Salt Lake’s Top Four Outdoor Living Shade Covers

Have you ever been enjoying a perfectly beautiful day on your deck or patio until the sun hits a certain point in its daily movement across the sky? Being forced in by unbearable heat and scorching UV rays is not ideal. Maybe you’ve tried to huddle under a tiny market umbrella to stay cool, only to have the shade from your umbrella cast on the side of the house instead of the deck as the sun lowers. Adding a lasting outdoor living shade structure could be the solution you need.

Archadeck of Salt Lake has a variety of deck and patio shade options for you to choose from. Our shade options are permanent structures that can vary from full shade to partial shade and even adjustable shade for those of you who may like to alter the level of shade depending on current activities and temperatures. Check out our Top 4 backyard shade options below:

4. Gazebos – This backyard classic is a tiny bit formal and a wee bit whimsical, but did you know it provides great shelter from sun and rain? With their signature hexagon shape, gazebos can come in all shapes and sizes, modern or traditional, low-maintenance or wood. Gazebos provide full shade and rain protection for lovely outdoor living in many types of weather. And did you know gazebos can be screened-in to add protection from insects too?

3. Porch Roofs – Whether you choose a screened porch, open porch, or three-season room, porch roofs are one of the most popular options for full-shade protection in Salt Lake. They are typically attached to the home but can be built as a free-standing structure wherever you’d like. Porch roofs provide full shade and keep your deck or patio dry, which is ideal for the unpredictable weather in Utah.

2. Pergolas – Pergolas are charming structures that create a classic Craftsman vibe. They offer partial shade but do not offer rain protection without additions. Many homeowners will add a polycarbonate cover to create a dry space, or use climbing plants, fabrics or other additions to increase the amount of shade under their pergola. And for additional UV protection under your pergola, take a look at BrightCovers Pergola and Patio covers.

1. Arcadia Covered RoofsArcadia roofs provide the best of all the worlds above. They hold up the charming pergola look but can be adjusted for more or less shade. They can even be closed entirely for full rain protection. Best of all, Arcadia Roofs offer automatic settings so you can keep the natural light shining in until the weather changes. Once the weather sensor detects the shift, the louvers will automatically close to keep your deck or patio dry.

All four of our patio and deck shade options make beautiful backyard living spaces. All four can also be wired with added accessories such as ceiling fans, and lights. While you may not want a television under your pergola, you can wire cable for outdoor entertainment making your covered space a fully-functioning outdoor living room.

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Be sure to check out our outdoor living gallery to view a variety of shade ideas.

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