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Colorful Infinity Canopy Offers a Versatile Shade Solution for Salt Lake Decks and Patios

If you haven’t seen Infinity Canopies yet, you are going to want to take a close look here. We love these retractable shade solutions made of fabric because they are so stylish! And colorful, too. Archadeck of Salt Lake can install this slide-on-wire canopy system at your home as a pergola cover or we can build a custom support structure to your specifications.

Let Salt Lake Infinity Canopies Get Your Creative Gears Turning

With a wide selection of colors and three different fabric options, the Infinity Canopy will not stifle your creativity. Have you been searching for deck and patio shade ideas? These retractable canopies come in canvas or mesh fabrics. The stock canopies come in 22 fabrics and colors, while the custom canopies come in hundreds of fabrics and colors. You can even get multi-color canopies if you desire. If colorful is not your style, there are also plenty of neutral shades available.

The sizes of the Infinity Canopies are customizable, too. The stock canopies are available in 5’ wide sections in any length, and you can combine sections side-by-side to create wider coverage. Their custom canopies are made to order in any width up to 12 feet, in half-inch increments and in any length/projection.

The premium canvas option is non-transparent fabric so it blocks 100% of the sun’s rays for total shade cover. This fabric is so durable and strong it even protects you from rain. It’s Sunbrella® acrylic 100% solution died and it’s resistant to mold and fading.

The premium mesh option is semi-transparent and blocks 92.5% of UV rays. This fabric has a Class A fire rating! The premium mesh fabric cover is 100% vinyl-coated polyester and is resistant to mold and fading. This mesh cover is not intended to protect against rain.

The standard mesh option is translucent and blocks 65% of UV rays. Like the premium mesh, this cover is 100% vinyl-coated polyester and is resistant to mold and fading. The mesh is not intended to protect against rain. Fire resistant, it is Class A flame retardant.

Deck Shade Ideas Available Here!

Do you have a pergola on your deck that, while beautiful, doesn’t provide quite the amount of shade you were hoping for? Top it off with a canvas or mesh canopy to achieve a just-right shade cover. Deck shade ideas just got a lot more colorful.

If you don’t have a pergola, the canopies can be installed between two opposing structures. Archadeck of Salt Lake can construct a frame for you—either a free-standing structure or one that attaches to your home on one side, where the deck meets the house. If you have a low-maintenance deck, Infinity Canopy will fit right in because it requires very little maintenance, too. The manufacturer suggests reasonable care to remove dirt and debris. You also have the option of removing the panels to wash them, if needed, with mild soap and water.

Patio Shade Ideas That Won’t Billow in the Wind

We like Infinity Canopies for the way they handle the wind. While the manufacture does recommend retracting the canopy during strong storms and the windiest conditions, you usually won’t even need to do that. While the mesh panels have the lowest wind resistance, the canvas canopies will ride the wind without resistance. Even better, you can control the flatness and billowing of each panel when they are installed over your patio or deck.

Archadeck of Salt Lake can install Infinity Canopies over your pergola or by erecting a free-standing frame. If your patio is close to the house, we can connect one edge of the canopy to the house and install a frame for the other side.

Infinity Canopy Provides Shade Along With Beauty, Function and Versatility

During the outdoor living seasons, you can operate the retractable Salt Lake Infinity Canopies as easily as opening and closing a curtain, depending on whether or not you want shade that day. During the winter, you can completely remove the canopy, if you’d like, or leave it fully retracted and out of the way.

Another sound performance factor is that if it rains, the mesh canopies allow water to flow through slowly, so you won’t have standing water falling through all at once. The canvas canopies can be mounted with one edge slightly lower than the opposite edge, allowing water to drain off to the sides. If you’re looking for rain protection, you’ll want to have the canvas fabric.

Versatility comes into play when you want to change individual panels for a different color. You can also add side panels for a privacy screen or for that awkward time of day when the sun is coming in through the side rather than overhead.

If you’re looking for a unique shade solution on your deck or patio, we are your best choice. Besides canopies, we offer porch roofs, pergolas, adjustable pergolas, and pergola covers. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

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