Our Most Versatile Outdoor Structure: The 3-Season Room

Enjoying the Salt Lake & Park City outdoors is what we live here for. Whether you ski or not, you wait all winter for spring to arrive, allowing you to resume your outdoor lifestyle of biking, hiking, fishing and just enjoying the fresh air. While for the most part, the arrival of spring is a welcome event, there are some adverse effects that may diminish your enjoyment of being outdoors. Allergies, insects and spring rain can wreak havoc on your ability to enjoy your yard when warmer weather arrives. At Archadeck of Salt Lake we have custom solutions to create a functional outdoor living space of your dreams.

While decks, covered porches and screened porches are all gorgeous options that provide benefits of their own, we find a 3-season room to be one of the most versatile outdoor living spaces there is. With the sun protection of a covered porch, the insect deflection of a screened porch and the open air feeling of a deck, a 3-season room meets all of those benefits and more.

Allergy Protection

When flowers and trees begin to bud and bloom, so do pollen spores and other allergens. If you’re a seasonal allergy sufferer, chances are that early spring is a difficult season to enjoy. The itchy nose, watery eyes, fluid filled ears, cough and headaches are enough to keep you from getting out to enjoy the warmer weather. With a 3-season porch you can enjoy the option of closing the Eze-Breeze® porch windows to enjoy stunning views and an outdoor feeling without the invasion of unwanted allergens.

Rain Protection

When warm weather arrives, out goes the snow and in comes the rain! You may be eager to get outdoors, but with the onset of rainy weather, you may feel stuck indoors. With a 3-season room, you can gain additional living space that is completely functional on wet weather days. The Eze-Breeze windows allow you to close the custom vents from the bottom or the top, so if it is a gentle rain without heavy winds, closing the bottom half will keep the splashing out and the fresh rainy air flowing. Enjoy the sounds and smells of a good spring rain on your custom 3-season porch.

Cold Breeze Protection

As spring has to battle its way in, we may experience many cool days as winter puts up a good fight. If you’re planning a spring baby shower, bridal shower or other gatherings, don’t be forced indoors because it is a cooler day. A 3-season porch is a perfect place to host a special occasion. With an added outdoor fireplace or small space heater, your 3-season room can be made perfectly comfortable and cozy. Simply close your porch windows completely and let the party begin.

Three season rooms by Archadeck of Salt Lake are extremely versatile spaces that add usable living space to your home. The most versatile outdoor living structure we build, 3-season rooms offer you that open air outdoor feeling with the ability to close the porch windows for the function of an indoor room. Call today for a free design consultation on for your new outdoor space. 801.683.2355

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