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Screened porch? Open porch? Multi-season porch?

What Type of Porch Do You Want?

Screened porches are the perennially popular choice for a new porch. Enjoy the sounds and scents of outdoors under the protection of a roof and with screened protection. If you want the protection of a roof but no walls or barriers to your backyard, then an open (covered) porch might be a great option. It’s important to think really about how you’re going to use your outdoor space. Do you want a quiet individual retreat? Or do you want to throw fantastic group gatherings for months on end? Do you want both? Are you that person that attracts a mosquito at every turn? We can help you select, design and build the best space for you. Our consultation is completely free.

Salt Lake Covered Porches

Covered porches, sometimes called open porches are a great option if you’re looking to gain an outdoor space that will remain dry during inclement weather and will provide protection from the hot summer sun.
With the addition of a porch roof, you gain the ability to have a spot for drying off a wet dog on a rainy day without having to bring them indoors first.

A covered porch is perfect for the outdoor chef who plans to cook outdoors as much as possible no matter what the weather. With an outdoor kitchen underneath, you can really up your grilling and smoking game!

With an open porch, you achieve a shady spot to relax outdoors when the sun is its hottest.

Covered porches allow you to relax in the fresh rainy breeze while reading a book or spend time with friends listening to the rain hit the porch roof above.

Open porches are a favorite location for setting up an outdoor entertaining area, complete with a flat-screen television for watching the big game in the middle of a sunny afternoon without glare or rain issues.

Covered open porches and covered patios are a great way to extend your indoor living space outdoors. With options for high open gable roofs and skylights, adjacent indoor spaces don’t have to lose natural light when you add this comfortable outdoor living space to your Salt Lake home. View our porches gallery for inspirational project photos.

Salt Lake Screened-In Porches

A step up from a covered porch, a Salt Lake screened in porch provides you sun and rain protection with the addition of insect protection. If you love the fresh air and evenings outdoors, but you happen to be a mosquito magnet, a screen porch is a great option. Whether its mosquitoes at night or bees and wasps during the day, a screen porch will do the trick to keep the critters away. With beautiful options in screening, you can gain added privacy, added UV protection or keep it almost invisible for an open porch look with screened in porch protections. Learn more about building a screened porch in Salt Lake.

Salt Lake 3-Season Porches

We love the idea of having options. That is why our Eze-Breeze 3-season porches are such as fantastic choice. With the feeling of a screened-in porch, a 3-season porch allows you to close the windows as much or little as you’d like for custom ventilation. With protection from sun, rain, insects and now cold breezes, a 3-season porch is really bringing the indoors outside. Open your porch windows all the way for that screen porch feel, close the bottom half to keep out splashing rain, close one side only to block a cold breeze but keep the fresh air, or close them entirely to keep the spring pollen at bay. Read more about our Eze-Breeze windows to discover the benefits of a 3-season porch today.

Don’t Fret! We’ll Help You Decide

At Archadeck of Salt Lake, part of our process is to help you decide the right structure to meet your outdoor lifestyle needs. Call today 801-683-2355 to schedule your design consultation and in the meantime, view our outdoor living galleries to get some ideas of what you love!

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