When is the Best Time to Build a Deck in Park City and Salt Lake?

Anytime the ground is not frozen or completely buried in snow is a good time to build a deck. Proper placement of footings is the main issue with a frozen ground. That being said, winter is coming, and deck building will likely be on pause for a few months in most elevations. But winter is the perfect time to begin the deck building process with Archadeck of Salt Lake. Using the frozen months to prepare for a spring build is a perfect use of time.

Did you know that deck building in Park City can be a several month process from start to finish?

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we build custom designed decks. By working closely with you to meet your exact needs for function and aesthetics, the design process can take some time. Next, we have to file for and wait for permits. Lastly, all of the best deck builders have a full construction schedule. By getting started now, you can claim your spot on the schedule for early spring construction to enjoy your new deck all summer long.

The cherry on top of a winter start for your Park City deck construction project is that if you sign the contract before the new year, you may avoid increases in supply costs that typically get bumped at the beginning of each calendar year.

Need a new deck this spring or summer?

For those of you who are waiting because you don’t need your new deck until summer, don’t wait! A great deal of the population waits until spring to contact us for their new deck. That makes spring and early summer the busiest time for us, for the local building department (permits), and the suppliers. By planning now, we can better coordinate the timing of permits, supplies, and our crew’s schedule to build at just the right time for you. Note: just because you start the process now, doesn’t mean you’re on the hook to pay for it all now.

If you’re looking at starting the deck building process in spring to have a new deck by summer, right now is the best time to get started. The sooner you start the deck building process, the better, and your schedule will thank you for it. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today; we are thrilled to design your custom deck and prepare for a spring or summer build anytime, all winter long. 801.683.2355

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