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Gorgeous Pergolas Add Life to Outdoor Living in Salt Lake

Pergolas are a fantastic statement piece for your Salt Lake outdoor living space. Adding character and function, pergolas are beautiful and practical. There are many options to consider when designing a pergola. Contemplating the key benefits and what’s most important to you, the resulting design can vary tremendously. Whether you’re looking to gain partial sun protection, define an outdoor living space or add personal design & style to your space, we can create the perfect pergola for your Salt Lake City home.

Increase shade in your yard with a pergola

Pergolas are a lovely choice for gaining partial shade protection for your deck, patio or yard. Depending on the direction your home is facing and the amount of shade you wish to achieve, we can build your pergola with louvers angled for maximum shade. If your backyard is west or south facing, this added shade may be imperative to being able to use the space in the warm summer months. For even more shade we can add fabric from ShadeFX or waterproof UV protection from Brightcovers. With Brightcovers, you’ll let in nearly as much natural light as having no cover on your pergola, but you’ll have rain and UV protection. Relaxing under your Brightcovers topped pergola, listening to the rain fall is a relaxing way to enjoy a rainy Salt Lake City day.

Add definition to your outdoor living space

With multi-functional outdoor living, sometimes defining space is necessary for maximum enjoyment. Adding a pergola over your outdoor dining area is a great way to divide and define a large deck or patio. If you have a private sitting area or spa deck, a pergola can provide added privacy. By hanging curtains on one or all sides, you can gain maximum privacy for a serene soak in the hot tub. A pergola is a great way to separate adult and kid spaces or a quiet sitting area from the main outdoor living space.

Enhance the character and style of your Salt Lake home

Pergolas add a bit of wow to every space they inhabit. From small arbor size pergolas to spacious stately pergolas, the character gained is something you will cherish forever. With so many options in materials, size, shape and design complexity – the style is yours to choose. With subtle changes in brackets and louver shapes, you can go from a sleek modern pergola to a pagoda-inspired or craftsman influenced pergola. With your choice of materials, wood offers a large variety of carpentry designs and colors, while vinyl or aluminum promises low-maintenance, durability and a gorgeous life-long finish.

Pergolas are a perfect addition to any outdoor landscape, garden or living space. Check out our pergola gallery for pergola design ideas. Call today to begin your free design consultation. We look forward to working with you. 801-683-2355

Adjustable Pergolas

Check out our new adjustable pergolas by Arcadia Roofs for a more flexible shade and rain protection option.

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