Salt Lake City Pergola Covers Increase Weather Protection & Add Function to Your Deck or Patio

Pergolas are a beloved outdoor living accessory in Salt Lake and across the nation. They offer gorgeous craftsmanship and architectural design for interest and beauty in your outdoor space, but they also provide partial shade from hot sun. While some may grow vines or add fabric shades for increased sun protection, you may be wishing you had a pergola cover for rain and snow protection too. At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we have a few solutions for creating the dry outdoor living space you need:

Salt Lake Pergola Covers

We offer a great line of pergola covers from BrightCovers. A translucent panel that can be added to almost any existing pergola, BrightCovers offers UV and rain protection without sacrificing the natural light you enjoy under your pergola. BrightCovers can withstand the fluctuating weather in Salt Lake, taking on extreme cold, hot sun, hail, wind, and rain. With BrightCovers pergola covers you get to enjoy the beautiful design of a classic pergola, but with the rain, snow, and UV protection of a patio roof.

Salt Lake Patio Roofs

If you are considering a pergola, but have not yet decided, a patio roof might be a better option to meet your outdoor living needs. With full protection from sun, rain, and snow, a patio roof (also known as a porch roof) can extend the amount of time your deck or patio is functional for outdoor living. You’ll enjoy the daily convenience of a protected space for bringing the dogs in, shaking off the snow, or simply enjoying the smells and sounds of a fresh and rainy afternoon while remaining dry.

Salt Lake Adjustable Pergolas

We now offer an adjustable pergola hybrid product from Arcadia Roofs. Arcadia makes a new type of pergola that functions as both a patio roof and a pergola. With the must-have look of a craftsman inspired pergola, the Arcadia pergola features adjustable louvers that can be tilted in the precise direction needed to create the exact amount of shade you desire. Alternatively, the louvers can be closed completely to create a dry space on your deck or patio as needed.

Whichever you choose, gaining a dry space right outside of your door can make daily life so much easier. No more soaking wet dog inside the door, you can dry them off on the patio. No more snowy boots on the carpet, you can kick them off under the pergola and let the snow fall off them before bringing them in. No more rushing the afternoon barbecue indoors as the thunderhead rolls in, you can simply move under the porch roof and continue grilling the burgers. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake City today to learn more about your options for a pergola cover, patio roof, or other outdoor roof structure. 801.683.2355

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