Whatcha gonna do when the sun goes down? How about an outdoor fireplace for your Salt Lake area home?

During the day, anything goes. You can eat your meals outside, spend time puttering in the garden or take a book or newspaper out with you to stretch out on the chaise lounge. In the evenings, after you’ve cleared away the dinner dishes, what’s next? On all but the hottest nights of summer, the answer should be to move over to the Salt Lake City fire pit or fireplace.

Even after you outgrow the gooey sweet deliciousness of s’mores, the fireplace is a favorite place to gather outside. A standalone Salt Lake fireplace made of stacked stone or brick will become a stunning visual focal point for your outdoor entertaining area. Whether you position it to take advantage of a backdrop of golden sunsets or another vista that you enjoy, you will love the easy way a fire feature complements the beauty of your yard.

Salt Lake fire pits and fireplaces can be designed to use wood or gas so they are as simple to light, fuel, and maintain as you want them to be. If you like building and stoking a fire and watching the sparks as they rise in the air, we can make that happen for you. If you prefer to have fire at the press of a button or flick of a switch, Archadeck can do that as well. Even though humans have been sitting around fires for thousands of years, we’re still inventing new technologies to make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

Some customers prefer to enjoy their fires from inside a Salt Lake screened or open porch. Those fireplaces are fabulous too. In the same way that a large TV, pool table or kitchen island may anchor a room inside your home, a Salt Lake outdoor fireplace will be the focal point of your porch if you include one. You can add a mantle or not. You can use stone, wood or composite materials on the exterior facade. Fireplaces are easy to integrate into most styles of decorating.

Whether you choose to build in seating around your fire pit or choose chairs that you can move around your porch or patio, you will almost surely find that the fire is where you gather most often with your guests after dark. It’s a natural conversational cluster that creates a timeless atmosphere of fun and friendship. Still undecided? We are happy to quote any job with and without a fire feature included.

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