Salt Lake Outdoor Living in Summer 2017 Starts Today with Archadeck of Salt Lake

Summer is coming to a close in Salt Lake as we make way for the fall color change, pumpkins, hay rides and eventually a much-anticipated ski season. That doesn’t mean that you have to wait until next spring to create the best outdoor living space to fulfill your family’s longing for more outdoor living. Now is the perfect time to begin the process of building your new patio, deck, porch, 3-season room or sun room.

Before we tell you why now is a perfect time to start your Salt Lake outdoor living project, let us first answer the most common “but.” But I want to save money over the winter to pay for it. While a retainer is required for custom designed spaces, and a deposit is due upon the signing of the contract, the majority of your project will be paid for in intervals during the construction phase and upon completion.

This Year’s Material Prices

With the when to pay for it hurdle out of the way, we can explain why now is better than early spring or spring for call Archadeck of Salt Lake. Prices from material suppliers always go up in the New Year. By working with us now to design your space, schedule construction and sign the contract, you’ll be able to lock in this year’s prices. Saving you money right off the top.

Outdoor Living Design is Better Before the Snow Falls

Designing your new space is best done before the snow alters your landscape for the season. It is quite difficult to take proper measurements and create the best design for your Salt Lake deck, porch or patio if there are several inches to several feet of snow on the ground. If you call us now, we can get out to your home for a design consultation before the first snowfall to get the proper perspective and accurate specs for the design.

Better Schedule Options

Spring is the biggest time of year for outdoor living construction. With our schedule filling up fast, you’ll enjoy the benefit of getting on our schedule early, to possibly complete your project before the best spring weather arrives. If you wait until spring to call us, we may be scheduled a month or two out for construction start dates.
If you can’t get on our schedule for early spring, you could lose some of the best Salt Lake weather to construction time. While it is totally worth it, by working with us now to schedule your construction start date you won’t have as much disruption in your outdoor lifestyle as we complete the project. And if you have a specific event taking place such as a spring bridal shower, baby shower or anniversary party you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing we’ve scheduled far enough in advance to have your space ready for your special event.

If you know you want to update your Salt Lake outdoor living space for next summer, call today. 801-683-2355 We are happy to work with you now for a spring construction or winter installation if the weather allows. By this time next year, you could be relaxing in your new space, reminiscing on how much you enjoyed the summer on your new porch, deck or patio.

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