Deck Safety Awareness Month: Is Your Park City Deck Safe?

We’ve talked about deck safety quite a bit because the safety of our friends, families, neighbors and clients is extremely important to us. Over the course of a Park City deck’s long life, it is exposed to a large variety of weather elements. Some elements can cause wear and tear, decay or rot from the weather exposure. Joists, boards, connections, posts, railings and stairs all should be inspected annually for safety. If any of these elements fail, especially on an elevated deck, injuries can be severe and even deadly.

While it can sometimes be obvious that a deck is in need of repair, it can many times be a hidden issue. Deck failures most often happen where the deck is connected to the house. These connectors are not observable from everyday use, nor do they always cause a deck to shake before failing. Hidden issues can be caught before they become a risk with a close do-it-yourself deck inspection each year. In our deck safety story When Do I Need to Call a Professional we outlined ten items to check. If any of those items are questionable, call us for a professional deck safety inspection.

Additionally, we always recommend following the Archadeck BE SAFER acronym as a guideline for what to observe on your deck.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we don’t just want to provide you with dream outdoor living, but we want to ensure that outdoor lifestyle is safe. If you suspect your Park City deck could use a few repairs or if you haven’t had a deck inspection in some time, call today for a deck safety inspection. 801.683.2355

Additional deck safety resources can be found on the North American Deck and Railing Association’s website.

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