Your Dream Outdoor Living Space Today: With Phased Deck Building by Archadeck

Are you dreaming of a multi-faceted Bountiful outdoor entertaining space that includes a combination of a porch, deck, patio, and fireplace? Have you been scrimping and saving, just waiting until you have enough money together to build the entire project at once? At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we can design your dream space and build it in phases. We’ll take every consideration in prepping what we build today for the additions of tomorrow. Phase building will allow you to spread out the financial burden of building while still giving you new outdoor living space today!

A Graduation Party This Year Can’t Wait Until Next Year

Many times we hear from people who are not ready to build the entire space they want, but they need a portion of the space for an upcoming event. Maybe you have a graduation party to throw or a big 50th birthday party bash planned, and you need some outdoor living space sooner than you can afford the entire project. In our early design meetings, we can help you determine which portion of your multi-structure design is best suited to meet your needs today while designing it for efficient add-ons later. Depending on what your plans are, you may find that adding a large paver patio with a fire pit will be the perfect party space for this year’s big celebration and that the deck and covered porch can wait until a later date. We’ll be sure to design the entire project, so when the time comes to add the deck and covered porch, the addition will be smooth and concise for a gorgeous and functional final design.

A Deck Today Can Be the Screened Porch of Tomorrow

Depending on your home and landscape, you may choose to build a deck today, with added support for adding a 3 season or screened in porch over the top of it next year, or a hot tub in two years. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them today and prepare for your needs of tomorrow. There are many design features we can build into this year’s design to make the addition of new structures later a breeze.

Build the Framework Today & The Fun Tomorrow

Many times homeowners want to add fun accessories to make outdoor entertaining more luxurious and comfortable. Items like pergolas, gazebos, outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces are extra expenses that can add up faster than you think. One of the best ways to phase your outdoor living project is to build the basic space now, adding the amenities later. With Archadeck of Salt Lake, we can build your screened porch, deck, and patio in preparation for adding luxurious entertaining amenities in a year or two. If we know now you want a fireplace on your porch; we’ll build your porch with the proper structure and design for that addition. If we know you will be adding an outdoor kitchen to your stone patio, we can have gas and water lines run to the proper space and capped for easy installation without demolition when the time is right. It all comes down to designing the first phase with preparation for future additions to make the phases smooth, easy and cost efficient.

If you’re dreaming of a multi-faceted outdoor living space for your Bountiful home, call today 801-683-2355. Our free consultation allows you to learn what fits your budget today, what can wait until tomorrow and how working with Archadeck of Salt Lake can ensure the best preparation for future construction phases.

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