A Salt Lake Deck is the Perfect Home for your New Hot Tub

Are you shopping for a hot tub or replacing an aging spa? Have you considered building a deck for your hot tub’s new home? Hot tub decks are a great choice for they offer a convenient location, comfort for bare feet, and many design options that add convenience. If you choose full synthetic decking it will withstand the moisture from the hot tub even better than concrete. Best of all, Archadeck of Salt Lake can work with you before and while the hot tub is being delivered so that your spa installation team can have your hot tub up and running for you sooner.

AZEK Hot Tub Decking

While you may not see it right now, the moisture from hot tubs can actually eat away at concrete making fully synthetic decking a longer-lasting choice for the placement of your spa. We usually recommend AZEK decking products as they are fully synthetic, impervious to water damage, mold and mildew resistant and highly durable. The heat, weight and moisture from your hot tub won’t cause any issues with AZEK’s capped PVC decking. All of that, and it provides a splinter free, slip resistant surface that never needs staining or sealing. All backed by a 30-year warranty.

Convenient Design Options

If you choose a spa deck for your hot tub, we can add some features into the design that will make your relaxing hot tub experience that much more enjoyable. Built-in steps to make access to your hot tub much easier and safer. We can build benches and storage for your towels and those who prefer sitting outside of the spa, maybe just soaking their feet and legs. We can even add deck lighting to make your nighttime soaks safer.

Comfort Design Options

Depending on where your hot tub is situated, you may require a bit more privacy, sun protection or even an outdoor shower. Pergolas, gazebos and privacy walls make a perfect addition to your hot tub space to create a private retreat in cozy neighborhoods. Maybe you want an outdoor fireplace to accompany your cozy soak in the hot tub. We can even screen it in if you would like to enjoy a warm soak without the hassle of summer insects bugging you.

If you’re looking for a home for your new hot tub or spa, call today. Archadeck of Salt Lake will build the custom spa deck that is perfect for you. 801-683-2355

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