The upper level is 18 feet tall. You’ll notice the supports of the old deck seem a bit skinny with that height. That is because they are. The 18 foot deck was supported by inadequate 4×4 posts. As a result, the 20 year old deck was shaky and dangerous. We rebuilt the new stronger deck with 8×8 posts and added new footings to support the expansion. If you’re worried about the stability of your existing deck, please contact us for an expert deck inspection.

Beautiful New Bountiful Deck

From the yard or on the deck, the new multi-level Redwood deck looks absolutely gorgeous. We laid the deck boards in a diagonal pattern which strengthens the deck while giving it a modern look. Where the previous deck featured chipping red paint and matching Redwood railings, the new deck is stained to reveal the natural Redwood grain and beauty. With low-maintenance black aluminum Fortress railings, this deck gains a modern touch and unobstructed views. The wide redwood fascia gives the stairs and deck a hint of Craftsman character. Beauty and style are in the details and we always take the time to make sure the particulars are thought of and implemented.

This lovely Bountiful home features a 3rd deck off the master bedroom that is already in the plans for replacing next year. If you want to replace your old deck with a 6 million dollar deck, call today for a free design consultation, 801-683-2355.

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