What Are Utah’s Building Codes for Decks?

Are you trying to find Utah’s deck building codes? Where do you live? Salt Lake City has different deck building codes than Layton and other suburbs as each city has different building codes. Some offer specific building codes for decks; others require you read through all of the building codes to find what applies to your deck. Building codes are essential for knowing what type of outdoor structure requires a permit, how to submit a proper building plan to get a permit, what points during construction require an inspection, and the specifics of how to build a safe deck.

Sounds pretty easy right? Try an internet search for your local deck building codes. What did you find? Was it difficult to navigate your city’s website? Did you find deck building codes specifically or just a very long set of residential building codes that only mentioned the word deck once? Commonly, you may have found the permitting information, but not the detailed instructions about deck requirements.

Deck Building Inspections

If you do find your city’s deck building codes, you may quickly find out that they are long and cumbersome. You’ll also find out that you need an inspection at least three times during the building process. The first inspection will be after your footings are dug, but before concrete is poured. The second inspection will be of the framing and lastly, you’ll have a final inspection. Some inspectors may require additional inspections of items such as electricity.

Deck Building Requirements for Compliance

Each city varies in their deck building requirements. And some elements of your deck construction are dictated by the zoning district where your home is located. Together they will provide the following specific requirements:

• Setback requirements: How far from the property line decks need to be.
• Footing depth.
• Materials: Certain materials require specific hardware for safety.
• Column and post size and construction requirements.
• Railings.
• Stairways and handrails.
• The various requirements around utility meters and lines.
• Deck strength: how much weight it can hold.

For an example of what deck building codes look like, check out Layton, Utah’s deck building codes. But be sure to use your city and zoning districts requirements.

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we handle all permits and inspections. We are well versed in building codes, staying up to date with the latest changes for all of the Salt Lake and Park City area. The hassle of permits, inspections, and building codes is one of the best reasons to hire a deck builder like us. Let us focus on meeting and exceeding codes for the safety and quality of your custom built wood or composite deck, while you prepare to enjoy your new backyard. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

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