The recent Lehi UT deck collapse was scary. Here is how we can help with your existing deck.

Most Americans have a deck on the back of their house. Many would classify their deck as old. But what we likely don’t know is if it’s TOO old and we don’t know what constitutes a deck that’s too old. Your deck can be old from a functional perspective. Perhaps it’s just too small to comfortably fit a table that seats your family. Your deck can be old from an aesthetic perspective. Perhaps it has been grayed out and under harsh direct sunlight for so many years that you use it for little more than the stairs it provides to the back yard. Your deck can be strong and structurally sound but just considered old and tired. But, your deck can look strong or even beautiful and not be structurally sound.

As you saw in the unfortunate deck collapse here in Lehi UT, what seemed like a perfectly good deck collapsed. I guess it’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover. It seems hard to fathom that the great American outdoor space could collapse at all. Think about some of the deck collapses that have been in the news. How many of them have had a large group of people on them? This might lead us to believe that any deck is just a crowd away from saying uncle. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. A deck that is framed and attached correctly is built to withstand large crowds, heavy furniture and your choice of cooking equipment.

The two biggest reasons that decks fail are because of improper framing and because the decks are improperly attached. Framing a deck requires that a key set of structural considerations are taken into account. These structural considerations include the height and span of the deck among many others. It also requires that within the framing, all the local building codes are met. At Archadeck, we have a national team of structural experts that design every one of our decks to exceed all local building codes.

The second biggest reason decks fail is because they are improperly attached. Take a look under your deck at how it attaches to your home. Is it attached with nails, screws or bolts? Answering this question alone will not determine whether your deck connection is correct. But a deck must be attached to a home using bolts.

As you can tell, a cursory visual inspection under your deck is not going to give you the peace of mind you need to ensure your deck is safe. At Archadeck, we offer a $99 deck inspection. We will check all of these areas and more and let you know if your deck is strong, sound, and correctly installed.

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