New Year, New Life, New Room!

The New Year is a perfect time for creating goals, starting fresh and making positive changes for an improved life. New Year’s resolutions are made by 45% of Americans as a way to start the year on the right track. According to the top resolution for 2015 was Weight Loss. We have some great outdoor living ideas to help you accomplish your health & fitness goals for 2016. Be inspired to get outside and get moving with a new outdoor living space or build an outdoor living room that can be your new home gym.

How can Archadeck help me with my weight loss goals?

To lose weight, in the simplest terms, means to eat less and move more. Outdoor living in Salt Lake City is a great way to accomplish this. While we can’t do a thing about your food intake, we certainly can set you up for an active outdoor lifestyle that is a joy to partake in.

With decks, patios, fire features and outdoor kitchens, we will make it hard for you to want to go inside. Being outdoors means running around the yard, playing catch with the kids, yard games and other activities. With the perfect deck or patio, you’ll be spending more time outside, more time on your feet moving around and less time on the couch.

Sunrooms make great home gyms

Another option for letting Archadeck help you reach your fitness goals is to create the ultimate home gym. With a 3-season room or sunroom you can have a dedicated place for your treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, weight lifting equipment or other fitness items. Having a home gym means you’ll have no excuses. In the worst snow storm, you’ll be able to get your workout with no problem. And with stunning views of the valleys and mountains, the scenery you can enjoy from your new gym will be the added inspiration you need.

With either option, we can accessorize your new space with a television, ceiling fans and plenty of electrical outlets to fit all of your gym equipment. You can open your windows for a cool breeze to keep comfortable on a nice day. And if you choose a sunroom we can install HVAC for a comfortable spot in the winter or summer. With the right workout space, you’ll be more likely to stick with your new workout routine.

Did I mention that decks, porches, patios & sunrooms all make a perfect spot for yoga, meditation & Pilates? Keeping your stress down & your spirits up is a sure fire way to stay motivated for a fantastic 2016.

For a free design consultation call 801-683-2355. And from us to you – Happy Holidays & All the best for a fantastic New Year!

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