TimberTech Deck & Louvered Fence Add Privacy in Farmington While Maintaining the Views of the Wasatch Mountains

Outdoor living is now a dream come true in this Farmington backyard with stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains and fewer views of the neighbor’s windows. The homeowners already enjoyed the comfort of a covered patio and stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. The problems:

  • They also enjoyed a view directly into the upstairs windows of their neighbor’s home (who consequentially enjoyed a view down to the homeowner’s patio).
  • Their current patio was in bad shape with a great deal of heaving and cracking.

The Archadeck solution:

  1. Level out the heaving concrete.
  2. Build a new low-maintenance TimberTech deck.
  3. Build a custom 8-foot privacy fence that won’t obstruct the views of the Wasatch Mountains.

Custom Farmington Low-Maintenance Deck

With Archadeck of Salt Lake, you’ll get a custom solution to meet your exact needs. For this family, privacy, safety, and luxurious outdoor living was the goal. After leveling out the patio, we began by building a low-maintenance TimberTech Terrain deck in gorgeous Brown Oak. The deck features a custom curved outer edge to match the curved privacy fence. It also features diagonally run decking that meets in the middle with a parting board for a modern chevron design.

Stunning & Sturdy Farmington Privacy Fence

The homeowners enjoy a stunning view of the Wasatch Mountains, but they wanted to limit the views their next door neighbors have of them on their patio from upper story windows. For that we used a popular Archadeck louvered privacy fence design, modifying it to be 8 feet tall. The louvered design is modern with its vertical louvers and clean edges, a perfect match for the TimberTech deck. We also faced a strict Farmington building code requirement; the fence has to be able to withstand 150 mph winds. To accomplish this feat, we sunk 8×8 posts into concrete footings rather than attaching them to the deck. The homeowners will enjoy peace of mind that their privacy fence is in it for the long haul.

This Farmington family will now enjoy relaxing in the shade of their covered porch. The views of the mountains remain intact, and the views of their neighbor’s windows is no longer an eyesore on an otherwise breathtaking scene. If you love your outdoor lifestyle but have a few annoyances, repairs or other distractions, give us a call. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we will customize a solution to meet and exceed your outdoor living dreams. 801-683-2355

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