What kind of porch would you like for your Salt Lake area home?

You want an open, relaxing area in your backyard— someplace with a roof overhead to provide some shade and protection from the rain. It could be rectangular, square or even some version of round. It could even have walls on one or two sides from its attachment to the house.

Most of the roofed open structures that customers ask us to build are, in fact, Salt Lake City open porches. True gazebos are pavilions, usually built in a garden and are often round or octagonal with a cupola at the peak. Salt Lake City gazebos tend to be more ornamental in nature and the open porch is a truer, more functional living space. It’s a place where you stretch out at the end of the day with a good book or keep your outdoor dining set for meals al fresco.

Salt Lake City residents are wiring their covered for lights, fans, and speaker systems. Gabled roofs and skylights are two effective design options to let in plenty of natural light. Support columns can be made from a wide variety of materials including brick, stone, vinyl, wood beam, or they may be wrapped in a composite material to help you achieve your favorite architectural look or match to another feature. Beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens are a hugely popular addition to the open porch area.

Porches can be built to stand alone, or they can be designed to attach and mesh seamlessly with your existing home. It’s also easy to pair a porch with a Salt Lake City paver patio or deck. Many of our porches are rectangular, but the shape of your new favorite outdoor entertaining space is up to you as well. Octagons can make a striking stand-alone focal point for your yard too and look fabulous with some hanging flower baskets under the eaves.

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