Winter is a Perfect Time to Begin the Design Process for your New Salt Lake Multi-Use Outdoor Space

Are you dreaming and planning a new outdoor combination space in your Salt Lake yard? Whether it is a porch and deck or deck and patio, or even all three, these multi-function spaces are a popular way to get the most out of your yard. Combination spaces are also large, complicated projects that can take a great deal of time in each phase.

From design to custom material orders, permits and the different stages of construction you can plan on several months or more from start to finish. A completely worthwhile effort, why not start now so you can get a portion of that process under your belt during the cold winter months? With the right effort, we can begin construction at the earliest possible spring date – making your new space ready for that mild spring weather you are dreaming of all winter long.

Winter in the Salt Lake and Park City area is not as black and white as other locations. Depending on your elevation and that particular season, we can sometimes build all winter long. While we understand it only seems natural to inquire about your new deck or multi-function space in spring, winter is actually the best time. Why?

  • When it comes to custom design, we could go back and forth with adjustments a few rounds. If winter is not letting us build, it is a good use of time to get through the design process.
  • We at Archadeck of Salt Lake are less busy in winter; spring is our busiest time of year. Everyone wants a deck in early spring. Start the process now and beat the rush for faster turn-around time.
  • Material suppliers are less busy during the winter months; this can lead to faster order processing for faster securing of custom materials.
  • Outdoor contractors are also less busy in the winter, meaning we are more able to coordinate our schedules concisely for efficient completion.
  • Building services are generally facing fewer inquiries for permits and inspections during the winter, which also can lead to expedited service. Not to mention, getting permits approved before weather allows construction to begin, is just a smart use of time.

Modern outdoor living is all about creating the best space for your family’s needs. Multi-functional outdoor spaces that include some combination of porch, deck, patio, and fire feature are in high demand. Don’t spend another winter dreaming of what could be, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to begin the process of creating your dream backyard. 801-683-2355

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