Your Kaysville Deck Builder Adds Porch Roof Now; Balcony To Follow!

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, we believe in putting it all on the table. If you tell us you want more outdoor living space than you can budget for right now, we can design for that! Telling us your ultimate objective ahead of time, in the earliest design stage, saves you time and money later.

This is how our phased building program works!

These Kaysville homeowners have made good use of our phased building program, and what we’re showing you today is completion of their first phase. When they’re ready for the next phase, we will come back and add a second story deck/balcony to their home. They were excited to get started this early, without having to wait until they could budget for the entire extended outdoor living project. That’s how the program works, and it’s a fantastic solution for many homeowners.

Ask your Kaysville Deck Builder about redecking, too

Before phase one of the Kaysville, UT, redecking project

Archadeck of Salt Lake, your Kaysville deck builder, believes in saving our clients money by redecking when possible. In this photo you can see the clients had a low deck across the back of their home, and they were using large umbrellas for shade on the deck. The support structure beneath the deck was still sound, so we didn’t need to tear out the deck and start over. We were able to redeck, removing the original decking boards and installing new ones. The homeowners chose low-maintenance composite decking boards from the TimberTech Terrain line in their silver maple color. This color complements the home’s brick exterior beautifully.

From umbrellas to covered porch to … balcony!

The star of the show is the new roof structure, turning the covered part of the deck into a covered porch with precious shade protecting the family from the sun’s heat and UV rays. Now the deck offers two options: sun and shade, and these grandparents won’t have to worry about the grandkids getting too much sun. No doubt those umbrellas will still come in handy over on the sunny side of the deck! To complete the redecking, we added wide, flared steps at one end of the deck for easier access. The trim, fascia and stair risers are made with AZEK PVC Decking trim.

This is only the beginning! This first phase enables the homeowners to enjoy their new deck and porch now while planning to add a second-story deck/balcony later. That’s the advantage of Archadeck of Salt Lake’s phased building program; you can complete your outdoor living project in stages as your budget allows.

Making plans now for the next building phase

We will build the second-story deck atop the porch cover, so what is now the roof of the porch will eventually be the floor of the new deck. The upper-level deck/balcony will create a private upstairs retreat off the master bedroom. From there, the homeowners can enjoy watching their grandchildren at play in the back yard.

As your Kaysville deck builder, we encourage you to consider Archadeck of Salt Lake’s phased building program if you have a complex or multi-faceted project that could be accomplished in stages. The immediate advantage is getting to enjoy a portion of your new outdoor living space now.

The long-term advantage comes when you’re ready to start work on the next phase. You won’t have to work through the design process again. Designing a phased project means we create the entire design at the beginning of our process of working together. The complete design includes each phase and details how they will be integrated. Sometimes preparatory work for the second phase needs to be included in the first phase. Knowing all of this at the beginning may allow us to save you money you might have had to spend had you added on to your outdoor living space incrementally without advance planning.

The homeowners have a fun back yard ready for summer days with their grandchildren.

These Kaysville grandparents are looking forward to spending summer out on the new deck with their grandchildren, and yes, they are looking forward to adding that second-story deck/balcony to their home in the not-too-distant future.

If you would like to create a dream backyard at your Kaysville home, Archadeck is your best choice for a complete or phased project that is sure to meet your needs. Whether it is a new deck, porch, or patio, or all three, we can make it happen on your timeline. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

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