Pergolas look light and airy but can do some heavy lifting

You’d be hard-pressed to find a garden feature that is as versatile and useful as the quiet, understated pergola. It can serve as an open terrace, or be used as a kind of green tunnel or breezeway between two areas of the yard. It may be built with straight edges and right angles or it can feature a classic arch across the top. While many people choose to festoon them with vines or flowering plants, they also are simple and eye-catching enough to stand alone.

For hundreds of years across Europe, people built their pergolas with timber poles lashed or nailed together. Wood is still an option for crafting your Salt Lake City pergola, but you may be much happier with a vinyl pergola in the long run. Wooden pergolas demand time and attention in the form of annual painting or staining. Vinyl lasts much longer than cedar or treated lumber and can be easily hosed or wiped down if it ever gets dirty. No worries about a splash of mud across the uprights.

Some customers choose pergolas as an attractive way to hide unsightly necessities in their yard. By placing a latticework pergola in front of an electric meter, dryer vent or trash receptacle area, you can maintain easy access without ever having to look at them while you are using your Salt Lake City deck, pool or patio. You decide if you want to also make your pergola the structure for a flowering climber like roses, honeysuckle or clematis. In fact, if you select an annual bloomer, you can change your mind each year after it dies back. Just replace it with something new the following spring.

Pergolas are also a wonderful choice for bringing some shade into your yard. Depending on how you orient your pergola to the sun and how you decide to space or slant the lathes across the top, you can give yourself quite a lot of sun protection or just a touch. This is one of the many topics that we discuss with clients when we are helping them to decide the details of their project design. We want to understand how you want to use your yard so that we can tailor the particulars of your pergola to suit your needs.

Think of a white vinyl pergola as a canvas of possibility in your yard— even better, a canvas you never have to paint. You can put it over a patio, next to your home’s wall or use it as a fanciful pathway to a gazebo. Cover it with flowers or fairy lights or leave its clean, bright lines alone. Pergolas are visually bold enough to stand alone but can easily complement other sections of the yard. Next to a new hot tub maybe?

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