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Outdoor living in all of Salt Lake’s splendid seasons can be a tricky endeavor. If you would enjoy a comfortable outdoor living space in winter, spring, summer & fall, a sunroom or 4-season room may be the right option for you. With all of the comforts of indoor living & all of the views of outdoor living, sunrooms are a perfect addition to your life.

The bright and airy space offers floor to ceiling windows to immerse you in the gorgeous nature that surrounds you. Those same windows will protect you from less than pleasant elements such as heat, cold, bright sun & rainy days. With so much to consider in the design & construction of your sunroom, our outdoor living experts are here to create a custom design that will fit your home and landscape perfectly.

Why is it called a Sunroom?

Sometimes referred to as a solarium or a 4-season room, a sunroom gets its name from the bright and airiness of the space. The many windows that are a signature of most sunrooms, provide maximum natural light for a space that feels outdoors with the comforts of an interior room. Pay tribute to the name by adding even more natural light with skylights, transom windows above your main windows or a vaulted open gable roofline.

How will a Sunroom look with my existing home?

One of the most common questions we hear about building a new sunroom or any outdoor space is whether or not we can match the siding, windows, trim and roof of the existing home. Yes. Simply put, the majority of the time we can match every aspect, making your new sunroom look original to the home. At Archadeck of Salt Lake we pride ourselves in our ability to build a new sunroom that is the perfect shape and size for your property & home’s architecture. Every home and yard is unique, which means every sunroom we build is custom designed and custom made to fit your beloved home perfectly.

What kind of amenities can I add to my sunroom?

Sunrooms are very versatile for adding style and comfort. Just about any amenities you can add to your home’s interior, you can add to a sunroom. For comfort all year long we can add ceiling fans, air conditioning and heating. To create a great space for entertaining we can add a wet bar and mini-refrigerator. For a comfortable lounging spot, we can wire in a television. For a romantic retreat, we can build a gorgeous stone fireplace for cozying up to. Your choice in flooring is vast. Whether wood, laminate, carpet or tile we’ll help you choose what would be best for your use of the space.

What are the top three benefits of choosing a sunroom for my outdoor living?

The view, the view & the view! We can talk about the comforts of indoor living with the beauty and Zen-like feeling of being immersed in the great outdoors. We can tell you that sunrooms offer an indoor living space with maximum natural sunlight. They are similar to screened in porches. But with insulation, glass windows, HVAC and electricity, the space is really an addition to your home. We could rave about the fact that sunrooms fill the need many families have for more living space and can be used any time of the year, in any weather condition. But, living with glorious views of the Wasatch Front & Mount Olympus, we can’t think of anything more important than the vast spectacular view you can enjoy from the comfort of your new sunroom.

Check out our sunroom gallery and 3-season room gallery for design inspiration. Don’t spend another wet summer day or cold winter night wishing you could be enjoying an outdoor living space. Call or email today for a free consultation. 801-683-2355 or [email protected]

A 3-Season Room is a Lovely Sunroom Alternative

Are you looking for a budget-friendly alternative to a sunroom? A 3-season room or 3 season porch could be a great solution for you. Much like a sunroom, a 3 season room can be closed entirely to block out rain, wind, and cold. But unlike a sunroom, a 3-season porch can be opened in the spring and summer months to let in warm air for an open air screened porch feeling. Three season rooms also don’t feature integrated heating, cooling and insulation the way a sunroom does. However, outdoor fireplaces and space heaters go a long way for extending the use of a 3-season room. We recommend Eze-Breeze vinyl porch windows as they are top quality, durable, easy to use and they look great.

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