Salt Lake Outdoor Living Spaces Make Backyard Dreams a Reality

Are you dreaming of a new deck? No, a screened porch. No, a patio with an outdoor kitchen. How do you decide which outdoor living space to add to your Salt Lake home?

Today’s busy lifestyle demands effective and functional spaces indoors and out. While in the past homeowners used to have to choose between a deck or patio, porch or deck, etc. that is no longer the case. To make Salt Lake outdoor living spaces meet all of your needs and truly be an extension of the indoors, multi-functional spaces are a must.

The Benefits of a Multi-Functional Outdoor Living Space

There are many general benefits to creating a multi-structure outdoor living space in your Salt Lake backyard. But to give you a better sense of the specific benefits that could meet your family’s needs and desires, we’re analyzing the dream backyard pictured below.

From left to right we can share the lifestyle benefits, but only you can choose how to make the best use out of a luxurious backyard like this.

Screened-in Porch

The screened in porch features an open gable roof and skylights to create a shaded, bright and airy space that is immersed in the great outdoors without the discomfort of biting bugs and stinging sunburns. It creates an indoor/outdoor living space that won’t accumulate snow, can be used during rainy weather and can offer partial shelter to those who prefer less exposure.

Upper-Level Deck

The main decking level succeeds in creating an outdoor dining space that is adjacent to the screened porch and elevated for glorious views of the yard and surrounding landscape. With plenty of space to move about, the built-in bench acts as a railing while providing added seating.

Lower-Level Deck

The hexagonal lower-level deck offers an adjoining but separate space that is perfect for sunning, a second dining table, or a place for the kids to hang out. With cascading stairs surrounding six sides, this ultimate backyard offers additional seating for large gatherings, special occasions, and surprise drop-ins. It also allows for easy traffic flow to and from any area of the yard.

Paver Patio

The multi-level deck lands on a gorgeous paver patio that almost doubles the outdoor living space and creates a smooth transition to the remainder of the property. Featuring two levels that also have stairs leading out to the yard, this is a perfect solution to a sloping yard to get as much flat space as possible.

Outdoor Kitchen

The paver patio features a built-in outdoor kitchen that houses the stainless steel barbecue grill. With concrete counters for food prep and gorgeous natural stone façade, this outdoor kitchen is not just a practical accessory, but a beautiful focal point. When entertaining, the cook can stay fully immersed with the guests, enjoying great conversation and gorgeous weather.

With the variety of spaces to fill, you can rest easy knowing that everyone in your family and all of your guests will be able to find a comfortable spot for improved outdoor living and entertaining. Call today 801.683.2355 for an outdoor living design consultation and be sure to check out our ultimate outdoor living spaces gallery.

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