Salt Lake’s Most Eco-Friendly Decking is Even Greener Than You Think

Choosing composite or PVC low-maintenance decking materials by TimberTech or AZEK for your next decking project is an easy choice. There are many lifestyle benefits of low-maintenance decking such as no staining or sealing required, no splinters, and long lasting durability. But did you know that choosing synthetic decking has many eco-friendly benefits?

Any composite decking choice offers plentiful green benefits that are a given no matter the case. Such as:

Trees & Sustainability.

Did you know that it takes 1.22 trees to build the average sized 320 square foot deck (not including the railing)? Imagine the number of decks being built over the course of just a few years. Choosing a synthetic decking product allows you to use recycled materials that are much more sustainable than using lumber. According to TimberTech & AZEK, in five years they have built over 740,000 decks, saving approximately 900,000 trees.

Replacement Savings.

A deck that lasts longer has to be replaced less. You’ll automatically save the environment with a deck that will last at least twice as long as a wood deck. Let me say that again, you not only saved the trees it would have taken to build your deck once, but twice!


Not using chemicals to stain, seal, or paint your deck every year will have a huge impact on the environment. Not only will these chemicals stay out of the air and off your deck, but there will also be less manufacturing of those products as well.

TimberTech & AZEK’s Specific Eco-Friendly Initiatives

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we prefer TimberTech and AZEK decking products. Two brands of the same company, they both take extra steps to work towards a more sustainable world. From recycling and reclaiming a majority of waste material during manufacturing to using a closed-loop water filtration system to recycle hundreds of gallons during manufacturing each day, they are committed to the effort across the product life-cycle.

The main eco-friendly benefit you’ll enjoy is the up to 73% recycled material used in TimberTech decking. You’ll also sleep well knowing that their decking is formaldehyde-free.

Additionally, they ship their products by rail to save fuel and use packaging cartons made from recycled material fibers that are 100% recyclable.

What is your favorite green reason for building a composite deck in Salt Lake?

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