Beautiful Salt Lake Deck Lighting for Outdoor Entertaining and Enjoyment Day or Night

If maximizing the time enjoyed on your Salt Lake deck is the goal, deck lighting is one of the finest accessories you can add. While deck lighting used to be deployed with little fanfare and a sole purpose to add safety and visibility, today’s deck lighting truly transforms your deck from daytime fun to nighttime magic. With the plentiful options below, there is a perfect deck lighting combination to meet your lifestyle needs.

Post Cap Lights

There is a reason why post cap lights are a long-standing tradition. Providing a beautiful ambient glow around the perimeter of your deck is perfect for creating a relaxing mood and adding safety. Today’s post cap lights fit seamlessly into your deck design; you can even choose from more elaborate styles to alter the daytime design of your deck.

Post Lights

Gorgeous accent lights can be added anywhere on your deck’s posts. The half-moon shaped deck light is often a favorite choice, as homeowners add a lovely wash of light down each post and onto the deck to illuminate the deck’s perimeter.

Riser Lights and In-Deck Lighting

Deck riser lights fit discreetly into the risers of your stairs. They provide a subtle visibility to each step you take, making navigation to and from your deck after dark a breeze. Riser lights have given way to new in-deck lighting that can fit right into any element of your deck for an ambient glow. These lights look lovely in the picture frame border of your deck, along the fascia boards, or even installed in custom pieces like planter boxes and built-in benches.

Under-Rail Lighting

Tucked between balusters and the underside of your railing, under-rail lights wash your stairs or deck with a soft light from above. They are not only perfect for stair railings but are a perfect choice for creating a perimeter glow around the entire outdoor living space.

Market Lighting & Task Lighting

Today’s deck lighting is not restricted to lighting that was made for decking specifically. Depending on your deck’s function and design you may choose to add outdoor lighting with a bit more function or a bit more flair.

One of the most requested lighting styles for outdoor entertaining is permanent festive string lighting. Whether you call them market lights, party lights, or festival lighting, these large round lights hanging over your deck create an instant fun atmosphere with the flip of a switch.

If your deck features an outdoor kitchen, bar, or grill, you may choose task lighting for easier meal prep. These task lights can include but are not limited to pendant lights, counter lights, or hardscape lights.

However you use your deck at night, it is a sure thing that the addition of Salt Lake deck lighting will improve function, fun, and ambiance for your enjoyment. Call Archadeck of Salt Lake today to begin your next outdoor living project. 801.683.2355

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