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Life in Kaysville Gets Sweeter with an Outdoor Living Space from Your Kaysville Deck Builder

If there’s one thing folks enjoy most in Kaysville, it’s family time, and there’s no place better for family time than at home on your deck, porch or patio. Kaysville has always been known as a great place to raise a family with good schools and a deep sense of community. Even with recent population growth and new housing developments cropping up, Kaysville remains a friendly, close-knit town.

New homes often come ready-made with an outdoor living space such as a deck or patio, but depending on the size of your family and extended family, it may not be enough! You may need more space outdoors, perhaps a combination of deck and patio, porch and deck or patio and outdoor kitchen, for example. What will it take for you to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors at your Kaysville, UT, home?

Whether your home is new, or new to you, or one you’ve lived in for several years, there comes a time when you need more outdoor living space. You might even need your outdoor space completely redesigned to fit your family’s changing needs. When that time comes, Archadeck of Salt Lake is your Kaysville deck builder, and we’ve been known to build some fine porches and patios, too.

Archadeck of Salt Lake is YOUR Kaysville Deck Builder

We invite you to join our family of satisfied clients in Kaysville, UT. Archadeck has been building decks in the Kaysville area for years, and we have plenty of experience with local terrain. If your home has a mountain view, we want to help you make the most of it. When you meet with us for your initial design consultation, we’ll talk about the size of the deck you have in mind for your family. Are you considering a multi-level deck or will it extend out on one level? What building materials will you select? Low-maintenance composites and synthetics such as Trex, TimberTech or AZEK are the materials most often chosen by our clients.

Many of our clients call us when they have decided to convert an existing deck into a screened porch or three-season room. It’s not that they don’t want a deck—they do. They want a new deck built onto their old deck that’s being converted into an outdoor room. We will custom-design and build any deck and porch configuration you desire, although we do have to determine whether your deck can support the added weight of a porch roof. The deck and porch combination or deck and three-season room offer total versatility because you always have the options of enjoying the sun or being protected from it.

Looking for a Kaysville Porch Builder? Here We Are!

That’s right, Archadeck builds porches, too. One reason we’re so confident about designing and building your deck and porch combination is because we’re an experienced Kaysville porch builder. Whether you’re considering a screened porch or an open porch, we know how to design the perfect porch for your entertaining and outdoor living needs. Screened porches that open out onto decks are great options for parties. You can plan birthday parties, graduation parties and any Kaysville family occasions where you need a covered space so the unexpected rain shower doesn’t drive you indoors. It’s no fun trying to grab refreshments, decorations, party favors and gifts to run inside before everything gets wet!

If you want to use your porch during the slightly colder months, we can design a 3-season room to give you the option of opening and closing windows on that porch. The Eze-Breeze sliding window system allows you to close windows when you need to but always offers the option of sliding them open to enjoy the breeze. When you open the windows, you still have screens to keep pesky insects at bay. With these options, you’re always comfortable.

Let this Kaysville Patio Builder Complete Your Outdoor Living Space

Life in Kaysville wouldn’t be complete without a patio builder, too—and yes, you’re correct; Archadeck of Salt Lake IS your Kaysville patio builder. If your property is level enough to allow a patio, you’re in luck, but if not, we may be able to carve one out for you. Using retaining walls we can often create a patio where you hadn’t thought there could be one. There’s something about stone or pavers under your feet that makes you feel extra safe and grounded. And when you’re looking for family time, grouping patio furniture around a fire pit creates the perfect setting for outdoor conversations late into the night. Stone seating walls become everyone’s favorite place to sit around a patio, too. If the many options for stone building materials and pavers in all colors and styles seem overwhelming, we can help you select the patio materials that will fit your budget and complement your home.

If you love life in Kaysville and are looking to maximize your outdoor enjoyment at home, give us a call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

Enjoy a glimpse at a recent Kaysville porch roof and re-deck project.

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