Salt Lake Pergolas Just Got Interesting with a New Adjustable Pergola for Custom Sun & Rain Protection

Pergolas are a long-time Salt Lake and Park City outdoor living favorite. When new clients call to add a deck or patio to their outdoor space, a pergola is often on the wish list. Pergolas are loved for their beautiful design which adds classic charm to an outdoor living space, but also for their practical benefits of gaining partial shade from hot summer sun.

Those looking for more shade or even rain protection seek pergola covers but often forgo the pergola for a porch roof or patio cover despite their desire for a pergola. Not anymore! The days of having to choose are over. Archadeck of Salt Lake is proud to offer Arcadia Louvered pergolas for your outdoor living area. Get the look of a pergola with adjustable shade options and rain protection with a low-maintenance customizable product.

What if… Arcadia Louvered Roofs from Arcadia Building Products, Inc. on Vimeo.

Salt Lake Adjustable Pergolas

Arcadia’s original pergola, the Arcadia Pivot offers a classic pergola design with adjustability so you can choose how much shade or sun shines onto your deck or patio. The weather in our area rarely stays the same for very long, a cool morning that might have you eager for a little sunshine, might lead to a hot afternoon where shade is necessary to remain comfortable. Additionally, traditional pergola louvers only offer maximum shade when the sun is in a specific location in the sky, leaving you exposed to the hot sun during certain times of the day. With Arcadia, you can adjust your pergola’s louvers to provide cool, comfortable shade no matter the sun’s position.

Arcadia Roofs offer many styles from classic looks to sleek and modern.

Automatic Rain Protection

Arcadia Roofs close completely to block out rain too! With a patented gutter system, your pergola acts more like a porch roof than a pergola when it comes to rainy weather. The louvers create rain channels and funnel water to the gutter system that directs water away from your living area. Sensors offer the option for automatic closure you can program yourself, allowing you to leave your pergola open and still count on it to close and keep your space dry if rain should come in when you are not home.

Don’t forget the accessories. Accent lighting, ceiling fans, and privacy walls are just a few ideas.

Smart Pergola Controller

Arcadia Roofs are all about a custom, comfortable outdoor lifestyle. Nothing makes that easier than an easy-to-use smartphone app to control your pergola’s louvers. For a quick view of the post-thunderstorm rainbow, a few touches on your smartphone and your louver’s are open again. Did the breeze pick up and you find yourself with a chill? A quick touch on your smartphone and you can have the sun warming your skin right away. Keep everyone in your life comfortable in most weather conditions with the most flexible shade option on the market with an adjustable pergola by Arcadia Roofs.

Arcadia Roofs can be hardwired or solar powered. Your choice!

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we are pleased to provide new and innovative opportunities to make comfortable outdoor living a reality for everyone. We are proud to offer consultation and installation of premium outdoor living products like Arcadia Roofs and will continue to be on the forefront of new outdoor living products. If you’re ready to add adjustable shade to your backyard, call today to schedule a design consultation. 801.683.2355

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