Coming soon: backyard paradise for these Kaysville UT homeowners

The centerpiece of the vision for this backyard paradise is the new hot tub. For years our clients had been dreaming of getting home at the end of a long day and sinking into the healing warmth and invigorating bubbles of a large, multi-jet tub. But where to put it?

Buying a hot tub is easy, but the planning and installation require a little advance thought and preparation. If your hot tub will hold 300 gallons of water, it will weigh about 2700 pounds full. Most decks, unless specifically designed to support a hot tub, are not built to hold that kind of weight in a small area. They also aren’t usually fitted out with the electrical and plumbing resources that you would want to have for filling the tub and keeping it piping hot.

Our customers wanted an addition to their existing Kaysville deck that would allow them to accept delivery on their hot tub so they could start enjoying it as soon as possible. This is the first phase of their plan to completely makeover their yard into their own custom-designed refuge. The deck, which previously had stairs on only one side, now has ready access to the hot tub on the left and the yard on the right. The hot tub has a poured pad with a TimberTech Reliaboard deck surrounding it. The deck itself is only 2’ off the ground so it doesn’t require a railing. The tub sits slightly above the platform, making it easy to slip into after a long day at work.

While we were adding the staircase to the existing deck, we did a little preparation for the next phase of the upgrade. That will include an in-ground pool adjoining the hot tub deck and a pergola that will provide sun protection and some privacy screening from the neighbors. It’s visually important to make the entire installation look unified, so we also added TimberTech skirting around the upper deck.

If you find yourself looking wistfully at hot tub displays and fantasize about how wonderful it would be to add one to your Salt Lake area home, Archadeck can help you with the design and installation of your new outdoor living space. We can even run the electricity to the tub, lights, and outdoor stereo system if you want. Let us help create a backyard oasis, a new paradise just for you. We invite you to call for a free design consultation about any Salt Lake City porches, gazebos, pergolas or any other outdoor living project you are considering, 801.683.2355.

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