What Porch Roof Style Should You Choose for Your New Salt Lake Porch?

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we work closely with you to create custom designed outdoor living spaces to meet your functional needs and aesthetic preferences. One of the first big decisions for building a new Salt Lake porch is the type of porch roof. While we would love to give you the porch roof you most prefer, there are several factors that weigh into the type of porch roof you can have.

What Factors Determine My Porch Roof Options?

Your home’s existing roof lines and the location of the porch roof tie-in is the first consideration. If there are dormers, windows, or other second story items, we could have our porch roof choices narrowed for us from the get-go.

Aesthetic preferences are the next factor. Depending on how much natural light you want, the size of the porch, and your home’s existing architecture we’d guide you to the best options for your desired results. For example, a porch that spans the full width of your home might be too long to look good with a tall, open gable roof.

Budgetary considerations play into every choice from large to small in outdoor living construction. When it comes to porch roofs, a shed roof is generally less expensive than a gable roof, which is less expensive than a hip roof. If your porch requires a custom hybrid roof design, that could add more to your budget than other options.

Your design consultant will go over all of the details of your specific options so you can make the choice that is right for you. But for an easy reference, there are six porch roof types we most frequently build:

Salt Lake Porch Roof Options

Shed Roof – A shed roof is flat and slopes down in one direction from the home to the end of the porch.

Gable Roof (open or closed) – A gable roof is a triangular shape that slopes down evenly from a central meeting point. They are the most popular as they mirror what most homes have and can even have their pitch match the home exactly.

Hip Roof – A hip roof has three or more sides that slope down from a central meeting point. They are often chosen to match the home’s roofline or if the attachment to the house is tricky.

Flat Roof – A flat roof is what it sounds like, flat. (Technically they have a slight incline to avoid water puddling, but appear flat.) It is often chosen when second story windows or other features limit the ceiling height of the porch.

Pavilion Roof – The pavilion porch roof is typically reserved for stand-alone porches and covered patios (not connected to to the home.) They technically are a hip roof with the stipulation that all sides of the roof are hipped equally. Having four sides is the most common pavilion roof (sometimes called a pyramid roof).

Custom Combination Roof – There are cases where a homeowner has their heart set on an open gable roof for maximum natural light, but their second story windows or another technical issue makes that impossible. We can and have created custom combination porch roofs where we might add an open gable on the exterior edge of a shed roof to let in maximum light. These custom roofs make for a gorgeous one-of-a-kind interior ceiling too.

No matter what porch roof you have your eyes on, you’ll have the experts at Archadeck of Salt Lake to help guide you. With our design and technical expertise and your specific needs and desires, together we’ll come up with a satisfactory solution. Call today to begin the design consultation process for your new Salt Lake porch. 801.683.2355

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