Salt Lake City Deck Safety: When do I need to call a professional?

When it comes to deck safety in Park City & Salt Lake, you can never be too careful. Each year we read stories about a deck collapsing during a family gathering or barbecue. From the rearview mirror, it can be easy to say the deck was not safe, but it is not always obvious that a deck failure could be on the horizon. There are some not-so-obvious signs that you can look for to determine the relative health of your deck. Our list is not all-encompassing and we always recommend an annual inspection by a reputable deck builder, but here are some clues you can look for. If any of these apply, call a trusted decking expert for an inspection before spending more time on your deck.

10 Excellent Reasons to Get a Professional Deck Inspection

  1. General wobbling when you jump or walk on your deck.
  2. Wiggle the railings to check for loose or shaky posts, balusters or rails.
  3. Missing or damaged spindles in your railing.
  4. Look for rotting, warping, splitting or splintering on all decking boards, columns, supports, joists, railings & stairs. Be sure to look at all of your decking elements from above, below and outside.
  5. Look for signs of insect damage, especially underneath on support joists and columns.
  6. Sloping, sagging or sinking when you view it from a distance.
  7. Deck support brackets or hardware look rusty, damaged or bent.
  8. Flashing (water barrier) between your deck and your house is damaged, holding water, cracked or peeling.
  9. Deck boards are loose or missing fasteners.
  10. Stairs feel shaky or are loose where they attach to your deck.

If you’re ever unsure of the safety of your deck, it is a good idea to enlist the help of a trusted professional deck builder. At Archadeck of Salt Lake City, we offer a thorough deck inspection that can give you piece of mind. We’ll leave you with a comprehensive checklist highlighting necessary and suggested repairs so you know what needs to be done now and in the near future.

If any of the items listed catch your attention or you prefer to have a professional inspect your deck, call today. 801.683.2355

View our deck safety video for further explanation and a visual walk through on the information explained above:

For even further details about inspecting your deck, view the NADRA deck safety checklist.

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