10 Ways to Know You Need an Outdoor Kitchen, Yesterday.

Are you still wondering if you need an outdoor kitchen for your Salt Lake area home? Could this be one of those situations where you’re the last to know? Let’s take a look at some of the signs … Yes, there are signs! How many of these apply to you?

  1. Your grills, smokers and other outdoor cooking devices take up more space on the patio than your patio furniture.
  2. You’re tired of hauling a cooler of ice out to the patio every afternoon.
  3. Your house always smells like steak, ribs and shish kabob.
  4. You have more barbecue sauces in your refrigerator than all of your other marinades, sauces and condiments combined.
  5. Your children don’t recognize you without your “Barbecue THAT!” grill-master apron.
  6. Your air conditioning bill is sky high because you’re in and out so much you’ve given up closing the door from the deck to the house.
  7. Your grilling utensils are taking over the kitchen.
  8. You cook your family’s main course outside more often than in the kitchen.
  9. You don’t want to invite your friends over because they all have outdoor kitchens and you don’t.
  10. You’ve had the phone number for Archadeck of Salt Lake on speed dial ever since you heard us recommended as the area’s premier outdoor kitchen builder.

An Outdoor Kitchen Just For You: Why You Need a Custom Design by Archadeck

If you’ve seen outdoor kitchen designs online, in magazines or in the home improvement stores, you may be tempted to order whatever they are showing. Wait! Our best advice is don’t purchase anything for your outdoor kitchen until you meet with your Archadeck of Salt Lake outdoor living design consultant. We offer a free design consultation during which we can talk about all of the design possibilities and see which ones resonate with you.

If you want more appliances, cooking apparatus and counter space in your outdoor kitchen than your current patio or deck can handle, consider expanding your outdoor living space. We may need to enlarge your deck or patio to create the space for an outdoor kitchen. If you have a deck but no patio, you may want to add a patio as the location of your outdoor kitchen. If your deck isn’t large enough for the outdoor kitchen you want, you may decide to convert that deck into a 3-season room and add a larger adjoining deck. Any of these options indicate you will need a custom design for your outdoor kitchen. That’s okay, because Archadeck of Salt Lake creates every outdoor living project as a custom design. Every home is unique and every one of our outdoor kitchen designs is unique as well. We will work with you to create the custom outdoor kitchen design of your dreams.

When is the best time to call your outdoor kitchen builder?

First, we’re going to trust that you have selected Archadeck of Salt Lake as your outdoor kitchen builder. Be sure to look at the outdoor kitchen photo gallery on our website for additional inspiration. Then, call us now! Now is the best time to call your outdoor kitchen builder. If it’s after hours, that’s alright because our phone takes messages. The sooner you call us, the sooner you’ll have that outdoor kitchen you’ve been dreaming of. Until then, don’t even bother to turn on the air conditioner. As long as you keep running in and out to get something from the kitchen that you need on the patio, the A/C will never keep up.

If you’re ready to get excited about outdoor cooking and make it much more functional, we are your best choice of Salt Lake outdoor kitchen builders. We’ll create a custom design and build it with top-notch craftsmanship. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

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