Salt Lake Deck Drainage Systems Provide Dry Space Under Your Elevated Deck and a Fantastic Looking, Slip-Resistant, Low-Maintenance Deck Surface

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we are always looking for the latest and best products and materials to serve you. We are proud to announce we are now offering Gaco Decking Systems a brand of deck drainage system that allows you to create a cost-effective, dry, protected patio space underneath your elevated deck. With so many hillside homes in the area, a deck drainage system like this is a fantastic way to increase your outdoor living square footage.

What is the GacoPedestrianDeck System?

While there are several different options in the Gaco line up, they are similar in function. A seamless protective coating, the most popular choice, PedestrianDeck involves a three-layer application of GacoFlex coatings that bond together creating a seal that is flexible through seasonal temperature shifts to provide long-lasting leakage protection. The product avoids shrinking, cracking, chipping, peeling, lifting or buckling during temperature shifts and provides a beautiful, textured, slip-resistant surface.

First, the joints of your deck boards are taped, then we apply the very first coat of GacoFlex. Next, we add the GacoShell granules. While some deck surface texture uses sand which eventually flakes out of the finish and leaves pock marks in your deck surface, the GacoFlex wears well with the surface of the deck, staying in place and continuing to provide the added beauty and safety of a textured deck surface. After two more coats of GacoShell, your deck is ready to use, and your under-deck space is now more functional with protection from rain and the sun.

Can PedestrianDeck Be Added to New & Existing Decks?

One of the best benefits of choosing a Gaco system for your Salt Lake deck drainage system is the flexibility and the cost-effective nature of the product. Traditional deck drainage systems work very well but can require more labor to install and don’t provide the added protection to your deck’s surface.

We can add Gaco systems to existing decks, perfect for decks needing resurfacing soon, provided the substructure is still in great condition. PedestrianDeck is also a great choice for a new deck addition, saving you time on staining or sealing wood decks with the added benefit of better protection than stain or seal. PedestrianDeck can also be a low-cost alternative to synthetic decking boards, allowing you to enjoy the low-maintenance deck lifestyle with a lower price tag.

BONUS: PedestrianDeck can be used on concrete, allowing you to create a gorgeous surface on your plain concrete patio.

PedestrianDeck Designs

Did we mention how great the PedestrianDeck system allows your deck to look? With many colors and numerous combinations, you can create a one-of-kind-deck of your dreams. Choose GacoFlex Crystal Deck to create a stunning, luxurious texture with a variety of colors available in the crystal quartz slip resistant finish. Gaco products also allow your deck to have tile added on top. Loving the look of a travertine patio, but due to your property grade, you need a deck? Worry no more, we can add tile or stone for a natural stone patio look on the surface of your deck.

If your deck is in need of some renovation, you’re looking for a dry space underneath, want to partake in the low-maintenance lifestyle, or are preparing for a deck addition, call Archadeck of Salt Lake today. We are looking forward to working with you to make your outdoor living dreams a reality. 801.683.2355

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