Will Adding Vinyl Porch Windows to My Salt Lake Porch Make it A Three-Season Room?

Upgrading your Salt Lake porch with vinyl porch windows, such as Eze-Breeze, will absolutely transform your outdoor space into a three-season room. Porch windows are the main difference between a porch and a three-season room. Whether you’re updating a screened or an open porch with windows, you’re sure to enjoy the increased functionality porch windows will add to your outdoor space.

What it Takes to Upgrade a Porch to a Three-Season Room

While each porch offers a unique existing structure to work with, custom-made Eze-Breeze windows can be added to most existing spaces. Depending on the columns or the framing of your screens, just a few alterations to fit the porch window frames within the existing structure will allow you to enjoy a more flexible outdoor lifestyle with your very own three-season room.

By using porch windows, you’ll have greater control over your exposure to wind, rain, pollen, and insects while still enjoying the outdoors. With no requirements for insulation, or central heating or air conditioning, a three-season room is a less complicated more cost-effective choice over a sunroom.

Just the same, the use of a three-season room can also stretch into cooler months with the use of portable heating units or the addition of an outdoor fireplace. In ideal weather, you can quickly open the vents of your Eze-Breeze windows for maximum air flow, and just as easily shut them and flip on a heater when the weather is cool or wet. The flexibility of a three-season room is difficult to match.

If you spent all summer and early fall enjoying your porch and want to resume your enjoyment now that cooler, more unpredictable weather has settled into SLC, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to learn more about transforming your porch into a three-season room. We look forward to working with you. 801.683.2355

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