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Gorgeous Options in Salt Lake Wood Decking

Wood decking has great qualities that make it the classic choice for your new Salt Lake deck or redecking project. Depending on your wood choice, wood decking offers many great benefits such as gorgeous natural wood grain coloring, versatility in finishes and the capacity to refinish for a renewed look many years later. Some hardwoods offer the durability and longevity most only attribute to synthetic decking materials. There are many great options in wood choices from Redwood, Cedar & Yellow Pine to the tropical hardwoods like Ipe, Mahogany, Tigerwood & Teak. With help from a trusted design and build firm like Archadeck of Salt Lake, you can choose the right wood decking material for your home and unique style.

Salt Lake Wood Decks

Traditional wood decks offer owners the classic deck they know and love. Depending on the type of wood, when properly cared for, wood decks can last for 20-40+ years. The maintenance required for a long lasting wood decking provides an opportunity to renew your deck with a variety of stain colors, anytime you wish. Our favorite choices for wood decks include Redwood & Cedar and here’s why…

Salt Lake Redwood Decking

Redwood is our most common choice for decking in the Park City & Salt Lake areas. First off, Redwood decking is striking with its warm color and gorgeous grain. The practical benefits of a Redwood deck start with its lightweight durability and its high resistance to UV rays, warping, splitting and cracking. While it is one of the most maintenance-free wood decking choices, it is easy to customize with stain or clear water repellents. With proper care, Redwood is one of the longest lasting decking materials, many times providing great looking outdoor living space for more than 50 years.

Salt Lake Cedar Decking

Cedar decking is widely loved for its vibrant color and distinct smell. But Cedar is a great choice for decking for many practical reasons. It naturally deters wood-destroying insects such as termites & carpenter ants. Cedar’s natural oils protect it from weather, moisture, rot & decay. With proper annual maintenance, Cedar decks can last anywhere from 25-40+ years.

Salt Lake Hardwood Decks

Tropical hardwoods have become a very popular choice in decking for their exotic color and unique grain pattern. They typically offer lower-maintenance and additional durability when compared to softer woods. Hardwoods stay looking newer longer as they are more resistant to scratches, dents and dings.

Salt Lake Mahogany Decking

Mahogany is a popular choice for exotic hardwood decking due to its lower cost when compared to other hardwoods. Mahogany’s gorgeous red and yellow grain makes for a stunning deck design. Waterproofing a Mahogany deck will keep that vibrant red and yellow look, but with its weather resistant qualities, you can enjoy low-maintenance living, which will result in a gracefully aged silver coloring.

Mahogany is resistant to warping, rotting, chips, splits and splinters – a great choice if you have children. It is dense and durable for heavy traffic and if you choose red Mahogany you’ll enjoy its natural resistance to termites. Mahogany decking is naturally heat resistant, making it a perfect location for that outdoor fire pit you’ve always dreamed of. A Mahogany deck is a great investment for your home as it can last for over 40 years.

Salt Lake Ipe Decking

Ipe (pronounced e pay) is a Brazilian hardwood with rich red, brown and amber hues. Ipe offers a natural slip resistant surface, perfect for high traffic areas. While most people choose Ipe because of its exotic look, it is a great choice for its excellent performance. Ipe is naturally insect resistant, repels rot, mold, fungus & decay, is remarkably durable for high traffic locations, outlasts composite, doesn’t retain heat and is as very low-maintenance. Ipe decking also boasts a Class A fire resistance rating for added safety and perfect fire pit placement.

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