Must-Have Design Trends for Salt Lake Deck Construction or Deck Remodels

Do you like your home’s design and décor to stay up-to-date and fresh with the changing fashions? Do you love classic design elements that can continuously support those changing trends with a few minor adjustments? At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we stay at the forefront of new decking trends and methods of building so we can bring the latest and greatest to your home. This year’s hottest decking trends are all about composite decking. From composite being a top chosen decking material to the increased use of deck board bending and of course, the love of the gray decking board, we’ve got the latest.

Out with Wood, In with Composite

We used to design and build a fair mix of wood and composite decking projects alike, but we are now trending steeply towards more composite decks. With fantastic quality products and a large variety of color choices from TimberTech, choosing the low-maintenance lifestyle is an easy decision. Add to the mix that your return on investment is high and the longevity of the deck is unsurpassed, and it is the best option for most homeowners.

Curved Deck Designs

With the increased use of top-quality synthetic decking materials comes new and improved techniques for intricate decking designs. Curved deck designs are a growing trend among homeowners who want to diversify their previous squared off outdoor living areas for a softer look and feel. With deck board bending we are able to offer gorgeous curved decking designs that feature as many curves in whatever shape the homeowner likes. Whether it is the curved outer edge shaping the entire deck footprint or an intricate curved inlay, we love this growing trend for unique deck designs.

Gray Decks are In, Brown Decks are Still In

While the #1 choice for decking remains the natural brown wood colors, gray decking is undeniably on the rise. With stains, paints, and four different shades of gray offered by TimberTech, there is a growing number of options for gray lovers. Gray has been a popular choice in interior design for years due to its neutrality allowing homeowners to change accessories without having to repaint or remodel their entire house. This trend now extends to outdoor living areas as homeowners want to have a neutral color that will go with anything. A timeless color such as gray is a great bet to ensure your long-lasting composite deck will never look dated due to design choices.

If you’re preparing to build or remodel your Salt Lake area deck, consider today’s top decking trends as a possibility for your home. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today for a design consultation; we’ll help you decide which design options are right for your home and lifestyle. 801.683.2355

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