Your Custom Builder Expanse™ Porch Windows

Surround Yourself with the Beauty of the Outdoors and Comfort of the Indoors with Expanse™ Porch Windows

Your quest to find large porch windows with retractable screens stops here. Archadeck of Salt Lake now offers Expanse™ Porch Windows by Genius Retractable Screens. You are going to love these windows!

Benefits of Expanse™ Porch Windows:

  1. Allow you to embrace the outdoors while protected from moisture and cold
  2. Give you a panoramic, unobstructed view
  3. Provide customizable venting at the top and bottom of the window area
  4. Built with a maintenance-free enamel finish around the frame
  5. Offering custom sizes in three colors

When all you want are great porch windows … and screens …

So many times we speak with homeowners who are not sure whether they want a screened porch or three-season room. Expanse™ Porch Windows may be the perfect solution.

When you want screens:

The Expanse™ porch windows system is designed with retractable screen technology. This well-though-out design gives you screened protection from insects and other outside elements while opening up ventilation at the top and bottom of the window area. It’s an innovative design using dual sash panels to optimize natural airflow and comfort.

When you want windows:

With Expanse™ porch windows, you get retractable screens that disappear when the windows are closed, revealing a completely unobstructed view through the windows. The system provides a more comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors when it’s cool outside.

As porch windows, the Expanse™ system has smooth sash movement and is easy to operate. When you slide the porch windows open, the screens roll into place to cover openings at the top and bottom of the window area. When you slide the porch windows closed, the retractable screen panels simply disappear. You’re immersed in the beauty of the outdoors at all times, and you can choose when you want ventilation and when you don’t. This system will transform your porch into a new kind of outdoor living space where nature takes center stage.

Easy-to-use design offers tight seal and maintenance-free frame

You won’t need to worry about air or water seeping in when the windows are closed. The weather-strip sashes keep a tight seal when they’re closed. The windows and screens are set in aluminum window frames that provide strength and stability. The frames of the standard-size windows come with a white maintenance-free enamel finish. Extra-large custom sizes come in your choice of three frame colors—white, sandstone and brown—also with a maintenance-free enamel finish.

If you’re looking to add porch windows in the Salt Lake area or build a three-season room with Expanse™ porch windows, we are your best choice. Call today for a design consultation. 801.683.2355

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