Zen and the art of grilling on your Salt Lake City deck or patio

Fall will be here before you know it and with it comes grilling and tailgate season. Are you ready? If you are honest, there are very things that are more relaxing than smelling food cook in the privacy of your yard with a cold drink. It would be a shame not to make sure that your outdoor grilling and cooking area isn’t as fun, well-equipped, and easy to use as your indoor kitchen.

If you are a special occasion or once-a-week kind of barbecue person, you can probably get by with a simple Salt Lake City deck or patio design that includes a bump-out for a grill. The big advantage of including a bump-out is that it keeps the cooking area distinct from the social area, but close enough that the cook isn’t excluded from conversation. Guests won’t be in your way or in danger of accidentally getting burned on a hot surface. It also makes designing a good traffic flow pattern easier.

Multi-level decks and patios will offer a few options for grill placement. If you spend most of your time on the upper level, you might want to include grilling space on a landing adjacent to the dining area so you don’t find yourself constantly running up and down. If your kitchen or primary entertaining space is down at ground level, you have more flexibility, but may still want to consider including some coverage to protect yourself from inclement weather.

For the serious outdoor chef, we can offer ideas for designing full-service outdoor kitchens that include electrical outlets, stove tops, refrigerators and built-in grills. Smokers and specialty cookers like the Big Green Egg can help you bring your Salt Lake City outdoor kitchen to the next level. You’ll love some of the ideas we can share for amenities like lighting, speakers, and ceiling fans that can make your time on grill duty the best part of your day. Be sure to include plenty of counter space to give yourself room to work, or maybe a bar so your friends can pull up a stool and chat while you get the grill marks aligned just right.

Nothing compares to the relaxation and camaraderie around a table where you are enjoying a festive meal hot-off-the grill with family and friends— except perhaps the joy of having a truly fabulous, well-appointed space to prepare that meal in the first place. Let us help you brainstorm the outdoor living space where you can enjoy your favorite beverage while grilling for the first tailgate party of the season the fall.

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