Patio Additions are a Great Choice for Your Salt Lake Outdoor Lifestyle

Are you researching a future outdoor renovation for your Salt Lake backyard? While composite decking is a popular choice in our area thanks to its durability and low-maintenance, did you know a hardscape patio offers similar benefits at a lower cost?

Salt Lake Patio Designs

Today’s homeowners are not satisfied with a builder-grade concrete slab patio or even a larger concrete pad. Concrete in the Salt Lake and Park City elements will flake and crack due to expansion and contraction caused by the changing seasons. In an attempt to counteract this most obvious downside to concrete, regular sealing and maintenance is required, and only delays the inevitable. Hardscape patios are the best choice, as the individual pavers and stones allow for safe contraction and expansion when temperatures are extreme.

What is a Hardscape Patio?

Today’s outdoor living requires spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional. With the increasing popularity in hardscape patios, the flexibility to create gorgeous, durable, and functional works of art for a reasonable cost is hard to ignore. Hardscape patios are the current trend and for a good reason. “Hardscape” is a broad term that includes horizontal and vertical structures built from natural stone, concrete pavers, or brick.

Hardscape patios are durable and require little maintenance. Besides using the occasional leaf blower, broom, or hose, your hardscape patio offers the low-maintenance lifestyle offered with the top composite decking materials at a lower price point. Additionally, if damage occurs to a single stone or paver, they can be replaced individually for inexpensive repairs.

Natural Stone & Flagstone Patios

Today’s top choices in hardscape patios include stone patios made with Flagstone, Quartz, or slate. These natural stones don’t hold heat on hot summer days and provide a naturally slip resistant surface.

Paver Patios

Paver patios are a great and popular option. With quality suppliers like Belgard creating a stunning array of colors and shapes to match today’s top styles and trends, you’ll have no shortage in choices. Favorite patio color options include gray tones as well as rich burnt ambers and neutral, classic browns. Pavers are an economical choice for hardscapes that offer a luxurious feel without the matching cost.

Bonus Benefit: Hardscape patios typically don’t require a permit for installation like decks.

Custom Patio Designs

With ample choices in pavers, stone and brick shape, size and color, we’ll create a custom patio design to match your home, functional needs, and personal style. When it comes to hardscape patios, the ability for custom creativity is plentiful. Applying multiple materials, shapes, and colors in a variety of patterns for custom, one-of-a-kind charm is a top reason for choosing a hardscape patio for your main outdoor living space. Enjoy more patio design ideas in our patio gallery.

Did you know hardscape patios are a perfect addition to a backyard that already features a gorgeous deck? Paver patio additions can be built underneath your deck for a covered outdoor living space or at the bottom of your deck stairs for an adjoining but separate area to meet a multitude of lifestyle needs.

Hardscapes are not just for patios. We can create custom landscape walls, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, sidewalks, and even driveways. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to learn more about the flexible options in custom hardscape patio design and installation. 801.683.2355

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