Park City Outdoor Living Trends for 2017

Out with the old and in with the new for 2017! The cliché certainly applies to creating your Park City outdoor living space. If your backyard is not meeting your outdoor living needs or living up to your dream of extending your indoor living to the great outdoors, now is the time to get started on making changes. We have bold predictions for what outdoor living is going to look like this year. The growth of the popularity of low-maintenance composite decking, outdoor fireplaces, and ultimate outdoor living rooms will continue throughout 2017.

Ultimate Outdoor Living Rooms

The last few years have brought a resurgence of quality and value over cost, for making smart investments in our homes and healthy lifestyles. To encourage an active outdoor lifestyle, homeowners are investing in multi-use outdoor living rooms that will last. These combination spaces feature multiple separate but adjoining areas for convenient outdoor entertaining. Whether your perfect backyard includes a hardscape patio, deck, and porch or other accessories like pergolas, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens you’ll be able to entertain large groups with ease. Perfect for family entertaining, the adults can enjoy quiet conversation on the deck while supervising the kids hanging out on the patio, on the porch or running around the yard. Or the shade lovers in your group can relax under the pergola while the sun worshippers can soak up a few warm rays while still being together.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

In an effort to extend the comfort of spending time outside, outdoor fire features are growing in popularity. Gone are the days of having to go camping or hiking to enjoy the comradery of sitting around a fire with friends. With your own backyard fire pit or fireplace you can enjoy the comforting scent, the crackle, and pop, and the flickering flames of a burning log anytime you want. With the addition of a fire pit to your patio or deck or a fireplace to your sunroom, porch, deck or patio you will extend outdoor living into cool nights, winter days and summer fun!

Composite Decking in Park City

The move from classic wood decks to composite and synthetic decking has been fast and steady. In recent years composite decking has hit a stride in quality, durability, choices, and beauty. With low-maintenance and a 25-year manufacturer warranty, composite decking is chosen more often than not in Park City and the surrounding area. A great investment for any home, you can count on your TimberTech composite deck to last through the heat and sun of summer, the harshness of winter and everything in between for years and years. Best of all, it will continue to look great without staining, sealing, or painting. Perfect for grilling, outdoor dining or entertaining, composite decks are the top chosen outdoor living space in Park City as they are a perfect way to create large flat space outside of your main indoor living room on property that slopes.

While we can’t predict the future, we are certain that Park City outdoor living will continue to be one of the prime reasons people love to live here. Four seasons, a beautiful landscape and plenty of outdoor activities make creating a dream outdoor living space at your home a top priority in 2017. If you’re ready to make that dream a reality, call today for a design consultation 801.683.2355

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